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When Xu Jihu saw Yash Nics mentioned, his brother showed an expression of hatred and hatred. He immediately took the opportunity to

say : “Big brother, in fact, our dad is not completely out of chance.” “I have a way to get Chen. Ning lost the opportunity to be the leader of the country.”

“And after Yash Nics lost the opportunity to be the leader of the country, then our dad would have the most chance to be the next and next leader of the country.”

Xu Jinchang quickly asked, “What can I do? !”

Xu Jihu whispered in Xu Jinchang’s ear: “Yash Nics’s wife Song Pingting, didn’t he lead the Ningda Group cancer drug research and development team to formulate a treatment plan for the leader of the country?”

“As far as I know, Ning The kidney cancer drug that the big group is now preparing to give the country’s owner is a drug that has not been tested in humans, has not been approved for production, has not been officially launched, and is still in the development stage.”

“You said, if the drug has a problem, it will be cured. The leader of the country, Huang Gan.”

“Seriously, Song Pingting gave the country owner a drug that was not approved for marketing, causing the death of the country owner. Should Song Pingting bear a major responsibility?”

“Secondly, Song Pingting is Chen. Ning arranged for the country’s chief to treat the disease. An accident happened. Is Yash Nics to blame?”

Xu Jinchang’s eyes widened when he heard this.

Xu Jihu smiled and said: “Yash Nics can’t shirk the blame, so he is also one of the chief culprits who killed the lord of the country. Who would agree to him as the lord of the country? Don’t say you want to be the leader of the country.”

Xu Jinchang’s eyes lit up, but he calmed down immediately. He sneered: “Brother, your guess is not bad, but it must be based on Song Pingting’s kidney cancer drug to kill the country’s chief. ”

The country’s lord has not been cured by Song Pingting’s medicine. All your speculations are

useless .” Xu Jihu smiled and said, “So this time it’s your turn to act.”

Xu Jinchang said blankly: “I behave, how should I behave?”

Xu Jihu said with a smile: “As far as I know, you have a lot of friends, including several doctors from the Imperial Medical Department.”

“You said, If you can let your friend of the imperial doctor do tricks in Song Pingting’s medicine, it will eventually lead to the death of the lord Huang Gan.”

“So, what I just speculated, isn’t it about to happen?”

Xu Jinchang opened his eyes. He took a deep breath and said silently: “You are so brave, you have a bad idea to let me harm the country lord…”

Before he could finish his words, Xu Jihu’s mouth was hurriedly covered.

Xu Jihu also a little nervous, whispered: “The? Big Brother lower your voice, such a thing is you can yell”

“And so I recommend is to what, not to let Alex, in order to be able to Zanba when the main country . ” ”

Do not forget, if and when the country Zanba Lord, you’re the Prince. ” ”

and you do it, is a great service, you say dad to a time when the main country, you can forget You will be the prince by then! ”


Xu Jinchang couldn’t help showing a trace of excitement when he heard the words.

However, he calmed down quickly, looked at Xu Jihu suspiciously, and said with a sneer: “Hehe, why don’t you do this by yourself? It’s not a joke, you fucking want to harm the lord. Me?”

Xu Jihu cried out: “Oh, my eldest brother!”

“We are all a family, how can I harm you? Wouldn’t it hurt your dad? Wouldn’t it hurt our Xu family? What’s the advantage.”

“I hope that our dad can seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the lord of the country.”

“In the future, I will follow you and dad . I will be powerful . That’s what I want .”

When Xu Jinchang heard the words, he was dubious, and his expression eased a lot.

Xu Jihu strike while the iron is hot, continued:. “And I told them that the physician physician unfamiliar part of the country, while big brother is friends with them, you give them a little advantage, coercion, certainly make them into submission”

“I . it is hard to get them to act accordingly, so it only by Big brother to do, ”

Xu Jinchang narrowed his eyes:” that is also reasonable. ” ”

but, to persecute these physician, with our plans, estimates requires a lot of Human and financial resources, I have

spent the past few years spending money on Chunfang, and I have spent all my money on the heroes. Now I really don’t have any money at my hands!” Xu Jihu immediately said, “Big brother, I haven’t spent money indiscriminately over the years. Needless to say, there are still more than one billion.”

“Also, in terms of human beings, I have also trained a group of elites to call them the blood guard dead.”

“I am willing to put these blood guard dead, and the billions of funds. ,

Give it all to elder brother, and do my best to help elder brother do this.” Xu Jinchang was overjoyed, and immediately said: “Okay!”

“Brother helped me with such care. If I refuse to refuse, then I am really not a man!”

“I will do this so that our dad can successfully become the lord of the country.”

Xu Jihu smiled and said, “Our brothers are united, and the benefits are broken.”

Xu Jinchang grinned and said, “This time, it should be Yash Nics’s bad luck. “