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“Are you okay?”

Zhu Wanlong’s two subordinates realized that he was slapped by Yash Nics, and both of them exclaimed and ran over to help him.

Zhu Wanlong felt that his head was about to be slapped away by Yash Nics.

He finally eased his breath.

Half of his cheek had already lost consciousness, and he reached out a hand trembling slightly, and found that it was all blood.

He trembled with anger, pulled away his two subordinates forcefully, and roared, “You two bastards, what are you doing when you see me being beaten? I will feed you what you dare to eat and go up and kill me. He!”

“Yes, boss!”

Zhu Wanlong’s two subordinates turned sullen and walked towards Yash Nics together.

Without Yash Nics’s shot this time, the Dian Chu next to Yash Nics missed out.

Zhu Wanlong’s two subordinates only felt a flower in front of them, and they didn’t react to what was going on. They each received a punch on the face of Dian Chu, and their bodies suddenly rose into the air and flew back.

Bang bang!

The two men fell in front of Zhu Wanlong like two dead dogs.

At this moment, Zhu Wanlong was completely stupid.

Not only can the young man in front of him fight, but the young man’s follower is extremely fierce!

Yash Nics looked at Zhu Wanlong coldly: “Now do you choose to apologize to Miss Sophia, or do you want to be the best?”

Zhu Wanlong bit his lip. He was obviously not convinced, but was forced by Yash Nics and Dian Chu’s force. Time dared not speak.

At this moment, a police car suddenly came to the side of the road.

I saw a middle-aged man in a gray jacket and got out of the car with two detectives.

Zhu Wanlong’s eyes lit up when he saw the middle-aged man.

It turns out that this middle-aged man is no one else, but the leader of the Mannity City Police, Wang Zhixing.

On weekdays, Zhu Wanlong wandered in the circle of the rich and powerful, and often arranged models for the rich and the rich and powerful. Therefore, he got acquainted with many rich and powerful figures in Mannity City.

He didn’t talk to Wang Zhixing very well, but he met Wang Zhixing more than once when he participated in the dinner of the powerful.

In addition, his industry is somewhat unsightly, so he often deliberately meets Wang Zhixing on weekdays, so the two of them know each other, and they will greet him politely if they meet at a dinner.

When Zhu Wanlong saw Wang Zhixing at this time, it was as if a drowning man saw the lifeboat, his excitement was overwhelming.

“Wang Ju, you are here just right. Brother, I was so miserably bullied this time. Wang Ju, you must be fair to me and teach this gang of people a good lesson!”

Wang Zhixing recently went to the province for a meeting and just took a flight. When he came back, two criminal policemen drove here to pick him up.

His car passed by here, and happened to see someone fighting, so he stopped to learn about the situation.

But I didn’t expect that as soon as I walked in, I saw a guy with blood on his face and his cheeks swollen like a pig rushing to ask for help.

He frowned: “Stop, don’t go too close, who are you?”

Zhu Wanlong stopped, raised his face, pointed to the face he hadn’t been beaten, and said quickly: “It’s me, the owner of Galaxy Model Company. , Zhu Wanlong, we have eaten and drunk together before…”

Wang Zhixing only recognized Zhu Wanlong at this time. He was a little surprised: “It turned out to be Boss Zhu, how did you make it look like this?”

Wang Zhixing knows, Zhu Wanlong If it sounds nice, it’s the boss of the model company, if it sounds bad, it’s the pimps in the circle of the powerful and powerful in China Shipping.

He usually doesn’t look down on Zhu Wanlong very much, but he also knows that Zhu Wanlong is capable in Mannity. He was beaten so badly today, but Wang Zhixing didn’t expect it.

At this moment, Zhu Wanlong is like a child who has been aggrieved outside when he sees his father, crying and complaining: “It’s all these gangsters who beat me and my bodyguards like this, Wang Ju, you hurry up and put them all. Grab it!”

Wang Zhixing glanced at Zhu Wanlong’s two bodyguards who fell on the ground.

I was surprised, who was so courageous to beat Zhu Wanlong and his team so badly?

He looked at Zhu Wanlong’s direction at this moment, and then he saw Yash Nics.

Yash Nics happened to be standing in his spare time at this time, staring eyes seemingly smiling but not smiling.

The moment Wang Zhixing saw Yash Nics, it was as if he was struck by lightning, his body suddenly froze, his pupils dilated rapidly, and a flash of shock flashed deep in his eyes.

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