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Yash Nics, who is a character, had already guessed Luo Zhiquan’s intention when he learned that Luo Zhiquan was visiting.

At this time, he looked at the nervous Luo Zhiquan, smiled slightly, and said faintly: “I think, Lord Shoufu, you are old and respectful. You have served in the cabinet for many years. Now you are still the first assistant of the cabinet. There is no doubt about your ability and absolutely qualified. ”

Luozhi Quan Wen Yan eyes lit up.

But then I heard Yash Nics continue: “But, Xu Haixu, old man, low-key and pragmatic, looks ordinary, but in fact has great talents. He is like a dragon lurking in a mountain stream. Soaring into the sky.”

Luo Zhiquan’s smile instantly froze.

Yash Nics said calmly: “Moreover, Huang Gan’s low-key and pragmatic style is similar to that of our current leader, Huang Gan. Therefore, our country leader is also optimistic about him.”

“So I think, Shoufu, you and Xu Ge, both are There is a chance.”

Song Pingting and others ate quietly while listening to Yash Nics’s conversation with Luo Zhiquan.

Song Pingting could also see that Luo Zhiquan had come to Yash Nics for support.

She was also curious that Yash Nics would support Luo Zhiquan or Xu Hai?

But after listening to Yash Nics’s words, she couldn’t help but applaud secretly, feeling that her husband was really amazing.

Yash Nics’s remarks seemed to have said a lot, but in fact they said nothing.

But at this point, Song Pingting thought in her heart: It seems that the king is by no means accidental. No wonder her husband was able to sit in such a high position as the governor of the governor. Instead of being herself, it is estimated that given herself a leadership position, she would not be able to sit too much. sky.

Dealing with these people can really be said to be tricks of the gods, which is amazing!

Yash Nics’s remarks seemed to say a lot, but it seemed that he didn’t say anything.

But it will not cause Luo Zhiquan’s dissatisfaction!

Luo Zhiquan was even lost in thought at this time, and he finally realized why Huang Gan, the lord of the country, would support Xu Hai.

It turned out that Xu Hai was similar to Huang Gan in his life and life. Perhaps Huang Gan saw his shadow in Xu Hai, so he was optimistic about Huang Gan.

Luo Zhiquan also realized that Xu Hai was not as weak as he thought.

At the same time, he is more determined to get the support of the Chief Governor Yash Nics.

However, Luo Zhiquan is not stupid. He can see that Yash Nics doesn’t want to publicly express his support for whom?

He rolled his eyes twice and was not in a hurry to force Yash Nics to express his position. He knew very well that forcing Yash Nics to express his position would only be counterproductive.

Yash Nics is the most emotional person. If you want to find a breakthrough, you must start from this aspect.

So, he

smiled and said : “Yash Nics, what you comment is extremely, Luo Mou is convinced.” Yash Nics laughed: “I’m just a bystander, and this is what I said casually, not necessarily what I said must be right. So,

Mr. Shoufu , please listen to it, don’t be too serious .” Luo Zhiquan smiled: “No, no, no, I heard Yash Nics’s words,

let’s start !” Yash Nics took the cup: “Come on, Mr. Shoufu, continue to drink.”

Luo Zhiquan Quickly served a cup: “Okay!” The

two drank for a while, and it didn’t take long for Luo Zhiquan to stand up and say goodbye.

However, when he was leaving, he suddenly said to Yash Nics: “The day after tomorrow is my old boss, and it is also your teacher Qin’s birthday.”

“Qin has no children under his knees. We old school and students should celebrate his birthday together.

” Yash Nics, what do you think?”

Yash Nics heard that it was the birthday of teacher Qin Heng, and immediately said seriously: “I will be a teacher for one day and be a father for life. I also agree to celebrate the birthday for the teacher.”

Luo Zhiquan said: “Old Qin was very simple. , Never want to be extravagant and wasteful.”

“He won’t allow a big deal on this birthday!”

“So I plan to set up a table of ten in the Ziqige restaurant, and call the students closest to Qin to the old department, and everyone will simply give it to Qin. Celebrating the birthday, what do you think of Yash Nics?”

Yash Nics said: ”

Master Shoufu is considerate, just do what you say, if you have any needs, even if you tell me, you must make the teacher happy to celebrate your birthday.” Luo Zhiquan laughed. : “Okay, okay, I’ll go back first, let’s see

you at Lao Qin’s birthday party in two days.”