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Yash Nics, Sophia and Tong Ke have already left.

The people around, pointed at Tang Chaosheng who was peeing his pants, and talked a lot.

Tang Dynasty students are ashamed and indignant!

At this moment, a man in a black suit suddenly appeared in front of Tang Chaosheng.

Tang Chaosheng stared at the strange man in front of him in shock, not knowing what the man came from.

The man in the suit said coldly: “Our master, I want to have a chat with you.”

Tang Chaosheng said in surprise, “Your master, who?” The

man in the suit went under a big tree not far away. The eye-catching black car glanced at it and said blankly: “Our master is the owner of the first Tang family in the south of the Yangtze River, Tang Beidou.”

Tang Beidou!

Tang Chaosheng’s eyes widened.

Tang Beidou was once the patriarch of the Tang clan in the south of the Yangtze River.

It was only this year that I heard that Tongtian was offended and forced to seek refuge abroad.

But even so, it still cannot affect Tang Beidou’s unparalleled position in the minds of Tang Dynasty students.

Tang Chaosheng will always remember that when he was ten years old, he followed his father to the provincial capital to pay Tang Beidou birthday, the grand scene full of people.

Tang Chaosheng didn’t expect that Uncle Tang would come to see him today, who stood like a stranger at the birthday banquet.

He was surprised and delighted: “Is Uncle Tang in the car?”

“I’ll go over and visit his old man immediately!”

After speaking, he was about to walk towards the black car under the tree not far away.

However, he was stopped by the man in the suit.

The man in the suit glanced at his wet trousers and said blankly: “Mr. Tang has time. Don’t worry, just change your trousers

before talking .” Tang Chaosheng’s face flushed instantly upon hearing this.

He was so embarrassed and angry that he wanted to hit him to death. Fortunately, he was reminded that if he went to see Uncle Tang in diapers, then he would be really embarrassed to see people.


Tang Chaosheng changed into a set of clean clothes, and then hurried over to see Tang Beidou.

He stood by the car respectfully and shouted with a smile on his face: “Uncle!” The

car window slowly fell, and Tang Beidou was wearing a Tang suit and sitting in the back seat.

When Tang Chaosheng saw Tang Beidou, he became more respectful.

Tang Beidou said faintly: “You are Tang Lin’s son, Tang Chaosheng, and the same family as me?”

Tang Chaosheng quickly said: “Yes, yes, my nephew used to go with my father to attend your uncle’s birthday banquet, but I didn’t expect Uncle still remembers the kid.”

Tang Beidou said, “I know you. In fact, in our Jiangnan Tang family, there are some outstanding juniors, I know better in my heart.”

Excellent juniors?

Tang Chaosheng was more and more delighted when he heard the words, and he said with restraint: “Uncle, you passed the award.”

“Uncle, the boy is dull, don’t you know what you have to say to me?”

Tang Beidou said: “I left China in a hurry before. I went to the United States.”

“There are a large number of industries left in the country, no one cares about it.”

“I am coming back this time, just to find a younger generation of our family that is better, and let him take care of my domestic industry.”

Tang Chaosheng Hearing that my heart was thumping, I thought: Oh my god, uncle would have chosen me, right?


Tang Beidou continued: “I have been looking for a long time, and I haven’t found a good candidate.”

“Suddenly remembered your dad last night!”

“Your dad is a loyal and honest person, but he is a little older, and his energy is estimated to be insufficient. a. ” ”

I immediately thought of you. ” ”

you are the Donlin son, your dad honest, surely you are not bad, so I would like to ask you to come, there is no interest to help me take care of me at home the industry “?

Tang Chaosheng excited:”? uncle, I can work for you, you can do things in the hands of this precious opportunity to learn all I seek not to seek, how may be reluctant, ” ”

but I was still in college , Although I am studying business management, I am not sure if I have the strength to help you manage your business.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do well and live up to your expectations.”

Tang Beidou laughed: “Business can be done. Just leave me in charge of money and people.”

“And the business is not very big, only tens of billions.”

Ten billion!

Take care of the money!

Tang Chaosheng’s heart was surging, thinking, I don’t care about money too much, but I can’t spend money yet?

And 10 billion, I just wipe a little oil, it’s enough for me to be romantic and chic.

He hurriedly said: “Since my uncle can value a kid, he must do his best to help his uncle take care of the domestic business.”

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