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Xu Family Courtyard!

In the living room, Ge Lao Xu Hai was sitting on a wooden chair, scraping the foam on the tea with the lid of the teacup, while listening to his son’s cry.

The youngest son Xu Jihu stood aside respectfully with his hands down.

The elder son, Xu Jinchang, had swollen cheeks, blood on his clothes, and a few teeth in his mouth. He cried with a leaky speech, “Dad, you want to comment on me this time!”

Xu Hai glanced at his elder son, cold. Coldly said: “How many times have I told you, don’t cause trouble outside, you just don’t listen, now you are at a loss?”

“You are a big brother, you are not as easy as your brother.”

“If you have you My younger brother is half good, and I have a lot less gray hair.”

Xu Jinchang was aggrieved and resented when he heard the words. He secretly glared at his younger brother who was standing next to his father.

Xu Hai blamed Xu Jinchang, but it was his own son.

He put aside his teacup, and his tone slowed a little: “Let’s talk about it, what’s the matter?”

Xu Jinchang, who was only 15 to 10, told his father what happened tonight.

After Xu Jinchang finished speaking, he said aggrieved: “Dad, you said I didn’t know that the guy was the chief governor, and accidentally ran into him.”

“But he knew that I was your son, so he didn’t give you any face.”


subordinates insulted me as being a son of a bitch, and hurt me and my subordinates .” “I called Uncle Tian to deal with it, only to know that the guy is the chief governor.”

“Dad, even if he is a big man. The Governor, but you are also the veteran of the cabinet. Is he so arrogant? He doesn’t put you in his eyes at all. I think our family has to get justice…”

Xu Hai knew that the eldest son was in trouble tonight, but he didn’t expect The trouble was so great that he actually offended Yash Nics, the chief governor.

He was frightened and angry, slammed the table, and the tea cup on the table jumped wildly.

He angrily said: “You were beaten by the chief governor?”

“Come here, prepare a vehicle, I will go to the governor’s mansion overnight and plead for the chief governor.”

“And Jin Chang, you rebellious son, follow me to apologize.”

Xu Jin Chang’s eyes widened: “I’ve already given the surname Chen to the surname, I want to go?”

“And as your dad, how can you go to the door to apologize?”

Xu Hai angrily said: “What’s wrong with my identity, I Your identity is not your capital to cause trouble outside.”

“If you don’t apologize and apologize with me, then you should not stay in this house. You can get away as far as you can, and I don’t have the right to be your son.”

The youngest son Xu Jihu quickly persuaded: “Dad, don’t be angry, what should you do if you are angry?”

“Brother, you promise to go to the governor to apologize and apologize to the governor.”

Xu Jinchang looked bitterly. I glanced at my younger brother, and thought in resentment: Just you fucking pretend to be a good son in front of your dad, and I’m a wicked son. Good people are let you be fooled. I’m a bad person, right?

Although Xu Jinchang felt resentful in his heart, he did not dare to confront his father.

I had to bow my head and say: “Dad, don’t be angry, I will go to the door to apologize with you.” When

Xu Hai saw the eldest son had softened, he was slightly angry.

While instructing his subordinates to prepare a car, he instructed his younger son Xu Jihu: “Xiaohu, your brother got into trouble outside tonight to help with General Mitian.”

“I’ll take your brother to apologize to the chief governor. Go to the garrison and personally say thank you to General Tian on my behalf.”

Xu Jihu nodded and said, “Don’t worry, dad, I’ll go now.” Metropolitan Governor’s Mansion


Yash Nics had eaten the lotus soup cooked by Song Pingting and was just about to go back to the room to rest.


Dian Chu came in from outside to report: “General Governor, Mr. Xu Ge is here.”

Yash Nics was a little surprised when he heard this: “Xu Haikui came to visit at night, I don’t know if it is the teacher who came to Xing to inquire, or why?”

Dian Chu said truthfully: “Xu Ge The old man brought only a few guards and his eldest son Xu Jinchang, and he spoke with a gentle and humble attitude. He didn’t want to come to Xingshi to inquire about crimes, but seemed to come to the door to apologize.”

Yash Nics and Xu Hai’s daily exchanges are limited to Work without any personal education.

And even at work, Yash Nics is in charge of the military, while Xu Hai is in the cabinet. The two are not in the same system, and there is not much interaction at work.

Therefore, Yash Nics only knew that Xu Hai was as warm as water, acted low-key, but was very capable.

Yash Nics did not expect that Xu Hai would come to the house overnight to apologize because of a little thing about his son.

This Xu Hai is really a gentleman!

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