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Although Xu Jinchang has 10,000 people unwilling, he also knows that the general governor is not a person he can afford to provoke.

So, he could only bite the bullet and come over and apologize to Yash Nics and the others.

“Mr. Yash, Mrs. Yash, and generals, I was wrong tonight. I implore you to look at my dad’s sake and uncle Tian’s affection. Forgive me.”

Yash Nics didn’t take Xu Jinchang too much .

Seriously, he said indifferently: “This is the end of this matter!” Greedy wolf waited for Xu Jinchang: “This time I count your dog’s good luck. Your dog

leg , hurry up?” Xu Jinchang flushed, without a word, and left in embarrassment with his hands and feet.

Tian Weilong also secretly cast a look down his hand and motioned for his subordinates to also withdraw.

The soldiers at the scene hurriedly saluted Yash Nics, and then stepped back in an orderly manner.

Tian Weilong didn’t dare to leave, he still wanted to listen to Yash Nics’s words.

Yash Nics glanced at Tian Weilong and smiled: “Old Tian, ​​there is no need to be upset about this little thing. Come on, I’ll have a drink with

Greed Wolf tonight. You came just right, and sit down and have a few drinks with us.” Tian Weilong Hastily said: “Mr. Yash ordered, it is better to be respectful than subordinates.”

Soon, the bar resumed normal business.

Tian Weilong also sat down to drink with Yash Nics.

It’s just that the greedy wolves who broke the army seven kills were obviously a bit dissatisfied with Tian Weilong, and deliberately toasted Tian Weilong frequently.

Tian Weilong knew that he had rushed into the chief governor, Greed Wolf and others tonight. Although it was unintentional, he could understand that Greed Wolf and others had a fire in their hearts.

Therefore, he didn’t reject the toast to Greed Wolf and the others, and just did it when the cup came.

Finally, Tian Weilong was drunk and was helped back by his men.

The greedy wolves vented their anger, all laughed, and their anger disappeared.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “You are also careful, why bother to embarrass Lao Tian for a little thing!”

Greed Wolf said, “This guy actually led soldiers to surround us, and pointed his gun at us without embarrassing him, in our hearts. The anger is hard to

dissipate.” Po Jun also blurted out: “Yes, I didn’t look at the guy Ueda Weilong long ago.”

“You said he used to be a subordinate of the old country lord, and he has always had a good relationship with the governor.

” But two days ago, we contacted the major commanders in the army and asked them if they support the governor when he is the next governor. Almost everyone supports the governor, but Tian Weilong does not express his position…” Po

Jun said. He noticed that Greed Wolf and Qisha were winking at him, and immediately realized that he had missed his mouth, and quickly shut up.

It turned out that Greed Wolf had contacted various ministries in the army a few days ago and asked their opinions whether they supported Yash Nics as the next leader of the country.

Zhao Rulong, Wei Lin, and Liu Zhenping all expressed their support, but Tian Weilong did not.

Greedy Wolf didn’t want Yash Nics to know that someone in the military didn’t support him, so he concealed Tian Weilong’s non-commitment. Today at the Governor’s House, he only told Yash Nics that the whole army supported Yash Nics as the country’s lord.

Unexpectedly, Po Jun accidentally leaked his mouth.

Yash Nics frowned slightly. He didn’t intend to be the leader of the country, but he still cares about the true relationship between the various parts of the army and him, who is loyal, and who is superficial.

If you don’t even know the true thoughts of the generals under your command, how can you control them and lead the troops to fight?

He heard Po Jun said that Tian Weilong did not support him as the lord of the country. He realized that the relationship between Tian Weilong and him was not as ironic as he thought.

Unexpectedly, he remembered that the Tian family and the Xu family were family friends.

It is very likely that Tian Weilong knew that one of Huang Qian’s next masters of the country was Xu Hai, and Tian Weilong supported Xu Hai!

Yash Nics said indifferently: “I don’t want to be the lord of the country. It doesn’t matter if Tian Weilong supports me or not.”

“It’s his business to support others. As long as he doesn’t violate the regulations, he doesn’t mess around.”

Greed Wolf couldn’t help saying : ” The governor, we know that you have no intention of being the leader of the country, but we are afraid that others will not think so!”

“You are the highest officer of the military department, with outstanding achievements, and there are many brothers in the army to support you.”

“You have a predecessor country. The Lord supports the current state lord. In the eyes of others, you have a great chance.”

“You don’t fight, but others are afraid of you.”

“Tian Weilong is the commander-in-chief of the capital garrison troops. He is in charge of more than a hundred thousand troops in the capital. He supports others to be the country. Lord, I’m afraid that he will be disadvantageous to you!”

Yash Nics knocked on the table, and criticized in a deep voice, ”

Lordly, I’ve oversaid .” Greedy wolf is anxious: “General Governor, these are all things from my heart.”

Yash Nics shouted: “The words in my heart are held in my heart. Anything like this kind of random suspicion in the future will not benefit the unity of the army, so you can’t say it anymore.”

Greedy wolf helplessly: “Okay!”

Yash Nics picked up the glass and said, “Come on, continue drinking.”

Everyone continued to drink. Although Yash Nics criticized the greedy wolf, because of the warning of the greedy wolf, he kept an eye on it.

After all, Greedy Wolf was right. Although he didn’t have the heart to fight for the throne of the country, he was indispensable to defend against others.

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