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vast ocean.

A US freighter is moving unhurriedly on the sea.

Inside the cabin!

Song Pingting was holding her daughter tightly.

Song Qingqing nestled in her mother’s arms and said timidly: “Mom, Qingqing is so scared, where are they going to take us?”

Song Pingting comforted: “Don’t be afraid of Qingqing, Dad will come to rescue us soon a. ”

listen to her father mentioned, originally Song Qingqing helpless frightened eyes suddenly lit up next.

She raised her head, her eyes became a lot firmer, and she pursed her small lips and said: “Yes, Dad will come to save us soon. These bad guys will soon be unlucky.” The

voice just fell!

Suddenly there was a squeaking sound in my ear, it turned out that the door had been opened.

Ding Qian, wearing high heels, walked in curly and Nana. She sneered: “I’m sorry, our freighter has just sailed out of the China waters and has now entered the high seas.”

“Even if Yash Nics has the ability to reach the sky, he does. There is no way to chase down the high seas to save you.”

“Also, when he finds some clues, it is estimated that we have already arrived in the United States, and he will have no skills to return to the sky by then.”

“He can’t save your mother and daughter, you just Let this heart die.”

Behind Ding Qian, a man with a tall and magnificent oriental face followed.

He is Hong Tianci. He used to be a Chinese native, but he has already received a green card from the US, and he is now the captain of the US Hornet.

Hong Tianci is the same as Ding Qian. Although he was from Huaxia, he has no feelings for Huaxia. He even joined the United States. He insults Huaxia people on weekdays, which is more ruthless than ordinary foreigners.

Behind Ding Qian and Hong Tianci, there was a team of Hornet soldiers with live ammunition.

Song Pingting looked at Ding Qian and Hong Tianci angrily: “You are so despicable, you have resorted to such shameless means of kidnapping.”

“You better let our mother and daughter go now, otherwise, after my husband comes, you I have to regret it.”

Ding Qian’s face sank after hearing the words: “Bitch, you have fallen into my hands, and you dare

to be hard- headed.” As she said, she stepped forward and raised her hand to give Song Pingting a hand. Slap.


The slap was so cruel that the corners of Song Pingting’s mouth were bleeding from the blow.

Also scared Song Qingqing burst into tears.

But Song Pingting still held up her pretty face, glaring at Ding Qian.

Ding Qian said angrily: “You still dare to stare at me, I won’t be able to cure you today if I don’t believe it.” After

she finished speaking, she raised her hand and prepared to slap again.

However, before she dropped her hand, she was caught by Hong Tianzi by her side.

Ding Qian was stunned and looked at Hong Tianci: “Captain Hong, what do you mean?”

Hong Tianci smiled and said: “Miss

Ding , Miss Song is a beautiful woman. We’d better be gentle and polite to treat beautiful women.” Ding Qian She was dissatisfied when she heard that, but she immediately realized that Hong Tianci should have liked Song Pingting.

She rolled her eyes twice, then suddenly burst into a smile, giggling and said: “Hehe, I think Captain Hong, you

fell in love with her !” “Well, Ding Qian today is the beauty of adulthood, and you and her will be perfected. After

she finished speaking, she snapped her fingers and ordered the men next to her: “Come here, take the child Song Qingqing outside and vacate this room to Captain Hong, so that Captain Hong can have a good time and be happy.” The

voice just fell. !

Immediately there were two subordinates who stepped forward to snatch Song Pingting.

Song Pingting and Song Qingqing cried together, and the mother and daughter clung to them and refused to let go.

Ding Qian was angry again when she saw this.

Hong Tianci stopped her again and

said with a smirk : “I’m coming!” After speaking, he took out a desert eagle, pointed at Song Qingqing’s head, and threatened Song Pingting: “Miss Song, if you don’t want to see If your daughter is shot in the head by me, then you will let it go and take care of me.”

“If I am satisfied, I guarantee that you and your daughter will not be bullied by anyone on the way to the United States with your daughter, including Ding Qian.”

“But if you don’t cooperate, then I guess you can only arrive in the

U.S. with your daughter’s headless corpse.” Song Pingting was shocked when she heard this.

“Devil, scum…”

Hong Tianci said with a smile: “Thank you, you are not the first person to comment on me this way, I don’t care.”

“I will count three now!”

“If I count to three, If you refuse to let them take your daughter away, then your daughter will be a headless corpse.”


Seeing Hong Tianci was about to count to 3, Song Pingting suddenly held her daughter and turned around. The daughter was protected, but she stood under the gun of Hong Tianci.

She did not want to lose her body, nor did she want to see her daughter die tragically, so she chose to die first!

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