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Shelson smiled and said, ” Order ?”

“I like your term!”

“It’s worthy of being the one I chose from many candidates at a glance.”

“You are really very good indeed .” Knowing the current affairs and dealing with people like you will make it easier for me.”

Shelson said, flicking the soot, and then said: “I checked your information, I know your origins, and I know that you are now working in Chinatown. I also know that you really want to join us in the United States and get a green card.”

“In fact, your business in Chinatown is illegal. With a word of mine, I can smooth you out.”

Tang Beidou looked a little bit. Ugly.

Shelson laughed: “But I don’t, because in my eyes, a stray dog ​​can also have its effect.”

Tang Beidou bit his lip: “I still don’t understand, what do you want me for?”

Xie Elson said: “I want you to help me kill a person, a girl from the Rakshasa country studying in China.”

“I believe you have this ability. You Tang Sect has no shortage of masters.”

“This task is for you. It can be said to be easy.”

“And after you complete the task, I will approve you to join the U.S. and get the U.S. green card, and your business in Chinatown will also get our asylum. As long as you are not out of line, we will give you space to survive. ”

Tang Beidou opened his eyes wide, but quickly calmed down.

He stared at Schelson and said: “Killing someone is such a simple thing, why do you want to find me, you send your people to do it, isn’t it easier?”

Schelson said: “I don’t like you, you There are too many questions. Some things are not something you should ask.”

“But since you asked, it ‘s okay for me to tell you.”

Shelson took a mouthful of cigarettes and said, “Because we kill this Raksha country girl, our people are not suitable to do it. You have to let you Chinese people do it.”

Tang Beidou slowly said, “If I didn’t guess wrong. , The identity of this Raksha country girl is not easy, right?”

Shelson said displeased: “This is your second time. I said that I don’t like you to ask questions you shouldn’t ask.”

“What about Raksha country girls? Identity is not something you need to care about.”

“Your task is to kill her, it’s that simple.”

Tang Beidou is an old gang, naturally, it is clear that things will not be so simple.

If things were really that simple, Shelson would not be so troubled, and even dispatched the FBI to find him.

He could not resist: “Can I refuse to help you do it.”

Xieer Xun said:. “Of course you can.”

“Do you refuse, my hands immediately shoot your head off the hook, and then drop you off outside those The family and the disciples were all killed, and then I patted my butt and went back.”

Tang Beidou’s face became even more ugly when he heard this.

Shelson sneered: “So now, do you tell me by yourself, do you want to work for us or refuse?”

Tang Beidou finally gave in: “Okay, I promise to work for you.”

Shelson laughed: “Very good! ”

I said you are a person who knows current affairs.”

” The person I want you to kill is Sophia. She is studying in China Overseas University. I will give you some of her information

later so that you can plan.” Mannity!

Own hometown!

Tang Beidou was a little excited. He was kicked out of the country by Yash Nics, but is he going back now?

Shelson looked at Tang Beidou and said with a faint smile: “I know Mannity is your hometown, and you are familiar with it. This is one of the reasons why I chose you.”

“There is one thing I want to remind you of. Yes, Sophia is studying at China Overseas University, but stays at Yash Nics’s house on weekends. ”

Yash Nics!

Hearing the name of his enemy, Tang Beidou’s expression suddenly changed.

Shelson smiled and said: “You know Yash Nics’s strength very well, Sophia is under his protection.”

“So you’d better bring the most powerful subordinates to China to have a chance to kill Sophia.”

“And there is. One thing I want to warn you, no matter whether this matter succeeds or fails, you will not be able to reveal our country to the United States.”

“Otherwise, I will punish all your relatives and friends, your disciples and grandchildren. ”

I’m not kidding, you know I have this strength, so you can do it for yourself.”

Tang Beidou’s eyes were complicated. He did not expect that he would return to China one day, and he did not expect that he might still be with his enemies. Yash Nics, clash again.

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