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Chapter 2596: Who instigated it?

Max’s face darkened a bit when he heard this.

He came this time to force the Moon Star Nation to express his stance. Either join their alliance and deal with China together in the future; or continue to be China’s little brother, but in the future, he will become enemies with the United States and its allies.

It now appears that the Moon Star Nation has a close relationship with China, I am afraid that Assef would rather offend the United States, he would not be willing to join the alliance, he would not be willing to be an enemy of China!

Maxspi smiled and said without a smile: “Hehe, friendship is hard to say, today is a friend, tomorrow is the enemy’s business, I see too much.”

“Take you for example!”

“Your relationship is now Very close, but can’t keep something happening, everyone fell out.”

Yash Nics frowned upon hearing this.

Assef was also anxious when he heard the words, and wanted to state that Moon Star Nation would never betray China, and would always be China’s younger brother, and would always develop with China.

However, he has not had time to express his position.

Another guard hurried in from the outside, reporting nervously: “It’s not good, the country’s lord.”

“The large pharmaceutical base invested by China Ningxia Group in our country has just been attacked by terrorists. ”


Assef was taken aback when he heard this.

He subconsciously glanced at Yash Nics. Before Yash Nics came, he had already notified him that there might be a terrorist attack recently.

Unexpectedly, it really happened.

Max now had a sneer in his eyes.

He pretended to be surprised: “Terrorist attack?”

“Assef, Mr. Yash treats you as a friend, but you failed to protect even the factories that China invested and built in your country. You are a bit of a default!”

Of course Assef knew Yash Nics’s wife Song Pingting. He is the boss of Ningda Group.

It can even be said that the Ningda Group belongs to Yash Nics’s family.

Yash Nics’s family suffered a terrorist attack on the factory built by Yuexing State Investment, so he really couldn’t face Yash Nics.

He was also a little panicked at this time.

Quickly asked his subordinates: “What’s the situation, are the terrorists under control, how are the casualties, and are the losses serious?” The

guard hasn’t answered yet.

There was already a voice at the door: “Report to the lord that the terrorists have been subdued and most of them have been killed. Even their leader has been arrested.”

Everyone looked sideways, and saw Us and Dianchu with one. The five-flowered blond mercenary man came in.

Max saw the blond man tied up by the big five flowers, his eyes widened and his face was shocked.

The blond man tied up by the big five flowers is no one else, but the head of the Black Sheep Mercenary Group, Black Sheep.

Max’s face changed slightly.

Assef heard that things had been brought under control and that the leader of the attacker had also been arrested. He was overjoyed.

He excitedly said: “Haha, Uss, you did a good job this time.”

Uss said with a shame: “The subordinates did not dare to take credit. When the subordinates rushed to the scene with the troops, the Chinese soldiers led by Dian Chu had already done it. Terrorists.”

“Even the terrorist leader was arrested by Dian Chu.”

Uth said, pushing the black sheep directly in front of Assef, Yash Nics, Max and others.

Assef said, “It turned out to be the credit of the Chinese soldiers!”

“Fortunately, there are Chinese soldiers here this time, but then the results are unimaginable!”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Although no serious losses were caused, the origins of these attackers must be investigated carefully, and it must be found out who instigated them to do this. , What’s the purpose?”

Assef repeatedly said: “What the Governor said!”

Assef turned his head and looked at the black sheep tied up by the big five flowers. Explain, who instructed you how to do it.”

“Otherwise, I’m sure you will regret coming to this world.”

Don’t look at Assef’s promise in front of Yash Nics and Max.

However, he has absolute power to live and kill in the three-square acre of Yuexing Country.

His methods are also very cruel.

He said that he could make the black sheep survive, but he could not die. It was really not a joke.

The black sheep now rolled down his forehead with cold sweat.

Assef narrowed his eyes and said, “I hope you don’t challenge my heart!”

The cold sweat of the black sheep became even more anxious, and his body was trembling slightly.

Max’s face was also ugly at this time. If the Black Sheep publicly admitted that it was Mi Fang instructed him, then he would not be able to step off the stage.

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