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Exit of China Overseas Airport.

Sophia came out of the airport with only one female assistant.

She came to China to study abroad on this trip and concealed her identity as the princess of the Raksha Kingdom, so she did not bring bodyguards when she went out.

Secondly, she didn’t bring bodyguards because she heard that China has a good law and order.

In Raksha Country, if you have a brand-name handbag or a brand-name mobile phone, if you walk into an alley casually, you will be followed by criminals every minute.

But Sophia heard that this would not happen to China.

Therefore, she completely regarded herself as an ordinary foreign student this time.

However, she walked out of the airport gate with Maya, her only life assistant, and was immediately spotted.

A tall, middle-aged man dressed in a flowery shirt, dressed up very ostentatiously, with two suits, appeared in front of Sophia, smiled and said hello: “Hi, beauties, are you from Raksha? Can you speak Chinese?”

Sophia looked at the group of men in flower shirts in amazement, wondering if all Chinese people are so enthusiastic, and if they don’t know each other, they would take the initiative to strike up a conversation?

In politeness, she smiled and said: “Yes, I am from Raksha country. As for whether I can speak Chinese, it is obvious that it is easy to see.”

Sophia is tall and has a delicate face. Because it is a princess, she shows a wave of her body. The innate noble temperament is like an elf princess walking out of a fairy tale world.

The man in the flower shirt looked at Sophia, who was exquisite and beautiful like a doll, and couldn’t help showing a stunning expression.

He rolled his eyes twice, smiled and handed a business card: “Hehe, I am Zhu Wanlong, the owner of the famous Galaxy Model Company.”

“We, Galaxy Company, have discovered many famous models, and each of them has an annual salary of more than one million. .”

“I see that you have a very good body and appearance. I don’t know if you are interested in joining our model agency. I will

pay you a million dollars a year.” Zhu Wanlong said that, and smiled: “Yes, I haven’t asked Miss Fang for your name.”


Faintly said : “My name is Sophia!” “Mr. Zhu’s kindness is appreciated.”

“But I came to China to study abroad, not to be a model, and to be a model or a star is not my ambition.”

Indeed. Sophia, the princess of Raksha, how could she lower her worth and become a public model?

She declined Zhu Wanlong.

However, Zhu Wanlong was reluctant and grinned and said: “Haha, stop pretending to me.”

“Whether you Rakshasa or other Maozi countries, you young beauties, come to us, Which one is not under the banner of studying abroad, but actually came here to be a wild model to collect gold?”

“Don’t say being a wild model, I have seen a lot of part-time

girls .” Sophia sank her face when she heard the words, coldly. Said: “I’m sorry, I don’t know why you have such thoughts.”

“But I have to tell you that I am here to study abroad, not to be a wild model, let alone a part-time lady.”

“Please take back you just now. And apologize to me. ”


There are indeed many girls from the Rakshasa country who come here to be models, and most of them are wild models. They also provide a variety of shady services for the purpose of making money.

Zhu Wanlong didn’t believe that Sophia was here to study abroad.

Even if you study abroad, you won’t come to China Overseas to study. The best China Overseas University in China doesn’t rank high in China. Which international student would choose to study in China Overseas?

On the contrary, there are a lot of people who come here to fish for gold!

Zhu Wanlong sneered: “What are you talking about, let me apologize to you?”

“I see you a lot of Raksha pheasants. Why do you pretend to be pure? Do you want more money to pretend to be pure?”

He finished. I took out a thick stack of Euros from my handbag, and they turned out to be all five hundred denominations.

There are 50,000 Euros in this stack of banknotes, which is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of Chinese coins.

Zhu Wanlong is rich in wealth, and he reached out to grab Sophia’s wrist with an extraordinarily arrogant hand. With the other hand, he tucked a large wad of banknotes into the collar of Sophia’s jacket, yelling triumphantly: “Isn’t it just asking for money!”

“Is this enough?”

“As long as you are willing to work in our company, you are guaranteed to eat and drink.”

Sophia was surprised and angry!

“Asshole, do you know respecting women!”

She pushed Zhu Wanlong’s hand away, raised her hand and slapped Zhu Wanlong’s face.


Zhu Wanlong was caught off guard, so he slapped Sophia firmly on his face, and half of his face was hot and painful.

The banknotes in his hands were also scattered on the ground.

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