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Yash Nics quickly ordered: “Immediately invite Mr. Xu Ge to come in… No, I’ll go out to meet him personally.”

Soon, Yash Nics brought the code. Chu, Lu Shaocong and other subordinates came to the gate of the Dudu Mansion.

Then I saw the old man Xu Haixu, who was of medium build, loyal and unpretentious.

Next to Xu Hai, besides a few close entourages, he also followed a dejected fat man, it was Xu Jinchang.

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Elder Xu Ge, why are you here?”

“General Governor!” When

Xu Hai saw Yash Nics come out to greet him, he quickly greeted him.

The two shook hands.

Xu Hai was straightforward and said with a shame: “Speaking of shame, Xu’s godson has nothing to do with him. The dog ran into the prefectural governor Huwei tonight. After Xu learned about it, he hurriedly brought this rebellious son to the door to apologize.”

Yash Nics said: “Elder Xu Ge makes me ashamed!”

“I had a little conflict with Linglang tonight, but I didn’t expect to disturb Elder Xu, and it hurts you to come out overnight, so I feel a little sad.”

Xu Hai hastily. Said: “No, no, no, it’s because I feel bad about it. My rebellious son always causes trouble, and this time I was taught well by the governor.”

“I came tonight to compensate the governor!”

“Jin Chang, pay it back!” Don’t apologize to the general governor?”

Xu Jinchang lowered his head: “General governor, the kid knows wrong, please don’t remember the villain, and forgive the villain.”

Yash Nics said indifferently, “When General Tian is here tonight. , I have already said that this matter has passed, and you don’t need to apologize.”

“Let’s keep a little memory in the future. If you cause trouble outside, it will damage your father’s reputation.”

Xu Jinchang lowered his head and said that he knew.

Yash Nics said to Xu Hai: ” Xu Ge Lao, this is not a place to talk, go, sit down and drink tea inside. ”

Xu Hai stretched out his hand and said: “Well, well, there is a labor force to lead the way.” ”

Soon, Yash Nics and his entourage, accompanied by Xu Hai and his entourage, came to the meeting room. The

host and guest were seated, and the guards brought tea.

Xu Hai drank a sip of tea and praised: “Hehe, the tea here is good! ”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “My tea is good, but others are afraid of me buying tea.” ”

Xu Hai smiled: “Of course, the general governor would like to have tea. Who is not afraid, I am also afraid of me.” ”

Yash Nics said haha: “The tea here is open and upright to drink freely. Those who violate the law and discipline are afraid that I will drink tea. Xu Ge is an old man and a servant of the people. He is respected and respected. Come to me for tea. Can be frank and complacent. ”

Xu Hai smiled and shook his head: “It’s over honour, and most of them have over honoured.” ”

Neither of them mentioned Xu Jinchang’s affairs tonight. Instead, they talked about the situation in North Korea. They

soon mentioned that if the leader of the country, Huang Gan, suffers from a disease, his life is dying.

The smile on Yash Nics’s face disappeared, and he sighed: “The Lord is diligent in politics and loves the people, and the economy has developed rapidly recently. I really hope he can survive this catastrophe! ”

Xu Hai also said: “Yes!” ”

The lord and the chief governor are known as the double walls of the country. You have the best combination. ”

If something happens to the country’s lord, it will really be a loss to the country and the people!” “When

Xu Hai said this, his conversation changed.

“But the Lord’s condition is to be cured, and it is not a matter of overnight. ”

During the treatment, he probably couldn’t concentrate on work. ”

“Everyone thinks that the country’s lord will temporarily let go of work, and it is better to recover with peace of mind.”

“And he also said that he will elect a new country’s lord to take over his job.

I have discussed with the cabinet and others. I think you are the most suitable candidate for the general governor. I don’t know what you mean by the general governor? ”

Yash Nics waved his hand: “No, no, I’m not suitable, I’m a soldier, the old man, it’s suitable to ask me to lead soldiers to fight, and you call me the lord of the country, I’m really incompetent. ”

I think the selection of the new master of the country should also be selected from the gang of elders in your cabinet. ”

Even Mr. Xu Ge is more suitable than me.” ”

Xu Hai shook his head: “I am not suitable. If the governor refuses to be the head of the country, then it is estimated that Lord Luo Ge is old.” ”

Ning Xu looked at, Xu face honest, impartial tone, said this is really not see or pretend?

Ning smile and said:” Upon my honor Xu Gelao you say, I think you opportunities than Luo Ge boss. ”

Xu Hai shook his head and didn’t fall.” ”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “Elder Xu Ge, don’t be humble, if the country really arranges you to be, then I believe you will be competent.” The

two chatted for a while.

Xu Hai left. The

Hongqi car slowly left the Dudu Mansion and began to return to Xu’s house.

On the way!

Xu Hai glanced at his drooping head, but he was obviously a little dissatisfied with his elder son Xu Jinchang. Faintly said: “Are you not convinced? “If you are

not convinced, you have to bear it!” ”

You remember to me that those who make great things must bear it. If you hide the knife in your heart, it is called Shinobi.” ”

The hidden knife is always more lethal than the exposed knife.” ”

“If you are not sure, you will be able to kill the opponent and death after you light the knife, then you’d better not light the knife, and better endure it.”

Xu Jinchang opened his eyes when he heard the words, looked at his father a little confused, and didn’t understand. What the father said.

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