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In the room, only Yash Nics and Huang Gan were left.

Huang Gan said: “Brother Chen, there are no outsiders now, and we don’t have so much scruples when talking.”

“You can tell me, how confident are you with the big cancer drugs to treat kidney cancer?”

Yash Nics said: “This drug has not yet been fully developed, but it is said that the drug is still very effective. It can be easily eliminated for early kidney cancer cells and will not recur.”

“It’s just that Huang, your condition is already in the late stage, so the treatment will be difficult. Much bigger.”

“My wife just said that 60% of them hope to be cured.”

Huang Gan nodded, “60% is not too small.” When

he said this, he suddenly became serious: “I finished talking about my condition. , Now you and I will talk about work!”

“Yash Nics, if I have not survived this barrier, who do you think will be the next lord of the country?”

Yash Nics frowned: “I think you only need to I shouldn’t talk about the chance of healing. Besides, I shouldn’t discuss who will take over as the next lord of the country…”

Huang Qian said with a stern face: “I want you to say it, and I want you to give serious advice to the candidate. ! ”

Ning embarrassed and said:” Huang brother! ”

Huang roads:.” I know I have a chance to heal, but in case I do not get over it, I need someone to take over this burden Yeah, ”

Ning Wong Kin see serious Yes, he was silent for a while, and then slowly said: “Luo Zhiquan Luo Ge, he has served in the cabinet for many years and has rich experience. I think he is a good candidate.”

Huang Gan considered for a moment, and then vetoed: “Luo Laocheng is prudent, but he is more stable and lacks courage. He is good at being the chief assistant of the cabinet, but it is not appropriate to be the head of the country.”

Yash Nics heard this and proposed several candidates, most of them are the cabinet elders, and there are 28 ministers. one.

But they were all rejected one by one by Huang Gan.

Yash Nics smiled bitterly: “I think the right candidate is not suitable for you, the lord, then I really can’t think of who is suitable.”

Huang Gan said: “I have two candidates in my heart, one is the first candidate, and One is an alternative.”

Yash Nics was shocked: “Which two are they?”

Huang Gan said, “The first person in my heart to take over my position is far from the horizon and right in front of my eyes.”

Yash Nics was stunned and immediately realized. , Huang Gan said that the first person in his heart turned out to be him.

Huang Gan actually wants him to take over as the next lord of the country!

Yash Nics was taken aback, and hurriedly said, “I am the first person you said, the lord of the country?”

“Don’t don’t, I’m from the army, and I am used to fighting and killing. You ask me to conquer me on the battlefield. , You let me be in charge of government affairs in the country. This is simply my life. I can’t do it.”

Huang Gan said, “I think you can do it. Why do you think you can’t do it?”

“Besides, the former lord Qin Heng retired. At the time, I thought about you at that time.”

“It’s just that Mr. Qin thought you were still young at the time, so you can sharpen you for a few more years before

becoming the lord of the country.” “Now you come to take over my seat, I think it’s very appropriate. ”

And you were born in the army, when you are the leader of the country, you will be the governor of the country, and the military and government will be arrested together. I believe that with your ability, you will definitely be able to achieve better results than me, and will surely make the Chinese dragon stand tall again. On top of the world.”

Yash Nics didn’t expect Huang Gan to be so optimistic about him, but he really did not think about being the leader of the country, so he still declined, saying that he was only suitable to be a military general.

Seeing Yash Nics say this, Huang Gan sighed slightly: “You think about it again!”

Yash Nics said, ” Who is the second person in your mind for the lord of the country?”

Huang Gan said: “One of the top ten cabinet elders, Xu Hai!”

Yash Nics was stunned again when he heard this.

Xu Hai!

One of the top ten cabinet elders in the cabinet, with introverted personality and very low-key work.

This guy has no characteristics, no sense of existence, and he is completely transparent among a group of senior citizens.

Of course, although Xu Hai is small and transparent in the cabinet, he is still capable of entering the cabinet.

Every time there is any tricky work handed over to him, he can easily complete it.

Jobs that others find difficult to do are often handed over by him.

So this person is the most underestimated old man!

Yash Nics was stunned when he heard Huang Gan say that Xu Hai was the second candidate for the next leader, and then he understood a little.

Xu Hai’s style is similar to that of Huang Gan, and is a low-key style of doing things.

Probably Huang Qian saw his shadow in Xu Hai, so he wanted Xu Hai to take over as the next lord of the country.

Huang Gandao: “Xu Hai is the candidate in my mind, Yash Nics, you are the best candidate in my mind.”

“So you think about it again!”

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