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Tang Beidou said, “It’s not urgent to take care of business.”

“I saw you were bullied?”

Tang Chaosheng flushed with resentment when he mentioned the incident. Said: “A foreign slut, dare not to put me in the eyes, and let her male friend beat me, I will definitely repay this hatred.”

Tang Beidou said: “Yes, a man must look like a man. If you have kindness, you must be retributed


If you have

grievances, you will be avenged . Only when you have a clear distinction can it be a big thing.” “I support you in this matter.” “If you want people to ask for money, even if you want to talk to me, I will satisfy you.” Tang Chaosheng originally Just thinking about how to get revenge on Sophia and Yash Nics!

Unexpectedly, his uncle actually supported him in revenge, and gave people money to support him.

He widened his eyes and said with a grateful expression on his face: “Uncle, are you too kind to me?”

Tang Beidou smiled and said, “I don’t need to use people for suspicious people.”

“Since I am optimistic about you, Naturally support you.”

“And if you can take revenge this time, even if it is my little test of you, after you succeed in revenge, you will officially start to take over and manage my tens of billions of domestic businesses.”

“If you connect your own Enemies can’t be

dealt with, so you probably can’t fight in the mall, and you are not qualified to take over my domestic business.” Tang Chaosheng said quickly after hearing this, “Uncle, don’t worry, you will pay for me to support me. Could it be that even a foreign girl can’t deal with her friends?”

Tang Beidou smiled and said, “I’ll wait and see.”

“Also, you know that my identity is special. I want to find someone in Dali for my low-key return this time. Business, I don’t want to make public.”

“So you don’t want to reveal the news of my return!”

Tang Chaosheng quickly promised: “Uncle, don’t worry, I won’t reveal any news about you if I kill you.”

Tang Beidou said with satisfaction: “Very good.”

“On this card, there is the phone number of my capable man Qi Kunlun. If you want money and someone, just talk to him. No matter what your request, he will satisfy you.”

Tang Chaosheng took the card with his hands full of surprise, and said excitedly: “Yes, uncle.”

Tang Beidou said, “Don’t let me down. ”

After speaking, he slowly dropped the window and told the driver to drive.

Not long after, the black car had disappeared from Tang Chaosheng’s vision.

Several friends of Tang Chaosheng came over at this time.

Several people were clutching their swollen faces, and while groaning, they looked at the direction of the disappearance of the black car, and asked curiously: “Tang Shao, who was the person in the car just now? Why did he let you stand in the car like this? Listening to the training?”

Tang Chaosheng glared at some of his friends displeasedly, and snorted coldly: “What are you talking nonsense?”

“It’s my noble man in the car!” After

he finished speaking, his expression became grim and gritted his teeth: “I have noble people to help me this time. Sophia, this little bitch, and her friend, are dead.”

Several friends around him listened to them and couldn’t help saying: “Tang Shao, friend of that foreign girl , It seems to be able to fight, shall we go to provoke them?”

Tang Chaosheng raised the card in his hand and sneered: “I can fight for a fart!”

“I have this stuff. Someone, Sophia’s bitch and her friend are dead.”


He dialed the cell phone number on the card.

“Hey, is it Qi Kunlun?”

“Mr. Tang asked me to call you!”

“You hit one million on my card first, and then arrange a group of masters who can hit me. I’ll be useful at night.” On the

road, in a black car.

Tang Beidou sat in the back seat, and his subordinate Qi Kunlun respectfully said: “Master, the kid of

Tang Chaosheng asked me for money and someone, and I agreed.” Tang Beidou smiled and said, “Very well!”

Qi Kunlun endured. I kept saying: “Kill Sophia, and kill Sophia under the protection of Yash Nics, can that kid from

Tang Dynasty do it?” Tang Beidou smiled and said, “Although we haven’t been able to find out who is Sophia yet, I It is estimated that her origins will not be small.”

“And Yash Nics is also involved!”

“What I am

concerned about now is whether killing Sophia will cause great disaster.” “This Tang Dynasty, let’s find a substitute for the dead ghost .” That’s it.”

“Kunlun, look for a chance to kill Sophia, and then put the blame on Tang Chaosheng’s kid, and remember to kill Tang Chaosheng too, causing him to commit suicide.”

“In this way, if we kill Sophia, we can retreat calmly. ”

Now, ” Qi Kunlun said in surprise: “Master wise!”

Tang Beidou smiled triumphantly : “The U.S. countryman Shelson asked us to be a substitute for the dead. Naturally, we also need to find a substitute for the dead, so that we don’t have to die.”

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