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next half month!

The cancer drug research and development team of Ningda University has been cooperating with the doctors of the Imperial Medical Department to treat the leader of the country, Huang Gan.

This time!

Huang Qian’s condition is always good and bad. While he is being treated, he has been discussing with the cabinet and the military department as to who should temporarily take over him.

The chief governor Yash Nics and cabinet chief Luo Zhiquan were supported by many people, and they naturally became popular candidates.

But Yash Nics publicly stated that it is not only a candidate for the country’s lord!

Huang Qian had no clues, so he could only express his optimism about Xu Hai.

Suddenly, whether Luo Zhiquan or Xu Hai can be the head of the country has become a hot topic in the DPRK and China.

Luo Zhiquan’s supporters and Xu Hai’s supporters have all begun to build momentum.

Even supporters on both sides continue to contradict each other and attack each other.

Fortunately, Luo Zhiquan’s character is relatively stable, and Xu Hai is also famous for his low-key. Under the control of the two old patrons, the two sides did not burst into any uncontrollable scenes.


Restraint belongs to restraint, but the relationship between Luo Zhiquan and Xu Hai has deteriorated rapidly, and the two sides are also in confrontation.

In Luo Zhiquan’s view, if the chief governor Yash Nics competed with him for the throne of the next leader, he would have nothing to say, and even if he lost, he would be willing.

But how old is Xu Hai?

How could the most inconspicuous elder in the cabinet on weekdays get the favor of the country leader and challenge himself, the chief assistant of the cabinet?

Therefore, Luo Zhiquan is very dissatisfied with Xu Hai.

It has even been decided that after he is successfully elected this time, he must slap Xu Hai in the face and embarrass Xu Hai.

Xu Hai also knew that Luo Zhiquan would not wait to see him.

However, he is still the same as in the past, very low-key. Facing Luo Zhiquan, he only said respectfully and modestly: “I didn’t plan to come out for the election, but no matter how the country’s lord chose me and let me come out for election, I can only brazenly come out for the election. ”

But I know I don’t have much chance. I just accompany you on the run. In the end, Master Shoufu holds your seat as the master of the country.”

“So Master Shoufu, you must not follow my general knowledge of running with me. I will have to

Count on you for your old age!” Luo Zhiquan believed it to be true.

However, Luo Zhiquan is an old Jianghu, and he did not fully believe Xu Hai’s words.

Just to be on the safe side!

In order to defeat Xu Hai by absolute advantage during the campaign.

Luo Zhiquan chose to see Yash Nics, the chief governor.

Everyone knows that Yash Nics is now the highest officer of the military, and most of the chiefs of the major military regions are looking forward to Yash Nics.

If it is supported by Yash Nics, it is supported by a group of generals in the military.

Well, this time running for the country’s lord, it will be stable.

In the Governor’s Mansion!

Yash Nics, Song Pingting and other family members are having dinner.

Unexpectedly, Dian Chu came in to report that it was Lord Shoufu Luo Zhiquan who had come.

Yash Nics was very surprised, and said quickly: “Please.”

Soon, wearing a white shirt and black trousers, wearing a jacket, Luo Zhiquan, tall and thin, came in from the outside with two entourage with his face full of spring breeze.

“General Governor, Luo Mou took the liberty to visit and disturb you to have dinner with your family.”

Yash Nics smiled heartily, “Haha, Master Shoufu came just right. We haven’t eaten and drink together for a long time. Come, come, sit down, I Drink two glasses with the head and assistant.”

After speaking, Yash Nics ordered the guard to add a pair of tableware.

Luo Zhiquan came this time because he wanted to get close to Yash Nics, and he wanted to get Yash Nics’s support. He was naturally unceremonious and sat down to the table happily.

Yash Nics and Luo Zhiquan drank two cups before asking Luo Zhiquan’s intentions.

“Haha, how come

Shoufu-sama is so free tonight, come and sit with me?” Luo Zhiquan said with a smile: “I just came back from the cabinet and passed by the Dudu Mansion.”

“I remembered that I hadn’t got together with the Dudu for a long time, so he took the liberty to come in and visit. Do you mind if you do not mind?”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “Shoufu-sama, a rare guest who came to me for a drink is to give me face, so why would I mind!”

Luo Zhiquan held the wine glass and said with a smile: “Yash Nics, Speaking of it, I am the old tribe of the former Lord Qin, and you are the proud disciple of Qin Lao.”

“Although I have been obsessed with you for a few years, but in terms of generation, we are the same generation, and we are considered to be brothers in the same discipline!”

Yash Nics laughed

Said : “Yes, I have always treated Master Shoufu as my elder brother, with respect and respect.” Luo Zhiquan deliberately mentioned his old boss, Yash Nics’s teacher, Qin Heng, and made a relationship, and then pretended to be inadvertent. He talked about the condition of the current lord Huang Gan, and then talked about the recent selection of the new lord.

In the end, he went around for such a big circle, and finally began to tentatively ask: “Yash Nics, you are the chief commander of the military, with a high position.”

“Your opinion is very important. I want to hear your opinion and want to know you. Do you think it is appropriate to take over as the leader of the country?”

Luo Zhiquan became nervous when he said this.

Although he has seen countless strong winds and waves, and has already tempered his mental and perseverance, this time it is related to whether he can be the leader of the country, and he still cares about it. At this time, he is as nervous as the little boy who confessed for the first time.