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When Max saw the black sheep, he seemed to be unable to withstand the pressure, and he would confess when he saw the black sheep.

Suddenly, he stood up, walked in front of the black sheep, and said coldly: “Whether it is Moon Star Nation, China, or our United States, they are all peace-loving countries.”

“Today is my visit to the month with the chief inspector of China. In the days of the Star Country.”

“You dare to create terrorist activities!”

“Now Mr. Assef asks you, your answer is no answer. Don’t blame us for being cruel if you don’t answer.”

Hearing the words, the black sheep looked dumbfounded. Max.

He didn’t understand what Max meant by these words, was it implying that he should not reveal that it was the United States instigating it?

And just when he was astonished.

Max has already turned his face: “Since you refuse to explain, then I can’t blame me.”

After he finished speaking, he shot like a lightning.

His right hand squeezed the black sheep’s neck, and without waiting for a response from the surrounding people, the black sheep’s neck was broken with a click.


The body of the black sheep fell to the ground.

All the people around came back to their senses.

The corners of Yash Nics’s mouth rose slightly, with a playful expression.

Assef was frightened and angry, and said loudly: “General Max, we have to interrogate him clearly, how did you kill him.”

Max took out a white handkerchief and wiped it off. He took the blood on his hand, and then caught a glimpse of the black sheep’s body on the ground, staring at him nonchalantly.

He dropped the white handkerchief casually, and the white handkerchief covered the black sheep’s face.

He turned his head and said to Assef with a smile: “Mr. Assef, you don’t need to thank me.”

“We in the United States have always been the most peace-loving and hate terrorists the most.”

“This guy refuses to explain, I will help you send him on the road.”

Assef’s face is very ugly, if it weren’t because Max is a five-star general in the United States, it represents behind him. The mighty United States, he is probably already scolding his mother.

At the same time, Assef was also able to realize that the mercenaries like the Black Sheep were probably instigated by the United States.

The purpose is estimated to be to destroy the relationship between the Moon Star Nation and China.

However, now the black sheep have been killed by Max, and there is no evidence. Even if he suspects, there is no evidence, so he can make up for Max.

Yash Nics smiled at this moment: “Hehe, General Max is really jealous.”

Max glanced at Yash Nics, and said coldly: “That’s natural. My country and I are both justice vanguards. I can’t understand these terrorists, and I am most distressed by the terrorist activities in the world.”

Yash Nics said with a smile but not a smile: “Ha ha, since Max and terrorists do not share the same meaning, that is the best.”

“It happens that I am here. there is evidence of terrorist mastermind. ” ”

Max is just the black sheep of General resolved, then the issue is not labor was behind two masters, the terrorist attacks, but also to the general Max together to solve it. ”

Mike Si was taken aback when he heard this.

Assef and others were all surprised.

Max looked at Yash Nics suspiciously: “What are you talking about? Do you know who is responsible for these guys like Black Sheep? Do you have any evidence? You can’t just talk about this kind of thing. You are responsible for nonsense.”

Yash Nics chuckled and said, “Of course there is evidence. I will not frame any good person, nor will I frame any bad person.”

Yash Nics finished clapping his hands.

Lu Shaocong immediately appeared in front of Yash Nics with a briefcase.

Lu Shaocong took out a document and handed it to Yash Nics respectfully.

Yash Nics handed it to Assef, and said lightly: “Mr. Assef will look at it first, and then show it to General Max.”

Assef quickly took over the documents.

Found that there are many photos on it.

Looking at the picture is the top card. In an inconspicuous room, there are many people sitting on both sides of a long table, among them there is a black sheep.

And sitting in the master’s seat turned out to be Max’s adjutant, Shelson.

Assef was shocked and looked up at Shelson beside Max, making Shelson confused.

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