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Dian Chu and Eight Tiger Guards, only one Tiger Guards shoulder was bruised by a bullet, and the rest were intact.

Yash Nics held the child, holding Song Pingting’s hand, and stopped when he passed Ding Qian.

Yash Nics looked at Ding Qian indifferently: “Look up!”

As if Ding Qian was trembling in an ice cave, she slowly raised her head. Her face was pale and her eyes were full of fear. No one could see that she was in spirit. On the verge of collapse.

Yash Nics said coldly: “This is the third time you have fallen into my hands. What do you think should be done?”


Ding Qian knelt directly in the pool of blood, ignoring the blood on the ground. She kowtowed desperately and begged for mercy no matter what: “Mr. Yash, I was wrong.”

“I don’t know Taishan. I shouldn’t provoke you.

” I shouldn’t harm your wife and daughter!”

“Mr. Yash, save you, please give me another chance, I dare not, I will never dare anymore.”

Yash Nics said indifferently, “Don’t kneel down. I cry in front of me, crying dirty my shoes.”

“I gave you two opportunities, but you didn’t cherish it.”

“And when you assaulted my wife and daughter, have you ever thought about not embarrassing them, have you ever thought about letting them go? ”

The answer is no!”

“Why did you know why you used to be today?”

“In your next life, don’t do things that hurt the world and cause harm.”

After speaking, Yash Nics left with his wife and daughter.

He had just walked out the door with his wife and daughter when a gunshot came from behind him.

It turned out that Dian Chu had already shot the wicked woman Ding Qian’s life.

Yash Nics came to the deck with Song Pingting and Song Qingqing.

At this time, the freighter has slowed to a stop.

There are already many small military speedboats around the freighter, which are like a pack of wolves, surrounding the freighter impermeably.

There are countless armed helicopters in the air, as well as transport helicopters that transport special soldiers.

One after another, the heavily armed special fighters were slid down the ropes of the helicopter and landed on the freighter with agility.

Lu Shaocong also appeared.

While commanding the special soldiers to search the scene, control the crew, and send out the danger in an all-round way, he beckoned a newest helicopter gunship and landed directly on the ship, responding to the governor and the young lady and the young lady.


The gunship landed on the deck.

Yash Nics and Song Pingting and Song Qingqing took Dianchu on the helicopter.

The helicopter quickly took off and left, smoothly sending Yash Nics and his party to the Jiangnan aircraft carrier.

Liu Zhenping and Croft were relieved to know that Yash Nics’s family was safe and sound.

Yash Nics thanked Krove over the radio, and then they took their respective aircraft carrier battle groups and returned to the voyage in an orderly manner.

After half a day!

Yash Nics led the aircraft carrier battle group and successfully returned to the Jiangnan military port.

Countless citizens came spontaneously to welcome the triumphant return of the chief governor and the Jiangnan Fleet.

This time the U.S. gathered many countries to show off at the gate of China. The general governor led the Jiangnan Fleet and the Raksha Kingdom Pacific Fleet to drive away the enemy. The news has spread throughout the streets and alleys.

At this time everyone came to welcome the return of the Governor.

Yash Nics held his daughter, stood on the aircraft carrier with Song Pingting, and looked at the warmly welcome people on the shore in the distance. They all showed long-lost smiles.

Song Qingqing admired Yash Nics and said, “Dad, you are so powerful. Not only can you beat bad guys, but many people welcome you.”

Song Pingting snuggled next to Yash Nics and smiled and said, “Of course, your father is a great hero in the army. Those foreign villains just wanted to hurt your father, so they kidnapped Qingqing and mother.”

“So don’t be afraid of Qingqing, always remember, if there is something, Dad will definitely come to save us.”

Song Qingqing nodded seriously: “Well, Qingqing is not afraid of bad guys, Dad Qingqing is the best.”

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