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Luo Zhiquan and Jessica each took their respective teams into the venue for the fourth day of negotiations.

Luo Zhiquan was negotiating with Jessica.

Jessica dispatched Ding Qian, his capable subordinate, to pressure Song Pingting, Fu Changzheng and a group of Chinese company executives again.

This morning, Fu Changzheng and a group of Chinese corporate executives all came to Ningda Company.

Song Pingting was surprised to see Fu Changzheng and others, and hurriedly greeted everyone to sit down in the VIP reception room.

She ordered the secretary’s assistant to bring tea, and then asked: “Mr. Fu, why are you all here today?”

Fu Changzheng smiled bitterly: “Now the top is negotiating with the Mi side, and the Mi side has sent Ding Qian to the We pressured our companies to accept those unequal conditions.”

“Ding Qian also said that today is the deadline, so we have to make a decision.”

“We have nothing but to come to Miss Song, and hope that Miss Song will give us some guidance. a clear way. ”

Song Ping Ting said:” we Shaoanwuzao. ” ”

is not a positive Luoge Lao Foreign Minister meter square with Jessica in the negotiations do? ” ”

results of the negotiations have not come out on top, our small companies Boss, you can’t mess

with yourself, and you can’t mess with Luo Lao and the country!” “Didn’t you say it last time? Let’s trust the country, wait for Luo Lao and Jessica to negotiate a result, and then the country tells us what to do, Let’s do it well.”

Fu Changzheng and others have not spoken yet.


A cold woman’s voice came from the door of the meeting room.

“Haha, Song Pingting, your Ningda University is already on our US sanctions list, and it is a certainty that Ningda University will be sanctioned.”

“As always Fu et al., Company, in the end or not sanctions, we have no rice country a decision.”

“Finally, the system does not sanction, depending on the total Fu et al performance.”

“I advise you do not own Song Painting luck You have also brought in your companions. It would be good if you were sanctioned yourself. You even persuaded Mr. Fu and others to resist to the end like you.”

“You know that you cannot escape the sanctions, and want to pull Mr. Fu and their company to die together. Come on.”

“Tsk tsk, Song Pingting, you are so poisonous!”

Song Pingting frowned upon hearing this.

Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and looked towards the door.

Then I saw Ding Qian and walked in unhurriedly with a group of men.

Song Pingting lowered her face: “Ding Qian, it’s you again. We don’t welcome you here. What are you doing?”

Ding Qian snorted coldly: “Sorry, I didn’t come to you. Fang decided to impose sanctions. It is already a grasshopper after the autumn. It will not be a few days after the fall. I still care about what you do?”

“I came here to find Mr. Fu and the others.”

“After all, if Mr. Fu and the others are willing to promise us, the United States Their company still has room to deal with the conditions.”

Ding Qian said, looking at Fu Changzheng and the others, and said with a smile: “President Fu, and all the bosses, today is the deadline I mentioned before, you guys It’s time to give me the final answer.”

“Should we accept our conditions, or resist to the end?”

Fu Changzheng and the others looked ugly and hard to make a decision.

Song Pingting said anxiously: “President Fu, unequal conditions cannot be promised, robbers cannot be condoned, and national dignity cannot be insulted!”

Ding Qian sneered: “I promised to be exempt from sanctions, and half of the overseas market can be preserved, and the overseas market is not allowed. It’s completely over.”

“As for national dignity, personal dignity!”

“Can you eat it as a meal?”

“President Fu, and fellow bosses, do you think this is the truth?”

Song Pingting said angrily: “National dignity is above all else!”

“President Fu, our country, we Luo Elder Ge, we are still fighting against the U.S. side and fighting for our legitimate interests. We can’t give up on ourselves!”

Ding Qian narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Song Pingting, your Ningda company has been sanctioned immediately. It’s going to be over.”

“Just forget it, I advise you not to drag Mr. Fu and the others.”

“I haven’t seen your husband Yash Nics these days.”

“Probably he also knows the pros and cons. Don’t you dare to hide

your head when you are hiding ?” “You learn from your husband, isn’t it good to be a tortoise, why should you keep persuading Mr. Fu to go against us?”

Ding Qian’s words just fell off. , An indifferent voice came from the door.

“Who said that I was a tortoise with a shrunken head and dared not see anyone when I hid?”

Everyone was startled when they heard this, and looked towards the door in unison.

I saw a tall man with a tall subordinate, appeared at the door.

This tall man is not Yash Nics who has just returned from a secret visit to Raksha, who else?

When Song Pingting saw Yash Nics

, she said excitedly: “Husband!” As she said, she walked up to us quickly.

Looking at his haggard wife, Yash Nics couldn’t help but feel distressed, and said softly: “I’m back, these clowns, let me take care of them, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

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