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Tang Beidou was full of energy, but he also doubted whether Yash Nics’s words were accurate?

Wang Daofang saw Tang Beidou’s mind and snorted coldly: “Did you hear what the governor said?”

The governor!

Tang Beidou was dumbfounded.

He didn’t expect that in these short two years, Yash Nics would have been promoted from the commander-in-chief of the Northern Border Army to become the governor of China.

After the shock, it was ecstasy.

Yash Nics is the chief governor, so naturally he keeps his promises.

He quickly thanked him and said, “Thank you for the general governor. Don’t worry, I’m willing to give it up this time. I don’t think about myself, but also forge a future for my children and grandchildren.”

Yash Nics said calmly: “People like to use lies to promote their lives. , Let me listen to your words, hope you don’t let me down in the end.”

Yash Nics finished speaking, waved his hand, and ordered: “Come on, arrange for Mr. Tang, and then take him away from the back door of the base.”

Dian Chu With Wang Daofang, first went to the induction ceremony.

Tang Beidou swore an oath to the national flag and national emblem in front of the video recorder, expressing his willingness to join the military intelligence department, and later became a member of the military intelligence department to collect enemy intelligence information for the country.

In the end, Tang Beidou’s information was recorded and he officially became an intelligence officer of the Chinese military.

With this file, he will be the organizer in the future.

There will be corresponding rewards and punishments for making mistakes.

In addition, Tang Beidou did not dare to be double-hearted with this file.

If Tang Beidou dared to play tricks, and the military department disclosed that he was a secret of intelligence personnel, then he would die without a place to be buried in the United States.

After completing the formalities, Dian Chu asked Tang Beidou to leave from the back door of the military area base.

Tang Beidou is gone.

Wang Daofang accompanied Yash Nics to drink tea in the office.

Wang Daofang pouring tea to Yash Nics respectfully, and at the same time couldn’t help but said: “The governor, Tang Beidou is an old fox, you let him do intelligence work, is he reliable?”

“This old fox will not return to the U.S., yet. Just turn your face and deny you, right?”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “It’s not that he joins the archives of our China Intelligence Department, and we know that he is trying to harm Princess Sophia. These are all his reminders. He should not dare to play. Fancy.”

“Furthermore, it’s not easy to have a homeless life. I think he will develop an intelligence organization and collect information for us.” The

next few days were calm.

The same as Yash Nics’s guess.

Tang Beidou returned to the United States. Although Shelson was furious, he did not punish Tang Beidou because of his numerous casualties and heavy losses.

Moreover, Shelson also threw an olive branch to Tang Beidou, so that Tang Beidou would do things for the American military in the future.

Tang Beidou agreed with the success of the boat.

After half a month, Tang Beidou contacted Yash Nics suddenly and gave Yash Nics an urgent message.

The U.S. military is planning to attack a large pharmaceutical factory invested and built by Ning University in Yuexing, in an attempt to cause trouble and divorce the friendly relationship between China and Yuexing.

Yash Nics was slightly surprised at the news.

The Moon Star Country is the only country in the world that unswervingly follows the development of China.

Huaxia Changchang calls the Moon Star Country Moon Star Tiezi, describing the close relationship between the two countries.

But in the eyes of the United States and other countries, Yuexing Country is the younger brother behind Huaxia.

Recently, the U.S. has repeatedly made trouble with China, but they have not been able to find any advantage.

On the contrary, there are more and more friends around China, such as China’s loyal little brother Yuexing Country, and the Raksha Kingdom, which has recently gotten closer to China.

The United States and its allies panicked.

They agreed to organize other countries to have close exchanges with China Xia, especially to organize any country to develop an alliance relationship with China Xia.

Therefore, the Mi plan to kill the chicken and the monkey.

The Chinese side wanted to kill chickens, so naturally they didn’t dare to move the fighting nation of Rakshasa, so they eventually focused on the relatively weak Moonstar Nation.

Max personally led a delegation to visit the Moon Star Nation, hoping that the Moon Star Nation would join their alliance and fight against China together.

At the same time, in order to force the Moon Star Country to submit, Max has arranged a series of actions.

The attack on the pharmaceutical factory built by China Ningda Company in Yuexing State Investment was one of them.

Yash Nics was shocked when he learned that Mi Fang was about to attack the factory built by Ning University in Yuexing State Investment, and he quickly approached Song Pingting to ask about the situation.

Song Pingting said: “Our company group has indeed built a large pharmaceutical base in Yuexing State Investment recently. The entire factory is estimated to be 300 billion yuan, and 100 billion yuan has now been invested.”

“If our factory in Xingyue Country is attacked, The loss will be heavy.”

Yash Nics frowned.

At this moment, Lu Shaocong called: “Report to the governor, Yuexing Country sent an emissary to see you urgently.”

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