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Others don’t know the identity of Yash Nics, but Fu Changzheng does.

When he saw Yash Nics at this time, he immediately stepped up to greet him respectfully: “Hello, Mr. Yash.”

Fu Changzheng was at the home of a group of companies in China, and he was respected and respected. Many people looked forward to him.

A group of bosses at the scene, seeing Mr. Fu respectfully greet Yash Nics, they did not dare to neglect, and they came forward to greet Yash Nics one after another.

Yash Nics smiled and greeted Fu Changzheng and the others: “Hello entrepreneurs!”

“This time is the autumn of wind and rain, and all kinds of clown powder will appear on the stage.”

“Everyone has worked hard this time!”

Fu Changzheng and others said quickly. Not hard.

Ding Qian next to her, when she saw Yash Nics appear, her face was not so pretty.

She really hates the incident that Yash Nics forced her to bend down and lower her head!

Now, seeing Fu Changzheng and others, treating Yash Nics more respectfully and politely than her.

This made her even more unhappy.

She said coldly: “Hehe, Yash Nics is getting worse by the day, and his wife’s company has been sanctioned by the US, and is immediately facing a crisis of bankruptcy.”

“Their husband and wife are now mud bodhisattvas crossing the river, and they cannot protect themselves.”

“I.” I really don’t understand Fu Changzheng. Why do you guys come to ask their couple for advice?”

“According to me, it doesn’t help whether you ask them, the couple, or God or Buddha.”

“You might as well ask me! ”

Fu Changzheng and others, upon hearing Ding Qian’s words, they all dared not say anything.

Yash Nics glanced at Ding Qian and said indifferently: “Why are you again!”

“Isn’t the lesson you learned last time enough?”

“Hurry up and take your dog legs, we don’t welcome you here.”

In Yash Nics’s eyes, this is the dispute provoked by the United States. The spokesperson of the United States is the five-star general Mike. Si, Max’s negotiator is Jessica.

As for Ding Qian!

It’s just a little errand guy.

Therefore, Yash Nics now doesn’t bother to care about Ding Qian, just let her get out.

Ding Qian was driven away by Yash Nics last time, but now that she sees Yash Nics, she is going to drive her away again.

She flushed with anger, and said angrily: “Yash Nics, you are so arrogant.”

“Even if your cabinet’s old man Luo Zhiquan sees us, you have to be polite.”

“You dare to be rude to me. Do you know what I stand for and what is behind me?”

Yash Nics said coldly, “No matter what you stand for, no matter who is behind you, you can’t be presumptuous in our Chinese land.”

“Don’t think you are betrayed. The motherland, after joining the robber country, you can bring the robbers back to insult us.”

“I tell you, you are nothing in my eyes, including Jessica and Max behind you.”

Ding Qian was trembling with anger. .

“It’s almost unreasonable and unreasonable.”

“Yash Nics, Song Pingting, you guys and dogs have repeatedly opposed us, the United States, you just wait for our revenge.”

“Fu Changzheng you, give you a chance. It doesn’t work, you are also waiting to be sanctioned by the US like Ningda Company!”

After finishing speaking, Ding Qian will take her men to leave.

However, Qin Que beside Song Pingting suddenly stood up and stopped Ding Qian from going.

It turned out that Qin Que finally couldn’t bear it when Qin Que heard Ding Qian insulting the Marshal and Madam as being a dog and a man.

The marshal doesn’t hit a woman, she hits!

Ding Qian looked at Qin Que who was blocking the road and cursed with a calm face: “A good dog doesn’t stand in the way, get out of the way.”

Qin Que said coldly: “You dare to insult our young master and young wife. I now ask you to apologize in public. ”

Everyone at the scene was stunned.

A little female bodyguard dare to stand up and ask Ding Qian, the representative of the United States, to apologize. Isn’t this too courageous?

Ding Qian was also surprised, she looked at Yash Nics and Song Pingting.

Yash Nics and Song Pingting’s faces were calm, and they obviously didn’t mean to stop Qin Que.

That is to say, Yash Nics and Song Pingting supported their subordinates to do this!

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