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Chapter 2595: unscarred



Ma Ming!


Various sounds are intertwined, fire and gunpowder are everywhere, and the scene is like Shura hell.

“Who can tell what the hell is going on?”

The black sheep, who was lifted by the blast, finally struggled from the ground.

However, as soon as he struggled, Dian Chu had already appeared in front of him.

Dian Chu raised his hand and slammed the handle of the pistol against the black sheep face door.

With a snap, the black sheep was blown up and splashed with blood, raised its head and fell down again.

Dian Chu raised his foot, and his black army boots stepped heavily on the black sheep’s chest, and the black sheep almost suffocated.

Dian Chu stepped the black sheep under his feet and said coldly: “I’ll tell you what’s going on!”

“You provoke an existence that you shouldn’t provoke.”

“The lives and property of Huaxia people cannot be violated.”

“You The wrong target was chosen!” The

black sheep looked at Dian Chu in horror, with a light from the corner of his eyes, the Eighteen Horses of the Northern Territory, with the cooperation of the Eight Tigers, were constantly hunting and killing his remains.

Not long!

The battle is over.

Black sheep’s men, dead and wounded, no one can stand.

at this time!

Eight Tigers also appeared with a sniper rifle.

Workers in the factory base also showed up.

Half of the workers here are Chinese, and half are Yuexing people.

But whether it was a Chinese or a Moonstar, when they saw Dianchu these Chinese soldiers and defeated the terrorists who came to attack, all of them were full of excitement.

at this time!

Us also led the troops of the Moon Star Nation and came to support.

Uth took the soldiers out of the car, saw the mercenaries all over the ground, and then looked at the majestic and majestic Dianchu and other Chinese soldiers, who were both shocked and admired.

Uss thought to himself: Good deed, the combat effectiveness of the Chinese soldiers really deserves its reputation. No wonder the Chinese General Commander was able to lead the Northern Army to flee from the Shura Nation with its tail sandwiched between its tails.

Dian Chu saw Uth coming with reinforcements.

He stepped forward to salute each other with Us, and then said: “Most of the attackers have been killed, but I deliberately left their leader alive.”

Dian Chu said, pointing to the black sheep on the ground.

Uss said happily: “Haha, that’s great, this guy is the witness, and later I have to see how Max quibble, and let the whole world see the faces of the Americans.” In

the mansion of the country!

Assef, Lord of the Moon Star, is receiving Yash Nics.

Suddenly, a guard came in and reported: “Report to the lord, American five-star general Max is here.”

Assef frowned upon hearing this, “Why is this guy here?”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Max has always been with us. Huaxia is not right.

He likes to do everything against us.” “Probably he knew that you were receiving me and came to make trouble on purpose.”

Assef heard the words and immediately said to the guard: “Let him wait in the side hall, no Did you see me entertaining Mr. Yash by myself?”

Yash Nics said: “Max is narrow-minded. You hang him up, and it is estimated that he will target your Moon Star Country everywhere in the future.”

“You don’t have to offend him for this little thing!”

“Since he came for me, let him in. I want to see what tricks he wants to play?”

In fact, Assef didn’t want to offend too much. America.

After all, a small country like the Moon Star Country would really not do any good to offend the United States.

Hearing what Yash Nics said, he immediately followed Yash Nics’s instructions and said to the guard: “Since Mr. Yash said this, please invite General Max in!”


Max, a five-star general in military uniform, appeared with a team of powerful and powerful generals.

Assef greeted him and said with a smile: “Haha, General Max is here. I am talking to Mr. Yash. I didn’t expect that you

, a distinguished guest, will also come.” What happened, instead, he glanced at Yash Nics with complicated eyes.

He said nonchalantly: “Hehe, I’ve heard about it a long time ago. Today, the Chinese governor came to visit the Moon Star Nation. And I heard that the scale of welcome is much larger and more grand than my arrival two days ago.”

Yash Nics smiled. Said: “General Max, don’t come here unharmed.”

“We Huaxia and Moon Star Country are old friends. Even the folks call the relationship between our two countries an iron child.”

“The friendship between our two countries, you I won’t be jealous, haha.”

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