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Huaxia, Tianhai City, Jiangnan Province.

The negotiations between the representatives of the Chinese side and the representatives of Huaxia are still going on fiercely.

Today, Jessica’s attitude is very tough.

She coldly looked at Luo Zhiquan, who was sitting opposite her, and the members of the Huaxia delegation, and said proudly: “This is the last time I will give you a chance.”

“Our aircraft carrier battle group has arrived. If you go your own way. If so, I don’t guarantee that our aircraft carrier battle group will do anything.”

Luo Zhiquan has always been a polite and easy-going appearance.

However, when he heard Jessica’s words, his face sank on the spot.

He rarely showed a serious expression, and his tone became stern. He said in a deep voice, “Ms. Jessica, do you know that you represent your country now? Do you know what you mean by these words? ”

Are you threatening us?”

Jessica looked at each other with her men, all sneered.

She snorted coldly: “I’m warning you!”

“Of course, if you want to understand it as a threat to you, that’s not wrong.”

“If you don’t agree to accept our decision to increase tariffs, don’t cooperate with us to punish you Huaxia These companies, then I cannot guarantee that other conflicts, such as armed conflicts, will break out.”

Luo Zhiquan was rarely upset.

He said coldly: “Hehe, it seems that you are still alive in your dreams, and you still want to let you bully us like you did in the past.”

“I want to tell you that your ideas are wrong and dangerous. ”

Jessica sneered and said: “It is not us who is dangerous, but you. Our aircraft carriers, ships, submarines, and planes have all arrived at your door, and you can do something at any time.”

The atmosphere of the scene has also become tighter.

Many people at the scene are staring at Luo Zhiquan, thinking that if the negotiation collapses, there will be no war?

If a war breaks out, will China be able to withstand Mi and Mi’s allies?

Luo Zhiquan and Jessica looked at each other, and the two eyes looked like thunder and lightning, and sparks seemed to erupt.

Suddenly, Luo Zhiquan sneered: “Hehe, Ms. Jessica, do you think that with your US aircraft carrier battle group and your allied fleet, you can scare us?”

“You probably don’t know the first news on the front line ? Right?”

Jessica was stunned.

Those of her men were also astonished.

Don’t even understand what Luo Zhiquan’s words mean?

It’s hard to say that new changes have already appeared on the front lines.

Thinking about this, Jessica’s face changed slightly.

She is now in China and is negotiating with Luo Zhiquan. Being in a foreign country, she really can’t grasp the first-hand information anytime and anywhere like Luo Zhiquan.

A hint of surprise flashed in her eyes, but her face was still calm, pretending to be calm and said: “Oh, what’s the latest news from the frontline, is it possible that our aircraft carrier battle group has entered your waters and scared you? Isn’t it choking?”

Luo Zhiquan said with a smile, “If you don’t mind, stop the negotiation first and watch a big news that we temporarily broadcast in China, how about?”

Jessica and her men looked at each other. Then they exchanged a few words in a low voice.

Finally, she held up her face and said arrogantly: “Okay, just take a look, I’m going to see the soldiers approaching the city, what other tricks can you play?”

Luo Zhiquan smiled, did not say anything, only ordered the on-site staff , Use the big screen at the conference site to broadcast the latest news.

I saw a dignified male news anchor on the big screen, broadcasting the news with a loud and powerful voice.

“In order to maintain regional peace and stability, China and Luosha Guo interim decision, the two countries in the Pacific, held large-scale joint naval exercises.”

“Our country will send a southern fleet, and Luosha Guo has dispatched the famous Pacific Fleet, and our fleet Let’s conduct naval exercises together.”

“Today, the two fleets have joined together for actual combat exercises.”

“During the exercise, they encountered the rice carrier battle group that was under exercise, and encountered some trains where the rice carrier battle group entered China’s territorial waters. Provocative behavior.”

“The combined fleet under the command of the general governor personally responded positively to the provocative behavior of the rice side.”

“Even the general governor has spoken out. Don’t underestimate the determination of Chinese soldiers to defend their homeland. If you don’t want war or die, just Hurry up.”

“Before the news is broadcast, our TV station got the latest news. Max has led the Mifang aircraft carrier battle group and temporarily withdrew from the China Sea…”

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