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A few days later.

China, China Overseas City.

Sophia has already spent the first week at school, and today happens to be a weekend holiday.

She drove an ordinary Volkswagen Polo to Yash Nics’s house.

Yash Nics’s family was very happy to see Sophia coming back on the weekend. The family asked her how she adjusted to school.

Sophia smiled and said: “It feels good!”

“The classmates are very enthusiastic about me, and they will help me everywhere.”

“But there are a few people who are too enthusiastic.”

Yash Nics has also learned about Sophia during this period of time. The situation in the school.

At this time, he heard Sophia say that some people were too enthusiastic about her, and said: “Is someone harassing you, do you want me to send someone to deal with it?”

In fact, there is indeed a dude named Tang Chaosheng. Sophia was shocked to be a god, and she has always been courteous to Sophia, just like the brown sugar, which troubles Sophia.

But Sophia felt that she came here to study as a civilian, and it was not appropriate to use her privileges for a small matter.

So she smiled and said: “It’s not that serious. Don’t worry, Mr. Yash, I will take care of it.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Well, if you encounter any trouble, you must tell me.”

Sophia nodded. Head, Yan Ran said: “Okay!”

At this time!

Ma Xiaoli came out of the kitchen and said hello: “It’s time to eat.”

Yash Nics and others moved to the dining room and sat down to eat.

During the meal, Yash Nics asked Sophia what arrangements would be made for two days on the weekend?

Sophia chuckled: “I heard that there is a classic Taolin Waterfall in the suburbs of Mannity. It has beautiful scenery and waterfalls. It is said that you can swim under the crystal clear waterfall.”

“I want to see it there tomorrow .” Look, it’s just a lack of people to accompany me to play together.”

“Mr. Yash, and Mrs. Yash, do you want to go together?”

Song Pingting said with a smile: “I want to go too, but tomorrow the company will have an important board meeting. I must be present, so I can’t go.”

“Let Yash Nics accompany you. You come from afar. We should enter the landlord’s friendship and entertain you well.”

Yash Nics actually doesn’t like to play.

But since Sophia had pleaded, and Song Pingting also suggested that he accompany Sophia.

He agreed: “Well, then, tomorrow I will accompany you to visit Taolin Waterfall, so that you can see the beauty of our China.”

Sophia immediately cheered and jumped for joy.

She is only 19 years old this year, although most of the time she behaves gracefully, but when she is happy, she still reveals the essence of her being a girl.

Tong Ke, who was sitting next to him, looked at Sophia with hostile eyes, and cursed in annoyance in his heart: Knowing that my brother-in-law is married, he wants my brother-in-law to accompany you to see the waterfall swimming, don’t you know that there is a difference between men and women?

Not ashamed!

Tong Ke thinks that the cousin believes in the character of her brother-in-law and doesn’t mind that her brother-in-law accompanies Sophia to see the waterfall and swim. This is understandable.

But Sophia is clearly unkind to her brother-in-law, so I have to guard against it!

No way!

I also have to follow, and I have to help my cousin stare at her brother-in-law… No, it should mean staring at Sophia to prevent this woman from having a chance to hook up with her brother-in-law.

Thinking of this, Tong Ke suddenly said to Yash Nics in a pitiful tone: “Brother-in-law, I want to go to the waterfall, too, and I want to go swimming, too. Will you take me there tomorrow?”

Tong Ke’s personality is a bit eccentric, so her slightly exaggerated appearance at this time just made Yash Nics and others smile.

Yash Nics said: “You want to go together tomorrow!”

Tong Ke smiled and narrowed her eyes: “Okay!”

Sophia next to her seemed to have noticed something, and she was watching Tong Ke intentionally or unconsciously.

Tong Ke spotted Sophia’s gaze, and looked at each other without flinching.

The two are on the bar!

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