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Yash Nics nodded, and then looked at Us: “Now that the Moon Star Country is about to rain, I don’t know how you want me to help you?”

Us hastily said: “Max Now we are visiting our Moon Star Nation, and the Shura Nation is advancing our borders. They are both soft and hard, and they work together to force us to join their alliance.”

“I hope that the Governor General will respond in both ways and let them know about our Moon Star Nation. Behind it is China, so I don’t dare to mess around.”

Yash Nics pondered a little: “Let’s take a rest, I will discuss with the generals under his command and decide.”

Although Uss was anxious, he had to agree.

In the afternoon, Yash Nics held an emergency video conference with the commander-in-chief of the major military regions, as well as important generals in the military.

After discussing it with everyone, they decided that they shouldn’t just watch the moon star being bullied and just ignore it, and must keep the moon star country.

After the meeting, Yash Nics called us, the messenger of the Moon and Star Kingdom.

Two decisions were announced in front of Us.

The first decision was for the Northern Army to increase its troops by 100,000, and the Northern Army to conduct large-scale mountain combat exercises.

In this way, Shura must be like a frightened bird, and must deploy troops and generals to guard against the Northern Army.

In this way, the pressure on the Moon Star Nation will be reduced.

The second decision was that Yash Nics, the governor of China, decided to visit the Moon Star Country tomorrow.

This is sending a signal to warn the United States and other forces that Yuexing is the younger brother of China, so don’t act rashly.

Hearing the two decisions made by Yash Nics, Uth was so excited that tears fell.

He said with gratitude: “Long live the governor, long live the Yuexing China Friendship, this time our Yuexing country has been saved.”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “You go back and tell your country lord first, I will leave tomorrow to ask you Yuexing. country.”

Uss said: “Yes, tomorrow we all over the country, we welcome the general governor to come.”

Uss left.

The news that the Northern Army has increased its troops by 100,000 and will hold a large-scale mountain exercise has also spread.

Sure enough, Rakshasa was so frightened that he drew back most of Chen Bing’s troops in Moon Star Nation, and beware of China.

The pressure on the moon star country has dropped sharply!

At the same time, the news of Yuexing Country covered all over the news about the upcoming visit of the Chinese governor.

The whole country rejoiced.

Assef, the lord of the Moon Star Nation, swept away his previous depression, and became grinning.

The most depressed person is Max who is visiting Moon Star Country.

He returned to the five-star hotel where he was temporarily staying, and began to furious.

“This Yash Nics really likes to do everything against me.”

“I want to teach Moon Star Nation, he just wants to support Moon Star Nation.”

“He really doesn’t put us in the eyes of the United States!”

Xie Elson and others stood with their heads down and their hands down. The general was angry, and none of them dared to speak.

Max lost his temper and finally calmed down his anger.

He said coldly: “Schelson!”

Shelson quickly went out: “The subordinates are here!”

Max said, “That guy Yash Nics is not coming to visit Moon Star Nation, not coming to talk to me directly. Are you tough?”

“In that case, I will send him a meeting gift on the day he came to Moon Star Nation.”

“I told you to look for mercenaries and prepare to attack the Ningda factory. What’s going on?”

Shelson said: “Report that the general, the Black Sheep Mercenary Corps, has secretly arrived in the Moon Star Nation, and can launch an attack at any time.”

Max sneered: “Very well, when Yash Nics arrives in Moon Star Nation, when Yash Nics and Assef have just met, you will order the Black Sheep Mercenary Group to launch an attack and blow up the Ningda Group factory.”

“I want to see, Yash Nics’s wife’s factory with an investment of more than 100 billion yuan is blown up. What kind of expression will Yash Nics have?”

“Also, Yash Nics’s wife’s factory was blown up. I want to see, Assef How to explain to Yash Nics, hahaha…”

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