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On the beach, a young handsome man was staring at Yash Nics with unkind eyes. His expression was suspicious and angry.

Just then.

Several men in beach pants came over with a beach volleyball.

“Tang Shao, what’s wrong, what are you looking at?”

Several men followed the young handsome man’s gaze. First they saw Yash Nics, and then they noticed Tong Ke and Sophia next to Yash Nics.

When they saw the blonde Sophia, they couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Hey, Tang Shao, isn’t that the foreign girl you were chasing recently?” The

handsome man said with cold eyes, “Yes!”

“That’s my school .” New international student, Sophia.”

“During the Friday holiday, I invited her to play together on the weekend, but she said she didn’t have time to go to cram school on the weekend, so she refused me.”

“Unexpectedly, she didn’t go to any cram school at all. Class, but came here to play with other men.”

“Damn it!” The

young handsome man said here, his expression became more ugly, his eyes more angry.

It turns out that this guy is Tang Chaosheng who has been entangled with Sophia like a brown sugar in school recently.

After hearing his words, Tang Chaosheng’s several friends in society became dissatisfied.

“Damn, this foreign girl is shameless!”

“And that man is bold enough. Even the girl that Tang Shao is fond of, dare to snatch it!”

“Tang Shao, do you want us to teach you a lesson? Teach this kid?”

Tang Chaosheng narrowed his eyes and said coldly: “Arrangement!” It

didn’t take long!

Yash Nics and Tong Ke and Sophia swam ashore.

Several people are going to change clothes.

Suddenly Tang Chaosheng appeared in front of Yash Nics with several companions.

Tang Chaosheng looked at Sophia with a smile, yin and yang said strangely: “Haha, classmate Sophia, I didn’t expect to meet you here, what a coincidence!”

Sophia was also very surprised when she saw Tang Chaosheng.

She was stunned for a moment, and then smiled: “Hehe, it’s a

coincidence that I came here with my friends to play, classmate Tang.” Tang Chaosheng glanced at Yash Nics next to Sophia, his jealous burning in his heart, and secretly cursed: I’ll ask you. If you go to play on weekends, you just say you don’t have time. This man asks you, you have time, bitch!

However, he is still thinking about getting Sophia now, and these thoughts will naturally not be revealed.

He just looked interested, looked up and down Yash Nics, then played the volleyball in his hand twice, and said with a smile: “Some friends and I are planning to play beach volleyball, but they happen to be different. Get up and have fun.”

Tang Chaosheng has already discussed with some of his friends.

If Yash Nics dared to play beach volleyball with them, then they could use volleyball to make Yash Nics unable to get up.

Unfortunately, Yash Nics is not interested in playing games with a few young people.

Yash Nics didn’t wait for Sophia to speak, and she said faintly: “Sorry, I’m tired from swimming and don’t want to play volleyball. Let’s play.”

Yash Nics didn’t play, and Sophia didn’t have a good impression of Tang Chaosheng, so naturally it was smooth. The donkey said, “I’m sorry, my friend doesn’t want to play, and I’m not interested, so let’s play.”


Yash Nics, Sophia and Tong Ke are leaving.

Tang Chaosheng saw that Yash Nics was not fooled, he was a little anxious, and looked at his friends.

A burly guy with a shaved head, the look in Tang Shao’s eyes changed.

Since Yash Nics didn’t take the bait, he didn’t play imaginary, and directly provoked.

As a result, Flat Tou took the volleyball from Tang Chaosheng and slammed the volleyball towards the back of Yash Nics’s head with a sudden force.

The corners of Tang Chaosheng’s mouth rose slightly, showing a sneer.

But Yash Nics seemed to have eyes behind his back, stretched out his left hand back without warning, and easily caught the howling volleyball.

Tang Chaosheng, Ping Tou and the others were stunned when they saw this scene.

Yash Nics turned back slowly, looking at Tang Chaosheng indifferently, and said coldly: “It’s a bit too much!”

Sophia and Tong Ke were also stunned at first, and they noticed the volleyball in Yash Nics’s hands and immediately understood how to return. The two women became angry.

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