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Chapter 2560: Dare to take off and shoot down directly.

On the way to Mannity City, Lu Shaocong sent Yash Nics the latest news.

After an emergency investigation by the military intelligence department, it was discovered that the kidnapping was indeed done by the U.S. Army, and it seems that the U.S. Minister of Foreign Affairs Jessica, who recently visited China, was also involved in the incident.

Yash Nics was holding the phone, without any emotion in her voice: “Are you sure you were involved in this matter with Jessica?”

Lu Shaocong said: “From the clues, Jessica was definitely involved in this matter, but her identity is sensitive. We can’t move her directly.”

Yash Nics said coldly: “As long as you know that she has a share, you

can take

care of the rest.” “Where is she now, hasn’t left our country yet, right?” Lu Shaocong Said: “Jessica and her men are preparing to take a special plane to return to the United States at the Tianhai Airport.”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Order the airport to prevent them from taking off.”

Lu Shaocong said: “Jessica is from the United States .” The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, there is no definitive evidence, and the airport inspected the Jessica team, and did not find the young lady and the young lady.”

“I’m afraid the airport will be difficult to prevent Jessica’s special plane from taking off.”

Yash Nics said coldly: ” Let the airport warn Jessica that if you dare to take off, the Jiangnan Military Region will shoot down her special plane directly with missiles.”

Lu Shaocong showed a shocked expression when he heard this, but this was the command of the general governor. He did not dare to have any objections. He also felt that this time the young lady and the young lady were kidnapped, and the chief governor was completely angry.

He hurriedly said: “Yes, the subordinates will immediately follow the instructions of the chief governor.”

Yash Nics hung up the phone and instructed Dianchu: “Order our plane, don’t go to Mannity, turn around and go directly to Tianhai.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

Tianhai City Airport.

Jessica’s special plane is about to take off.

Jessica is strapping the seat belt while asking the side subordinate: “Aaron, how is Ding Qian going?”

A blond man smiled: “Report Minister, Hong Tianci led the Hornet The special attack team successfully kidnapped Song Pingting and Song Qingqing.”

“Ding Qian and Hong Tianci led the team, held Song Pingting and Song Qingqing, and will leave China through secret channels.”

“When our special plane returns to the United States, it is estimated. Ding Qian and the others will arrive at the same time.”

Jessica said with satisfaction: “Very well, order the plane to take off and leave this ghost place.”

Aaron said: “Yes, Minister.”

Jessica’s plane was about to enter the runway. Take off.

But at this moment, the police sirens suddenly came out, and many military vehicles, special service vehicles, police vehicles…

hundreds of vehicles surrounded Jessica’s plane.

A large number of soldiers, criminal police, and even national security personnel in suits and work badges came down.

People from the military, police, and National Security arrived at the same time.

Jessica learned that her special plane was surrounded and could not take off.

She was frightened and angry, and took Aaron and other men to get off the plane.

She looked around the audience, her face full of anger, and her voice sternly said: “What do you mean, who sent you to prevent my plane from taking off, who is the highest leader here, stand up and speak for me.” The

voice just fell.

A middle-aged woman in a female suit had already walked out.

She turned out to be the head of Guoan, Ruan Hong.

Ruan Hong looked at Jessica coldly, and said in a cold voice: “Ms. Jessica, get to know, I am the person in charge of China Guoan, and my name is Ruan Hong.”

Jessica’s face changed slightly when she heard the words.

Unexpectedly, the boss of Guoan would come in person.

Could it be that China has investigated Song Pingting so quickly that Song Qingqing’s kidnapping is related to her?

Jessica is a little bit empty, but think about it, Song Pingting and Song Qingqing is not under her now.

Even if Huaxia suspected her, there was no evidence that she did it.

Thinking about it this way, she came up with confidence and became calm again.

Her calm: “? Miss Nguyen was originally red, do not know that you have so many police came, I stop the plane took off, what does this mean,”

“You know, I have returned to report to the President with us, I want to visit other countries?”

“Do you know what serious consequences would you have if you obstructed my plane taking off and disrupted my itinerary?”

Ruan Hong said, “I know.”

“But recently something happened in Jiangnan Province. In a major event, the wife and daughter of our Chinese governor were kidnapped by terrorists.”

“The entire Jiangnan Province is now under investigation. The entire province is now blocked. No planes are allowed to leave without permission.”

Jie Sika said loudly: “What does this have to do with me?”

Ruan Hong said: “I’m sorry, your plane is about to take off. I’m afraid it will have to be approved. Please wait patiently for half a day.”

Jessica was furious: ” What kind of thing are you guys dare to stop my plane from taking off. Do you treat me as a kidnapper and a terrorist?”

“I want to order the plane to take off. How are you going?”

Ruan Hong said coldly, “If Jie Ms. Sika has nothing to do with the kidnapping case. Why bother to leave. Wouldn’t it be better to leave after we check and prove your innocence?”

“As for the forced take-off question you mentioned, I can answer you now.”

“The governor has ordered it .” The air defense force of the Jiangnan Military Region enters a state of readiness. If your plane takes off forcibly without permission, you will be shot down directly. ”


Shoot down directly!

Jessica’s eyes were round, her mouth opened, her face full of disbelief.

“Unreasonable, you are so unreasonable.”

Jessica trembled with anger.

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