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Chapter 2593: Black Sheep mercenary group

the next day!

In the morning, Yash Nics’s special plane landed slowly at the Capital Airport of Yuexing Country.

Assef, the lord of the Moon Star Nation, led Uth and other important subordinates, and dispatched a guard of honor of the three services to welcome Yash Nics’s arrival with the highest standards of etiquette.

Yash Nics was wearing a Suzaku jersey, a unicorn mask, and Lu Shaocong and his entourage, and stepped off the plane unhurriedly.

The scene immediately burst into cheers!

Those who know know that this is the Moon Star Nation welcoming the Chinese Metropolitan Governor, but those who don’t know think it is the return of the heroes of the Moon Star Nation!

Inside the U.S. Embassy!

Max and his men looked gloomy when they saw the live broadcast on TV news.

When he came to Moon Star Nation, Moon Star Nation did not give him such a grand welcome ceremony, and it was far from welcoming Yash Nics so warmly.

Max looked at the TV news, Assef and Yash Nics, who were intimately shaking hands and hugging, coldly commanded: “Schelson, command the Black Sheep Mercenary Corps, they can do it.”

Sheldon saluted. : “Yes, General!”

A huge industrial park base near the capital of Xingyue Country.

This industrial park is bigger than a small town!

This is a large pharmaceutical factory invested by China Ningda Corporation.

Estimated investment of 300 billion yuan.

One hundred billion has been invested.

The factory buildings in the industrial park have been completed and there are many tall buildings.

But there are still many workers busy.

Various vehicles for transporting large-scale equipment are also constantly coming in and out.


A large number of armed off-road vehicles roared and appeared at the gate of the factory base.

The guards and security guards hurriedly stepped forward to stop these uninvited guests.

A security guard stepped forward and asked: “Who are you, why are you here?”

The black Hummer at the front of the off-road team, the co-pilot window slowly fell, revealing a rough appearance, wearing sunglasses and chewing. Blond middle-aged man with chewing gum.

The blond man smiled and said: “We are from the national security team, come here for routine inspections.” The

security guard was stunned: “Check?”

“Why didn’t we receive any notice, do you have relevant order documents?” The

blond man Raising his hand to take off his sunglasses, he grinned and said: “What are you talking about, do you want to see the relevant documents?” The

security guard noticed that the back of the blond man’s right hand was tattooed with a black goat head mark!

He was shocked, and while secretly winking at his companions, he pretended to be calm and said: “Yes, we need to verify your identities before you can enter.” The

blond man grinned and said, “Okay, you need to read the documents. , I’ll show it to you.” When

he finished speaking, he bent over, opened the handle box, and suddenly took out a revolver.

When the security guard saw this, he was shocked and drew his gun backhand.

But the blond man is faster!

A bang!

The blond man had already given a headshot of the security guard.

He kept moving, raising his hand with a smooth flow of water, banging and banging for several consecutive shots, killing several other bodyguards outside the car.

He opened the door and got out of the car. He looked at the corpses of the security guards who were still pulling their guns.

He cursed, “These little security guards are quite vigilant.” As he said, he walked into the security room and opened the door directly.

Then he yelled at the off-road team, “Quickly, go in, you have ten minutes to destroy this place for me.”

It turned out that this blond man was the notorious black sheep mercenary boss. Black Sheep.

Generally speaking, mercenaries take money to do things, and they can even hire them to fight.

Mercenaries are called lackeys of money and do everything for money.

But in fact, many well-known mercenaries care more about their reputation, and they will not do things that have no bottom line.

But the Black Sheep Mercenary Group is not.

These guys have no bottom line at all, as long as they are willing to give money and ask them to do anything, they will not blink.

The Black Sheep Mercenary Corps even tried to kill the employer and looted the employer’s property.

In addition, the Black Sheep Mercenary Corps often helps terrorist organization elements.

They can be said to be the scum of the mercenary world, not to mention the peace-loving people from all walks of life spurn them, even the mercenary colleagues look down on them very much.

If it weren’t for their inextricable relationship with the US military, it is estimated that they would have been wiped out a long time ago.

The Black Sheep stopped an off-road vehicle, stood directly on the border of the door, and drove straight in with the captain of the convoy.

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