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one hour later!

The wind stops and the rain rests.

Everything returned to calm.

It didn’t take long for Yash Nics to speak softly to Song Pingting again in the room.

Song Pingting whispered: “Husband, I’ve been thinking about having another child. I don’t know if I will be pregnant this time.”

Song Pingting was pregnant with a second child long ago.

But there was an accident that caused a miscarriage.

Song Pingting was hit hard physically and mentally.

As she got out of the psychological haze and her body was completely healed, she was very eager to be pregnant with another baby.

She wants to give birth to a son to Yash Nics by herself and pass on the family.

Yash Nics hugged his wife and comforted her softly: “Let’s go with the flow. If you don’t get pregnant, you will be born next time, and you will be born after you are pregnant. We will raise them well.”

Song Pingting gave a hmm, and then stopped talking.

For a moment, she could not help but whisper opening: “My husband said to each pregnancy, all the little angels into the mother’s stomach, if abortion is the little angel left.”

“You say our last pregnancy, miscarriage After that, where will the little angel in my stomach go?”

Ma Xiaoli is a loyal Buddhist believer, and Song Zhongbin is a Christian believer.

Song Pingting was influenced by her parents, and she also believed in the theory of reincarnation.

The previous miscarriage caused a lot of psychological trauma to her and became a knot in her heart.

Yash Nics heard his wife’s words and knew that his wife’s heart knot had not been completely unraveled.

He was silent for a few seconds, and then seriously said: “If this is the case, then I believe that there must be a child in the world, because he did not regard it as my son, but gained happiness in other families.”

Song Pingting heard the words and hugged Yash Nics tightly: “Well, I think so too. The little angel must have gone to another family and was born in the belly of another mother. He will definitely be happy.”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “I found out that I’m not by your side to accompany you. You always like crazy thinking, maybe you will have a mental problem.”

Song Pingting couldn’t help but laugh, she whispered: ” I don’t want you to be with me all day long, but is this possible?”

Yash Nics said: “There is nothing impossible.”

“Ning University is now on the right track. You can slowly delegate power, as long as you control the general direction.”

“I plan to take you to Beijing for a while and live in Beijing.”

“So I can also take care of work and family. I don’t know how you think?”

Song Pingting said softly, “I listen to you.”

Yash Nics said: “Then it’s settled. You will discuss with your parents tomorrow and ask their opinions. If everyone is willing, I will pick you up to live in Beijing.”

Song Pingting said: “Okay!”

Second sky!

Yash Nics got up and was having breakfast with her family.

Suddenly, Dian Chu hurried in, his face pale, as if the sky had fallen.

This is the first time Yash Nics has seen Dian Chu panic so much.

He frowned and asked, “Dian Chu, what’s the matter?”

Dian Chu said: “The governor, the big issue, I must report to you urgently.”

Yash Nics said, ” Go to my study and say.” He

came to the study and closed the door. .

Dian Chu tremblingly said to Yash Nics: “General Governor, things are not good, our country lord is in a ill health.”

Yash Nics frowned: “The Lord is sick, what is the disease, is it serious?”

Dian Chu said: “Cancer, advanced stage!”

Yash Nics was shocked when he heard this, “What, how did you discover it?”

Dian Chu said, “Subordinates too. I do not know, stands to reason that an annual physical examination, should find clues in advance, but why it is that happened. ” ”

It is said that recently the main country feel back pain, sedentary also be a reason, attracted physician examination. ” ”

physician The more I checked, the more things went wrong. I was finally diagnosed early this morning and it was an advanced stage of kidney cancer.”

Yash Nics took a breath after hearing the words.

Ningda Group has cancer specific drugs, but only liver cancer specific drugs are effective. As for other cancer specific drugs, Ningda is also researching and has not been completely successful.

The leader of the country, Huang Gan, is also suffering from kidney cancer, which is really terrible!

If Huang did anything, everything would be messed up.

Yash Nics immediately called Song Pingting and ordered Song Pingting to convene a team of medical experts from the Ningda Group and bring the latest researched cancer treatment drugs with him to Beijing urgently.

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