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Liu Zhenping said to Yash Nics: “Report to the general governor. The soldiers said that they are always ready and fighting at any time.” Yash Nics said with

satisfaction: “Well, I am indeed a Chinese marine athlete. They are all good.

Yes .” All the soldiers on the scene had excited eyes, and it was so glorious to be praised by the governor!

Liu Zhenping took the opportunity to

say : “Please supervise the training!” Yash Nics said lightly: “No need, this time in the daily training, show our strength, show our demeanor, let allies trust us, let the enemy Be afraid of us.”

Tens of thousands of naval soldiers heard Yash Nics’s words from the radio broadcast.

They shouted in unison: “Show their strength, show their style, let allies trust, and let the enemy fear.”

Yash Nics ordered with satisfaction: “Jiangnan Navy Fleet, set out, prepare to join Raksha Kingdom Pacific Fleet for a week Practical exercises at sea.”

Following Yash Nics’s order, he fell.

The Jiangnan navy fleet became busy immediately.

The soldiers on the deck of the ship, under the command of their respective officers, rushed back to the interior of the ship and began to operate the ship.

One after another, the submarines dived into the bottom of the water and set off silently.

On the sea, aircraft carriers, frigates, and destroyers left the port one after another, braved the wind and waves, and sailed into the sea.

A fighter jet, reconnaissance aircraft, and early warning aircraft whistled and lifted off…

Yash Nics and Liu Zhenping also took a helicopter and landed firmly on the deck of the Jiangnan aircraft carrier.

In this maritime exercise, Yash Nics was the commander-in-chief, and Liu Zhenping was the deputy commander-in-chief. The two of them joined hands and directed them personally.

Yash Nics and Liu Zhenping led the Jiangnan navy fleet and went to sea aggressively.

At the same time.

Raksha Kingdom’s four-star general, General Krov, also led the Raksha Kingdom’s Pacific Fleet under the order of Emperor Goldman, and entered the Pacific Ocean imposingly to join the Huaxia Jiangnan Fleet.

The Jiangnan Navy Fleet is one of China’s two major naval fleets, and its combat effectiveness is very strong.

The Pacific Fleet of the Raksha Kingdom is also one of the four major fleets of the Raksha Kingdom, and its combat effectiveness is also extremely terrifying.

The two fleets quickly merged at sea as planned.

Krov’s command ship and Yash Nics’s aircraft carrier were very close, and they took their respective warships and marched side by side on the sea.

Krov talked with Yash Nics by radio.

“His Excellency, the Governor of China, the four-star Tigers in the Lower Raksha Kingdom, Admiral Krov, is ordered to join you and fight side by side with your fleet to conduct a seven-day sea combat exercise. During the period, please the Governor. Take care.”

Liu Zhenping, who was standing next to Yash Nics, couldn’t help being a little surprised when he heard the words of General Croft of Raksha Kingdom.

As far as he knows, Croft is a man of great strength, but his temper is as good as his strength.

Krov has a posture that the king of heaven does not pay attention to. Why does he speak to Yash Nics this time with a very respectful and humble attitude?

Liu Zhenping glanced at Yash Nics secretly, and guessed in his heart: It is very likely that the chief governor showed his strength when he visited the Raksha Nation. This was a fool like Krov.

Yash Nics smiled and greeted Croft at this time: “Hey, Brother Croft, from now on, we are allies fighting together. Everyone must perform well and let the group of dogs in the United States know that we are not good. Provoked.” The

Raksha nationals are sturdy and brave, and they are called the fighting nation.

They do things simply and rudely, and do whatever they don’t agree with.

Therefore, Yash Nics’s remarks came to Krov’s heart.

He grinned and laughed: “Haha, I think the Chinese governor is gentle and gentle, and he is not the same person as me.”

“The foul language of the governor is exactly what I want to say.”

“The governor, I like it more and more. You brother.”

“Let’s give the Americans a little bit of color this time, hahaha…”

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