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The day!

Yash Nics and Song Pingting brought the cancer drug R&D team of Ningda Group to Beijing secretly.

In the afternoon, he had already arrived in the capital.

Yash Nics arranged for the cancer drug research and development team to live in the governor’s mansion, and then he and Song Pingting, the hurried mansion of the government.

Soon, Yash Nics met Huang Gan, the lord of the country.

Huang Gan was wearing pajamas and lying on the bed.

Family members and personal guards are carefully waiting for him to drink medicine.

Seeing Yash Nics coming in, Huang Gan’s expression that looked a little tired in an instant improved.

He was pleasantly surprised: “Yash Nics, when did you return to Beijing, why did no one tell me in advance?”

Huang Gan said, pushing the people around him to get out of bed.

Yash Nics walked quickly to meet him and organized Huang Gan to get out of bed. At the same time, he reached out to take the bowl of Chinese medicine in the hands of the guard next to him.

I’m back.” “You don’t feel well, so don’t get out of bed. I’ll give you the medicine.”

Huang Gan waved his hand: “This is the Chinese medicine prescribed by the Chinese medicine doctors of the Imperial Medical Department. It is too bitter.”

“And we also know that. It is said that it is treated conservatively with traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, it is impossible to cure.”

Yash Nics said: “Brother Huang, what are you talking about.”

“Sister-in-law and children, I still need your father, we China, I still need you.”

Huang Qian seemed calm and unhurried, but deep in his eyes, there was still a trace of sadness.

He sighed and said, “Yash Nics!”

“You said I’m good on weekdays, but I feel back pain after sitting for a long time at work.”

“This time the original intention was to ask the imperial doctor to show me my waist problems, but I didn’t expect to face life and death. Do you think this fate is a tease?” The

surrounding family members and guards couldn’t bear it when they heard Huang Gan’s words. Don’t open your face and wipe your tears secretly.

Yash Nicsan Wei said: “Huang brother, do not be discouraged give up, now medicine so well, there must have been a chance.”

“Let China is now powerful cancer treatment, I came to Beijing, he has put rather large group of cancer The drug R&D team has brought it.”

“They have been developing specific

drugs for various cancers.” “Among them is the treatment of kidney cancer!”

“Although this drug is not yet on the market, if you are willing to try the drug, Brother Huang, I believe there is still a great chance of cure.”

Huang Gan said: “I am not afraid of death!”

“It’s just that I didn’t expect to face death so soon. I can’t let go of good wives and children, and there is no work at hand. Finished, I feel sorry for my family, and also sorry for the people of the country.”

Huang Gan said sadly.

Yash Nics and Song Pingting were both uncomfortable.

Huang Gan’s wife and children couldn’t help it anymore, covering their faces and crying.

Huang Gan said displeased: “What are you crying for? It’s not proper!”

Yash Nics said, “Brother Huang, don’t despair, and don’t lose heart.”

“Cancer also has a chance to be cured now.”

Song Pingting took the opportunity to speak, “Yes. Since our company successfully developed liver cancer drugs, we began to develop other cancer drugs, including treatments for kidney cancer.”

“At present, the cure rate of treatments for kidney cancer in our company’s experiments has reached 60%! ”

So the Lord still has a good chance to heal, everyone must not give up!”

Huang Qian knows that Ning University is very strong in the field of cancer treatment. He also regained some confidence after listening to Yash Nics and Song Pingting.

He smiled and said: “Since Yash Nics and Madam Chen said so, then I will try your Ningda medicine, a dead horse be a living horse doctor!”

Yash Nics saw Huang Gan agree to use Ningda medicine, he immediately Instruct Dianchu to receive the cancer drug research and development team of Ningda Company from the government’s office, cooperate with the imperial doctor, formulate a treatment plan, and then start treatment immediately.

Huang Qian talked a few more words with Yash Nics and his wife.

Suddenly, he said to the people next to him: “You all go out first, I want to talk to the chief governor in private.”

“Yes!” The

guards and family members retreated.

Song Pingting, Qin Que, and Dian Chu also retired with interest.

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