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Greed Wolf said: “Now I say that you and Shoufu Luoge are the two most popular candidates.”

“I and many brothers in the army think that you are in the world, sir. Hero, Luo Ge is old-fashioned. You should take over as the lord of the country this time.”

“I also said hello to Zhao Ruolong, Liu Zhenping, Wei Lin, Tian Weilong and others. They all mean the same as me. Say I support you…”

Yash Nics said coldly: “Shut up!”

Greedy Wolf just said eloquently. At this time, Yash Nics shut up, and he was surprised to find that Yash Nics’s eyes were cold and his face was full of anger. .

He was so frightened that he shut up quickly.

Yash Nics coldly glanced at a few greedy wolves, and then said: “The Lord is still alive, so you start to think about these, is this decent?”

“In addition, are these things you should care about?”

“You guys ? It is a soldier, and soldiers cannot participate in this. Your duty is to defend your home and the country. Other than that, you don’t need to care about other things.”

“Also, I am a pure soldier. I just want to strengthen the army. Thinking about how to protect the territory and protect the people.”

“I’m good at fighting, but I can’t do other jobs, so you don’t worry about eating fresh carrots in the future. Do you understand?” The

greedy wolves slumped their minds. “Yes!”

Yash Nics said, “Retreat!” The

greedy wolves had nothing to do, they could only leave dejectedly.

In fact, they came to represent the military this time and wanted to make it clear that the military supported Yash Nics and let Yash Nics seize the opportunity to advance to the Ninth Five-Year Plan.

It is a pity that Yash Nics, the chief governor, seems to be on the battlefield, not as the lord of the country.

Greedy wolf and others are helpless.

The greedy wolves run into a wall here in Yash Nics, and originally planned to go back to the north in a desperate manner.

But as soon as they came out, they ran into Song Pingting who had brought Qin Que.

The three hurriedly greeted her together: “Hello sister-in-law!”

Song Pingting knew that the greedy wolves were Yash Nics’s capable men, especially Pojun, who had been to her house back then and was a guest at home.

She looked at the triumphant Cui heads, Yan Ran said: “You three, have you been criticized by the governor?” The

Greedy Wolf were a little embarrassed when they heard this, and said embarrassedly: “Some of our things have not been done well. ., viceroy provoke angry ”

Song Ping Ting smiled and said:.” OK, you guys are effective viceroy of men, he would not really living your breath, waiting for him to gas consumption right away. ” ”

also Yes, where are you guys going?”

Greedy Wolf said: “We have annoyed the general governor and dare not stay here anymore. We are going to return to the North in an honest

manner .” Song Pingting said immediately after hearing the words: ” The three of you are Yash Nics’s subordinates in name, but they are also teachers and friends in private. How can you come to the capital without even eating any food, just go back in a hurry.” After

Song Pingting finished speaking, she turned her head and told Qin. Que: “Go and order the kitchen to cook, let the three brothers eat, and take out the treasures of the chief governor for a long time, and I will come to eat with the chief governor later.”

Qin Que said: “Yes!” The

greedy wolves knew this. It was the governor’s wife who was showing grace, and she knew that Song Pingting was deliberately maintaining their relationship with the governor.

Several people felt that Song Pingting was too worried.

They will not be dissatisfied just because they are scolded by the chief governor. Even if the chief governor beats them three and dismisses them, the chief governor will always be their mentor and the most admired person in their hearts!

However, Song Pingting was kind, and they would naturally not refuse.

Immediately said: “Follow the arrangement of my sister-in-law!”

At this moment!

Yash Nics was in the study and told Dianchu and Lu Shaocong: “You two ordered to go down. I recently thanked the guests behind closed doors. If there is nothing about work, no one can visit me.”

Dianchu and Lu Shaocong said: “Yes!”

The two sighed in their hearts, and Luo Ge was busy greeting people from all walks of life who came to visit every day to accumulate strength.

The chief governor refused to meet guests. It seems that the chief governor really has no intention of competing for the next lord of the country!

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