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Although the citizens were welcome, Yash Nics and his wife and daughter did not show their faces in public.

Even though he was the chief governor of China, it was already a semi-public secret.

But he still didn’t show his face in public. After this time his family was kidnapped, he paid more attention to privacy and didn’t want to bring danger to his family because of him.

He followed the officers in a low-key manner and returned to the Jiangnan Navy Headquarters.

Then, after the exercise was over, all the work was handed over to Liu Zhenping, and he and his wife and daughter, under the escort of Dianchu Bahuwei, left the base in a low-key manner and began to go home.

On the way!

Dian Chu returned to work for Yash Nics while driving.

Dian Chu said: “After the viceroy, national security and his party control of Jessica, Jessica found evidence of participation in the kidnapping, torture was also used to cross-examine a lot of things.”

“But unfortunately, imperfection. ” ”

national security of people do not care, let Jessica found the opportunity to commit suicide. ” ”

Jessica is probably because they do not want to divulge too many secrets while, hit the corner of the table committed suicide, did not rescue her salvaged. ”

Jesse Stuck!

Yash Nics frowned slightly!

Song Pingting was even more shocked.

This American witch who was an anti-Chinese pioneer committed suicide in the end.

Yash Nics was silent for two seconds, and said faintly: “It doesn’t matter if she is dead, if she doesn’t die, she still feels good.”

“Since she committed suicide in fear of sin, then out of humanitarian considerations, her body was handed over to Mi Fang. ”

As for the cause of death,

let’s just say it.” “We have to see if Mi Fang has the face to announce it!”

Dian Chu said: “In order to retaliate against you, Mi Fang sent a Hornet attack team to kidnap the young lady and the young lady. Even the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Jessica also participated in this.”

“I believe Jessica is dead. , and did not dare to preach square meters, is estimated to be low-key. ”

Yash Nics Pingjing said:” indefensible nature can not shout “!

Dian Chu also said:” we have find out that the kidnapping is a five-star general rice country Max personally The order.”

Yash Nics’s face sank when he mentioned Max, and he said coldly: “Max is a militant from the United States. Every time the United States targets us, he has his shadow.”

“And he also actively contacts. Many other countries have tinkered with an S8 alliance to target China in all directions and cannot

live with us.” “This person does not die, and it is hard for China to have a peaceful day.”

Dian Chu didn’t dare to talk.

These things are not something he can talk about. Whatever the governor says, he just listens.

Yash Nics looked at the sky outside the car window and slowly said, “Sooner or later, I will have a break with Max.”

Not long after, Yash Nics and his wife and daughter returned to Mannity and returned home.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli were anxious when they heard that their daughter and granddaughter had been kidnapped.

At this time, seeing Yash Nics, Song Pingting and Song Qingqing come back safely, the two elders were so happy that tears fell.

When Tong Ke saw Yash Nics’s family return safely, she was also greatly relieved.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli personally cooked and cooked an extremely rich meal. The family sat down to celebrate the family reunion.

Yash Nics smiled and said: “It’s been a long time since our family sat down to eat together.”

“My parents made so many delicious foods today, come, everyone has a good meal.”

After finishing speaking, Yash Nics picked up his chopsticks and asked Pick dishes.

But his cell phone rang.

The caller ID turned out to be an unfamiliar foreign phone number.

Yash Nics was stunned for a moment, and then answered the phone: “Hello?”

A hearty man laughed from the phone: “Haha, Your Excellency Chief Governor, take the liberty to call you, I don’t know if it will affect your work.”

Yash Nics heard the voice with a foreign accent, slightly shocked, and soon his face surprised and said: “Mr. Gao Man?”

cell phone came Goldman cheerful voice: “! I”

“would have to be formal office by phone give you Dudufu Call viceroy Lord. ” ”

but think about it, I would be friends with the viceroy, Lord, but also to the call to a private matter, so the final decision or make personal phone calls. ” ”

you do not feel viceroy Don’t be abrupt?”

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