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Chapter 2587: a good talk with you, talk to you when I’m so

benevolent side work resolutely Ning gave him only an hour, he directly ordered his men to clear the scene, The attackers were interrogated on the spot.

Within half an hour, seven gunshots sounded at the scene.

After Wang Daofang killed seven people, the rest of the attackers were finally afraid and honestly explained everything.

After Wang Daofang investigated the situation, he personally came to Yash Nics’s house and reported to Yash Nics face to face.

Yash Nics listened to Wang Daofang’s report in the study.

He frowned slightly: “What are you talking about, behind these attackers is Tang Beidou?”

Wang Daofang said, “Subordinates have repeatedly questioned it, and it is indeed Tang Beidou.”

“And Tang Beidou has returned to China, so he is lurking. In Mannity City.”

Yash Nics said: “I was kicked out of China by Tang Beidou. He should know my strength. It stands to reason that he would not dare to come back and seek revenge on me.”

Wang Daofang was also puzzled.

Yash Nics was silent for two seconds, and then said: “This matter is more responsible than we thought.”

“But fortunately, Tang Beidou is in Mannity.”

“You will take someone over and take him back to the China Navy. I want to see you. See him and see what tricks he plays.”

Wang Daofang said: “Yes!”

Mannity, Overseas Chinese Village Villa District.

A black Lincoln parked at the door of a villa.

Tang Beidou hurried out of the villa with a gentleman’s stick in his hand, a black handbag, and a few personal bodyguards.

It turned out that he already knew that Qi Kunlun’s mission had failed, and the Tang Sect elite that Qi Kunlun had brought up was wiped out.

He knew very well that he could not stay here anymore.

He contacted the smuggling snake head in the underground circle and arranged for him a smuggling boat to the United States.

He wants it now with his subordinates and fled overseas again.

He cursed as he walked towards the Lincoln sedan at the door.

“Qi Kunlun, this guy is very reliable on weekdays, why did he lose his chain at a critical moment?”

“He brought five monsters with him, and he also brought a full five hundred elite hands down.”

“Don’t say it. There are more than five hundred people, even if it is more than five hundred buns, Yash Nics can choke to death by choking…”

Several bodyguards looked at the furious boss, and they dared not make any comments.

Go to the Lincoln car.

A bodyguard bent over and opened the rear door and asked the boss to get in the car.

Tang Beidou was about to get in the car angrily.

Suddenly, a black red flag car came whizzing in front.

The Hongqi car came very fast and suddenly braked, and the car stopped in the middle of the road amidst the harsh brakes.

As soon as the car stopped, Dian Chu and the three tiger guards got out of the car.

Several bodyguards of Tang Beidou found that something was wrong, and backhand took out their pistols from the back and pointed them at Dianchu and others.

Dian Chu and the three tiger guards moved faster, and before Tang Beidou’s bodyguard opened the pistol insurance, they had already fired first.

Bang bang bang…

Several gunshots sounded.

Tang Beidou was so scared that he hugged his head and squatted down.

But what surprised him was that after only a few shots, his ears returned to calm.

He squatted on the ground, slowly put down his hands holding his head, looked around in amazement, and was shocked to find that all of his bodyguards had fallen in a pool of blood.

Moreover, everyone was shot at the center of the eyebrow and killed by a single shot.

Tang Beidou’s face instantly paled.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from my ears.

Then I saw the burly Dian Chu, with three tiger guards, appeared in front of him , looking at him condescendingly.

Dian Chu looked at Tang Beidou who was trembling on the ground, and said faintly: “Mr. Tang, long time no see, our young master wants to see you, get in the car.”

Dian Chu finished speaking, and turned to the red flag car next to him.

Tang Beidou stood up slowly, his face was particularly ugly, but he was unwilling to sit still and was still struggling.

He looked Code Chu: “? You give Ning effectiveness, how much is your salary”

? “There is no one million annual salary”


“You”I put If you take me, take a billion Xiaoyao and be happy, okay?”

Tang Beidou finished speaking, looked at the three companions around Dianchu, and added: “Your three companions, I will also give them 20 million each. , How?”

Dianchu smiled and said, “Mr. Tang, you are too dear to us.”

“My monthly salary is 9,300 yuan, and the salary of my three companions is only a little over 7,000.”

“But we are receiving the country. We don’t care about your stinky money.”

“Come with us, don’t find it uncomfortable.”

Tang Beidou saw Dianchu speaking politely, thinking he had a chance, and said quickly: “A few little brothers, If you have something to discuss, I can add it if it is not enough. As long as you are willing to let me go, you have the final say on how much money…” The

voice just fell off!

Dian Chu had already raised his pistol and slammed Tang Beidou’s mouth with the butt.

Snap it!

Tang Beidou was smashed with blood, and several teeth were knocked out.

Dian Chu said coldly: “I’m talking to you, you really take me to talk, don’t you?”

“I warned you not to be boring!”

“Take him away!” The

three tigers and guards responded in unison. , Stepped forward to hold Tang Beidou into the car.

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