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Chapter 2588: Do you know what you have done?

Soon, the Hongqi sedan drove away.

As soon as the Red Flag sedan left, several military vehicles roared in. These soldiers were ordered by the royal authorities to deal with the aftermath and deal with the scene.

Not long!

A few Dian Chu brought Tang Beidou to the base of the Mannity Military Region.

In Wang Daofang’s independent office.

Yash Nics was sitting in a chair, resting his cheek with one hand, and slowly turning the globe on the table with the other hand, he stared at the globe with interest.

Wang Daofang and several Chinese naval commanders stood by the side respectfully, not daring to breathe.

Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps outside.

Zhan Tiejun came in to report: “The Governor, General Wang, and Dian Chu have successfully arrested Tang Beidou and brought Tang Beidou back.”

Yash Nics stopped rotating the globe, raised his head slightly, and said lightly: “Lang Dian Chu brought people in.”


Soon, Dian Chu and the three tiger guards escorted Tang Beidou in.

When Yash Nics saw Tang Beidou, he smiled slightly: “Mr. Tang, don’t come here unharmed.” When

Tang Beidou saw Yash Nics, he was afraid and frightened.

He cursed bitterly in his heart: Do you see my mouth full of blood, seemingly innocent?

Of course, he only dared to mutter these words in his heart, and he dared not say it.

He smiled miserably, and said in a bleak tone: “Yash Nics, I didn’t expect me to fall into your hands again.”

Yash Nics calmly said: “I knew this, why should I be in the beginning.”

Tang Beidou was silent when he heard this, and thought: If only I had a choice.

Although he did not speak, Yash Nics seemed to see through his mind.

Yash Nics said playfully: “It stands to reason that you are as smart as you, so you shouldn’t come back and ask me for revenge. You honestly explain whether someone asked you to do this, or someone forced you to come back and kill me, or to force you. Harm Sophia?”

Tang Beidou was shocked when he heard this.

But his expression remained the same, and he denied it: “Yash Nics, you have ruined your family, left your hometown, and cannot return home. I hate you deeply. No one instigated me in this matter. I decided to come back and seek revenge from you. . ” ”

when a person doing one, I now fall into your hands I’m the bad luck to kill to cut, for oneself. ”

Ning faint:” Although you tried to make a calm appearance, but do not forget you , I am a member of the army, and I often interrogate enemy spies.”

“When a person remembers, his eyes always subconsciously aim to the left, but if he is lying, he will subconsciously aim to the right.”

“You When I was talking, my eyes kept looking to the right. I believe you must be lying.”

Tang Beidou’s face changed slightly: “I didn’t lie, you kill if you want to.”

Yash Nics held his chin with one hand, amused. Looking at Tang Beidou.

“It seems that the people behind you are so strong that you would rather die than divulge him.”

“If I didn’t guess wrong, you came back this time mainly for Sophia, and the people behind you asked you to kill. Sophia.”

Tang Beidou said: “I don’t know what you are talking about?”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “When I heard Sophia’s name in Qi Kunlun’s mouth, I actually doubted it.”

” Did the U.S. let you do this? ?”

Tang Beidou just wanted to deny it.

Yash Nics channel: “Don’t worry about it!”

“Let me ask you, do you know who Sophia really is?”

Tang Beidou’s eyes were uncertain.

Yash Nics said: “You know what you look like. You don’t know what Sophia’s identity is.”

“You don’t even know Sophia’s identity, so you dare to harm her. You are really courageous.”

Tang Beidou’s heart became more and more disturbed.

Yash Nics said, “I’m not afraid to tell you that Sophia is the most beloved daughter of Emperor Gaoman, Lord of Rakshasa.”

“The U.S. asked you to harm Sophia because it wanted to destroy the close relationship between China and Raksha.”

“You think you are. In doing so, even if I forgive you, but the Great Emperor Gaoman knows, he will let you go, will he let your family go?”

Princess Raksha!

Emperor Goldman’s most beloved little daughter!

Tang Beidou felt the thunder rolling, he knelt down on the spot with a weak plop.

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