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Wang Zhixing aloud and said: “! Chen”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “! Pharaoh, a coincidence ah”

Wang Zhixing accompanied smiles: “I went to the province to meet, just Come back, pass by here, Mr. Yash, what’s the

matter ?” Zhu Wanlong originally thought that based on his status and his friendship with Wang Zhixing, Wang Zhixing would definitely give him this breath, and he would definitely take Yash Nics several Grab it and clean it up.

But I didn’t expect Wang Zhixing to meet Yash Nics, he actually knew each other and chatted with him.

Even the tone of Wang Zhixing’s speech was a little flattering.

This made Zhu Wanlong anxious.

Zhu Wanlong hurriedly said: “Wang Ju, do you know this kid?”

“But you know you, Zhu Wanlong, I haven’t suffered this kind of loss in Mannity. I will never let this kid go. You intercede. No.”

“I won’t interrupt this kid’s two dog legs today, I will never spare him…”

Wang Zhixing’s face changed drastically, his expression instantly became ugly, and he said sternly: “Zhu Wanlong, who do you think you are, dare you? To threaten others by blocking my face, do you not put me in your eyes and have no control?”

Zhu Wanlong did not dare to offend Wang Zhixing, and quickly explained: “I didn’t mean that, but this kid insulted me. Too much, I can’t spare him…”

Wang Zhixing shouted: “Shut up!”

“Do you know who Mr. Yash is?”

Zhu Wanlong looked at Wang Zhixing, who was extremely stern, and finally realized that Yash Nics’s identity might not be simple.

He was already a little flustered in his heart, but his mouth still

said stiffly : “I don’t care who he is!” Wang Zhixing whispered something in front of Zhu Wanlong?

After Zhu Wanlong listened, his pupils suddenly dilated, his face pale, and the cold sweat of soybeans fell rustling from his forehead.


Zhu Wanlong knelt down on the spot.

He even crawled to Yash Nics on his knees, crying and begging for mercy: “Mr. Yash, I was wrong, I’m a bitch, I’m damn, I shouldn’t bully Miss Sophia, and I shouldn’t speak wildly to Mr. Yash… …”

Every time he apologized, he raised his hand and slapped himself severely.

It crackled, and quickly slapped myself a dozen slaps.

Yash Nics stood and looked at Zhu Wanlong indifferently: “Just now you bullied foreign students, corrupted our image of China, and where did the power and prestige when you

shouted and screamed ?” Zhu Wanlong heard this, even more frightened, and kept smoking his own. Face and mouth kept apologizing: “I was wrong, I was wrong…”

Yash Nics said coldly: “Apologize to Miss Sophia!”

Zhu Wanlong quickly apologized to Sophia again.

Sophia looked at Zhu Wanlong, who had been invincible before, and her mouth was full of blood at this time, especially miserable.

The anger in her heart almost dissipated, and she calmly said: “I accept your apology.”

Zhu Wanlong received Sophia’s apology, and looked at Yash Nics blankly.

Wang Zhixing also asked respectfully: “Mr. Yash, how do you deal with this guy?”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “This guy bullies men and women. It is estimated that he does things that violate the law and discipline on weekdays.”

“Wang Zhixing Are you very familiar with him?”

Wang Zhixing hurriedly dismissed the relationship: “I don’t know him, but I just attended a colleague’s dinner. I met once or twice. I really don’t understand this person. You can check if you don’t believe in Mr. Yash.”

Yash Nics said: ” You don’t have to be stunned!”

“Bring this guy back to the police station for serious investigation and punishment. You can punish whatever you need to punish it. You must never reduce the punishment just because he knows any leader or has friendship with him.”

Wang Zhixing said hastily, “Yes, the subordinate knows. . ” ”

come, the first hospital treatment Zhu Wanlong several injuries, then back to the bureau disposal. ” ”

Yes! ”

soon, Zhu Wanlong few were taken away.

Yash Nics turned around, looked at Sophia, and smiled bitterly: “Miss Sophia, welcome you to our Huaxia Study Abroad.”

“In fact, our Huaxia security is very good. You must not misunderstand our poor security because of today’s affairs. ”

Sophia looked at Yash Nics.

Compared with Yash Nics who had been seen in the palace of Raksha Kingdom before, Yash Nics was a bit less dignified at this moment, but a bit more approachable.

Yash Nics at this time gave people a more real feeling.

She looked at Yash Nics and said with a playful smile: “Mr. Yash, although I suspected that China’s public security was very poor, after your justice, I now have confidence in your China’s public security.”

Yash Nics told Dian. Chu, as well as Maya next to him, couldn’t help but laugh.

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