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Xu Hai returned home with his eldest son.

It was discovered that the youngest son Xu Jihu had been waiting for a long time.

Xu Hai asked: “Xiaohu, have you already gone to thank your Uncle Tian?”

Xu Jihu respectfully said: “Dad, I have already conveyed your gratitude to Uncle Tian, ​​and Uncle Tian also said that our two families are family friends and help each other. It should be, and said that in the future the two families will be more close.”

Xu Hai said with satisfaction: “Little Tiger, you did a good job.”

After that, he looked at the elder son beside him and snorted coldly: “Jin Chang, you have to Your younger brother should study more.”

Xu Jinchang heard the words, but there was a rush of jealousy in his heart, but he had to endure it, and said in a muffled voice: “I know.”

Xu Hai looked at the time, it was already two o’clock in the night.

He is not young enough to stay up late, so he yawned and said, “Well, it’s getting late, you all go back to your room and rest, I want to go to bed too.”

Xu Jinchang and Xu Jihu together Qi bowed and said, “Good night, Dad!”

Xu Hai waved his hand, took a few guards, and left.

In the hall, only two brothers, Xu Jinchang and Xu Jihu, remained.

When his father was gone, Xu Jinchang naturally didn’t shake his brother’s face, so he sullen his face, snorted heavily in his nose, and then prepared to throw his sleeves and leave.

However, Xu Jihu said: “Big brother, wait a

minute .” Xu Jinchang stopped and said coldly: “In front of dad, I am the rebellious son who makes trouble everywhere. My dear son has let you be, and dad has let you go. I’m studying with you, you are proud of it!”

“I don’t think you have my brother in your eyes, why do you call me my brother?”

Xu Jihu smiled bitterly: “Brother, you misunderstood me, we are two brothers. , How could I have trouble with you!”

“Brother, you are the eldest son in the family. According to the rule of not passing on from one generation to another, you will have to inherit this huge family business in the future, and I will have to take care of you from your brother in the future.”

Xu Jinchang sneered: “You still remember me It’s the eldest son of the family. If I am here, I will be the head of the Xu family, so you should not give me wrong ideas, or you will feel better in the future.”

Xu Jihu heard the words, his eyes stretched out, and a touch of imperceptible flashes flashed. Cold mang.

But he concealed it well, and nodded very lowly: “Yes, what the big brother criticized is that I will pay attention to it in the future and will not steal the limelight.”

Xu Jinchang saw that the younger brother’s attitude was not bad, and his anger eased a little. With his head held high, he said arrogantly: “Say, stop me, what’s the matter, if you have a fart, let me go, I have to fill my teeth, and the top sign of the blue cube, Xiaofengxian, is still waiting for me to go to grace. !”

Xu Jihu’s eyes showed a hint of contempt.

In such a catastrophe tonight, my own trash brother is still thinking about spending time and wine, and I really can’t afford to support Ah Dou.

Xu Jihu calmly said: “Brother, I don’t know if you have heard the gossip from the outside?”

Xu Jinchang curled his lips: “There are more laughter messages outside, and the ghost knows which one you are talking about?”

Xu Jihu said : ” It’s a gossip about my father.”

“It’s said that the country’s lord has kidney cancer and his life is dying.”

“Now the royal doctor and the cancer drug research and development team led by Song Pingting are jointly treating the country’s lord.”

“But the country’s lord is in serious condition. Even if it can be cured, it cannot be achieved overnight.”

“The election of a new leader is already imperative.”

“It is said that the leader of the country, Huang Qian, the first candidate to take his seat in his mind is the governor Chen, Yash Nics, the second candidate is our dad.” When

Xu Jinchang heard this, the impatience on his face was gone, and he became particularly concerned.

He couldn’t help but said: “Brother, let’s tell you, I have heard this little

news .” “But is the news true?”

Xu Jihu said with a smile: “I have used a lot of relationships with The strength has been confirmed. This news is true. The Lord Huang Gan did say such things.”

Xu Jinchang couldn’t help being excited when he heard the words .

“Doesn’t that mean that our dad has a good chance to

rise to the next level, aspire to the pinnacle of power, and become the lord of the country?” Xu Jihu nodded and said, “Yes, there is a chance, but the chance is not great, because the lord said, in his heart The first candidate is the chief governor Yash Nics, followed by our dad.”

Xu Jinchang heard this as if he had eaten a fly, and couldn’t help saying: “It’s him again!”

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