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In the ocean.

On the American aircraft carrier, Max really stood on the deck, smug.

Behind him, there will be stars shining, and any one of them is a world-famous Mi general.

Around the aircraft carrier, there are a large number of frigates, and further away there are the ships of the US allies, which are mighty and imposing.

There are their fighters in the sky, and their submarines under the sea.

The lineup of this joint exercise can be described as luxurious.

It is not an exaggeration to say that their armed forces in this exercise are enough to destroy most of the small and medium-sized countries in the world.

At this moment, Max’s deputy, Shelson, respectfully said: “Report to the general, that is the waters of Huaxia.”

“Should we stop here, or continue to advance?”

As usual, the troops entered other countries. The field is intrusive, and the situation is very serious.

But for Max, he didn’t care at all.

He held up his face and said arrogantly: “Go ahead and enter their sea area exercises, so that our actual combat exercises are meaningful.”

“And we are here to give them enough pressure to enter their sea areas, even more. It can deter them and make them feel terrified.”

Shelson said: “Yes, General.”

“But General, let’s enter the Huaxia Sea, do you want to inform them to avoid misjudgment?”

Max sneered: ” our freedom of navigation, why keep them informed, is it still not approved them, and they with you? ” ”

As you said miscarriage of justice, I suppose it will not happen. ” ”

they do not have the guts to butt heads with us, at most, There were two protests.”

Shelson said: “Well, everything is done according to the general’s instructions.”

Soon, Max’s order was transmitted to all ships, including all the ships of allies.

However, when their ship just entered the Huaxia waters.

Suddenly their early warning aircraft rang frantically, and their sonar instruments rang frantically.

Shelson rushed over, sweating profusely, and said to Max in a panic: “General, it’s not good, there are a large number of armed forces ahead, enemy fighters appear in the sky, and the movement of enemy submarines are also detected in the water.”

Max and his men were taken aback when they heard the words, and their eyes widened immediately.

Max hurriedly asked: “Could it be that the Huaxia Jiangnan Fleet came out?”

Shelson said, “I do n’t know for the time being, but their scale is huge. For the time being, their scale is not smaller than our joint exercise. ”

Max and others were shocked again.

Max lost his voice: “Could it be that the Huaxia Jiangnan Fleet and the East China Sea Fleet are all dispatched, and the whole country’s naval forces are used to challenge us?”

Shelson said: “It’s possible!”

Max after the initial consternation, at this time Having calmed down, he sneered: “Hehe, interesting.”

“However, even if the East China Sea and the Jiangnan Fleet come out of their nests, they may not be our opponents.”

“Since they dare to come, then we will meet them.”

“Order to go down .” , The whole army set up a combat position, fighter planes lifted off, submarines attacked, early warning aircraft and submarine sonar, all I moved.”

Schelson said: “Yes!” The

United States and their allies have just taken a fighting posture.

They got a new round of news.

The overall strength of the maritime forces that appear ahead is indeed no worse than them.

And it was not the East China Sea and Jiangnan Fleet that they had guessed, but the Pacific Fleet of the Jiangnan Fleet and Raksha Kingdom.

“What, the Pacific Fleet of Raksha Kingdom is here, when did Raksha Kingdom unite with China?!”

Max was shocked and angry, and learned that the combined force of China and Raksha Kingdom appeared in front of him . This is completely To his surprise, the news made him a little at a loss.

Learned that China and the Raksha Kingdom had joined forces.

Not only was Max stayed, but the allies of the United States were all stupid.

The oriental dragon of Huaxia is already difficult to deal with, why is there another fighting bear coming up?

Can the dragon and the bear join forces to contend?

For a time, these allies of the United States, one by one, lost the pride of the previous departure, and became frightened.

Even they have already begun to regret going to this muddy water.

At this moment!

Yash Nics was standing on the Jiangnan aircraft carrier and instructed Liu Zhenping beside him: “Call the intruders ahead, tell them that they have entered our waters, and order them to turn around and evacuate immediately. There is no room for negotiation.”

Liu Zhenping said: “Yes!”

Liu Zhenping Immediately order the subordinates to use wireless communication to speak to the intruder ahead.

“You have broken into the waters of our country, please turn around and evacuate immediately, otherwise you will be at your own risk!”

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