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Immediately, he was full of ecstasy.

Qi Kunlun has brought so many people to avenge him. Doesn’t it make sense that it made him prestige tonight?

He grinned and felt that the feeling of killing a chicken with a sledgehammer seemed very good!

Looking at it this way, he turned his head and looked at Yash Nics, with a smug expression, and said without a smile: “Boy, my man has already arrived.”

“I wonder if you are scared?”

“You kneel down and beg for mercy now .” , Or I can consider sparing you a dog.”

“Listen clearly, just consider it, hahaha…”

Tang Chaosheng laughed triumphantly.

Several companions around him also laughed.

The flat head couldn’t help but complimented: “Tang Shao, I just learned tonight that your strength is so powerful. You will always be the god in the minds of your brothers.”

Tang Chaosheng triumphantly said, “Haha, how can this young man be capable? If you can know all of them, you can watch the show tonight and see how I can avenge you today.” The

flat head and others nodded and said yes.

Flat-headed and arrogantly pointing at Yash Nics’s fingers, and shouted: “Boy, death is imminent, what are you doing in the same place, come over and apologize to us Tang Shao.”

“There are also those two chicks, you two. If you don’t want to die, come over here and give us Tang Shao apologize.” When

Sophia saw Tang Chaosheng calling so many helpers, she was shocked for the first time, but she was calm now.

Yash Nics is the governor of China, and she has seen Yash Nics’s combat effectiveness with her own eyes. Even the Rakshasa God of War is not Yash Nics’s opponent. Although there are many enemies in front of her, she still believes that Yash Nics can handle it.

She calmly persuaded: “Tang Chaosheng, because everyone is a classmate, I advise you not to make mistakes again and again, you still have time to

stop now .” Tang Chaosheng saw Sophia still dare to despise him now, and he was angry with anger. burn.

He hasn’t come to remember to get angry yet.

Tong Ke also spoke up: “Children, go back to school and go to school, don’t come out to cause trouble, the consequences are not something you can afford.”

Tang Chaosheng’s eyes widened and his face was full of disbelief.

He called so many helpers, passers-by were scared to run away.

Yash Nics is not afraid of him, even the two girls around Yash Nics are not afraid of him?

What the hell is going on.

He said viciously: “You people, you really can’t cry without seeing the coffin. I want to see when you can go crazy.”

“Qi Kunlun, take them down. ” Qi Kunlun, who

was huge in stature, said in a deep voice: “Yes, Tang Shao!” After

he finished speaking, he had to tell his men to do it.

However, at this time Yash Nics looked at Qi Kunlun and the others suspiciously. These people in front of him were obviously elite thugs, and many of them were masters with restrained aura and sharp eyes.

It stands to reason that these people are not unknown people!

Where did Tang Chaosheng, the little boy, find so many great helpers?

Yash Nics looked at Qi Kunlun and said, “Wait!”

“You people are really Tang Chaosheng’s subordinates?”

Qi Kunlun was slightly surprised when he heard this. He didn’t expect Yash Nics to be so sensitive that he doubted their origins.

He snorted coldly: “We should be Tang Shao’s people, you offend Tang Shao, you deserve to die tonight.”

“Five monsters, do it, take him down!”


The five Tang Sect monsters behind Qi Kunlun moved instantly, turning into five shadows, and pounced on Yash Nics like lightning.

As soon as a master makes a move, he will know if there is any.

Yash Nics looked at the five people who killed him like lightning, and knew that these people were not ordinary thugs.

The corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he coldly snorted: “Interesting!”

He stood still!

Seeing that the Tang Sect’s five monsters had already approached, the long sword, battle knife, axe, dragon stick and fist were about to fall on him.

At this flash of lightning, Yash Nics finally made a move.

Seeing him raise his hand, the white knife in his sleeve flashed away.

Sleeve Shirayuki!


Yash Nics cut off the weapons of the five opponents with one knife, and the five clicks were connected together to form a long click.

Yash Nics’s dagger cut the weapons of five opponents, and at the same time it cut open the throats of five opponents.

In the horrified gaze of Tang Chaosheng and others, I saw the five monsters of Tang Sect, withered like fallen leaves in front of Yash Nics…

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