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Chapter 2586: look up the origins of these people

Qi Kunlun solemn eyes, shouted: “He won!”


Many swordsmen rushed towards Yash Nics.

Yash Nics’s figure suddenly accelerated and slammed into the arms of an opponent, directly smashing the opponent’s whole body bones, flew out with a twisted figure, and knocked over seven or eight companions.

Two agile masters, one from left to right, pounced on Yash Nics, wanting to attack Yash Nics together.

Yash Nics reached out with his left and right hands like two dragons, grabbed the necks of the two of them instantly, and then slammed their heads together.


A muffled sound!

The two masters cracked their heads at the same time, killing them all.

Strong hand cracked skull!

Everyone at the scene was shocked.

Yash Nics kept walking, making simple and rude moves, and along the way, people kept falling in front of him.

When he walked in front of Qi Kunlun, more than a hundred people had fallen on the road he had walked behind him.

Qi Kunlun shouted: “Hugh is crazy, I will meet you.”

Yash Nics said blankly: “Come to fight!”

Qi Kunlun raised his breath, stepped out, accelerated with two steps, and broke out with three steps.

After three steps, he appeared in front of Yash Nics, raised his hand with a cannon punch, and slammed at Yash Nics fiercely.

This punch is really heavy as a mountain.

Before the huge fist came close, the strong fist wind was already blowing in his face, and Yash Nics’s shaved face was aching.

Faced with Kunlun’s top-topping punch, Yash Nics did not evade and fought head-on. Using the simplest combat technique in the military, he strode forward and punched out with one punch.


The fists of the two collided fiercely.

Qi Kunlun’s body is a bit taller than Yash Nics, and he is also a punch bigger.

His fist was the size of a casserole. Compared with his fist, Yash Nics’s fist was the difference between a child’s fist and an adult’s fist.

The people around thought that Qi Kunlun could beat Yash Nics with one punch.

But an unexpected scene happened to them.

After Qi Kunlun’s fist collided with Yash Nics’s fist, Qi Kunlun’s hand exploded as if it had been blown by a bomb.

Flesh and flesh flying!

Qi Kunlun’s right fist was smashed to pieces by Yash Nics’s punch.

Even Qi Kunlun’s right arm bones were shattered every inch of the way, and the right arm without the right palm, like the body of a snake whose head had been chopped off, fell limply…


Qi Kunlun let out a miserable grunt.

Yash Nics quickly made up a punch, hit Qi Kunlun in the chest, knocked Qi Kunlun into the air with one punch, and fell heavily to the ground.

The more than two hundred swordsmen left in Baihutang were dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

Tang Chaosheng and his companions were also dumbfounded.

Yash Nics punched the power, terrifying.

The crowd hadn’t reacted yet, the horns had already been heard from the street, and many police cars and military vehicles had arrived at the same time.



A large number of soldiers and policemen with guns and live ammunition appeared and surrounded the scene.

It turned out that when the attack was discovered just now, Dian Chu had activated the emergency device and sent a distress signal to the military security department.

After receiving the distress signal, the Mannity City Army learned that the governor had been attacked and hurriedly dispatched special forces to support it.

Moreover, the leader of the team is the commander-in-chief of the Chinese Navy, Wang Daofang.

Wang Daofang showed up with a large number of soldiers at this time. When he saw the scene of the fierce battle, he was shocked and angry, and shouted: “Block the scene so that no gangster can run out.”

“If you catch these people, who dares to resist? Killed on the spot.”


A large number of special soldiers with submachine guns surrounded them in an orderly manner.

The Tang Sect swordsmen had already suffered more than half of their casualties. After Qi Kunlun was knocked down by Yash Nics, they became headless.

Seeing being surrounded by troops at this time, everyone threw away their weapons, raised their hands and surrendered.

Wang Daofang took several subordinates and walked quickly towards Yash Nics, and said nervously: “General Governor, are you okay?”

“Subordinates are late for rescue, please convict you.”

Yash Nics said lightly. “Your reaction speed is already considered acceptable. What a crime.”

Wang Daofang saw that Yash Nics and Sophia were all fine, and he was a little relieved. He looked at the arrested murderers around him, and said in shock and anger: “Da Governor, what’s the matter with these attackers?”

Yash Nics looked at Tang Chaosheng who had been arrested not far away, and said faintly: “On the surface it looks like Tang Chaosheng is looking for someone to retaliate against me and Miss Sophia, but I don’t feel that simple. These attackers have no shortage of masters, organized and disciplined, and not afraid of death.”

“I’ll give you the driver for an hour, pry open the mouths of these people and find out what’s going on.”

Wang Daofang saluted and said loudly: “Yes!”

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