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Two days later!

Zijin Pavilion Restaurant is extremely lively.

In the parking lot in front of the restaurant, there are a variety of vehicles parked, including red flags, Audis, Volkswagen Passats, and even many jeeps with military licenses.

These cars are not as luxurious as any Bentley Rolls-Royce, or even Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

But these cars have a common feature, they are all administrative or military cars.

No one can tell that the group of people gathering at Zijin Pavilion today is not simple.

In fact, today is the birthday of the former Lord Qin Heng.

Headed by Yash Nics and Luo Zhiquan, a group of Qin’s old men and students gathered to celebrate Qin’s birthday.

Those who can come to participate in Qin’s birthday today are those who have had the best and closest relationship with Qin in the past.

Qin Heng was wearing grey cloth and cloth shoes today, and his wife Wang Yun was wearing a sea-blue embroidered cheongsam, with his family, and appeared at the birthday party with a smile on his face.

Luo Zhiquan and a group of former ministries and students took turns to congratulate Qin Heng on his birthday.

Qin Heng kept nodding his head: “If you have a heart, you all have a heart.”

At this moment, he suddenly heard a loud shout from outside: “General supervision.”

Immediately, everyone on the scene gathered their eyes to the door.

The guests at the door also took the initiative to separate towards the two sides, giving way to a path.

Yash Nics, who was wearing a military uniform, came in with his wife Song Pingting.

When Qin Heng saw Yash Nics, his face was filled with relief, but he couldn’t hide his pride.

This is the young man he turned the tide and pulled up with one hand. Now this young man is already the Chinese God of War, the imperial jade bi.

He is pleased, he is proud!

The look in Yash Nics’s eyes was as excited as the old father looked at the talented son.

“Student Yash Nics, I wish the teacher a blessing Rudong , Shoubi Nanshan. ”

Yash Nics wished the teacher a birthday, while preparing to kneel down with Song Pingting.

After all, Qin Heng is his teacher, and he will be his father for life. Yash Nics felt that there was nothing to kneel down for the teacher, and there was no promotion by Qin Heng back then. , There is no him today.

What a pity!

He and Song Pingting have not knelt down yet.

Qin Heng stretched out his hand to stop him.

Qin Heng said with a smile on his old face, “Yash Nics, don’t kneel, you are not ordinary now. . ”

Yash Nics said: “I am your student no matter what my identity!” ”

Qin Heng glared at Yash Nics: “Students can kneel to the teacher, but no one can kneel if you wear a military uniform.” ”

Yash Nics sweated slightly on his forehead, and said quickly: “Yes, the students didn’t pay attention. The students must remember the teacher’s teachings next time.” ”

Qin Heng said with a smile: “You are already very good, and the teacher is proud of you. It is good if you have the teacher in your heart. Other politeness, don’t rectify it in the future.” ”

Yash Nics said: “Yes! ”

Wang Yun looked at Yash Nics, who was the chief governor, and stood respectfully in front of Qin Heng listening to the preaching, just as

she did in the past . She said to Qin Heng angrily : “You, don’t meet up and put on a preaching face, Xiao Ning is now a general superintendent, you old man, you have to talk to Xiao Ning politely. ”

Qin Heng said with a smile: “Yes, hahaha!” “The

guests came one after another. It didn’t take long before the guests were almost there.

This time, whether it was Qin’s birthday or Yash Nics and Luo Zhiquan’s intention, they didn’t think about it. They

were all thinking about it. Keep it low-key!

Those who can come to the banquet are all the protégés closest to Qin.

At this time, the people had arrived, and Qin Heng ordered a banquet.

At the banquet, Yash Nics and Song Pingting sat on the left of Qin Heng and his wife , Luo Zhiquan sits on the right hand of Qin Heng and his wife.

It can be seen that both Yash Nics and Luo Zhiquan are the most distinguished guests at Qin Heng’s birthday banquet.

Luo Zhiquan secretly ordered his subordinates to take a few photos and then spread them out.

If people outside see him attending Qin Lao’s birthday party with Yash Nics, and Yash Nics is sitting on the left and right sides of Qin Lao with him, they will definitely think that he is close to Yash Nics, and will even interpret that Yash Nics and him are the same. Camp.

At that time, there will be more people supporting him, which will be more conducive to his running for the country.


Today is Qin’s birthday. Yash Nics and Luo Zhiquan celebrated Qin’s birthday together. The gossip that Yash Nics and Luo Zhiquan were still sitting together to attend Qin’s birthday banquet quickly spread among the elites in the capital.

And it reached Xu Hai’s ears.

In Xu’s study.

Xu Jihu respectfully reported the gossip to his father, and said seriously: “Dad, Mr. Luo is taking the opportunity to convey a message to the outside world. He wants to let the outside world know that he and Yash Nics are in the same group, Yash Nics. He supported him.”

“He wants to get more people’s support and overwhelm you when running for the country’s lord.”

Xu Hai held the golden mean in his hand, read a book, and smiled and said: “Luo Zhiquan argued back then. However, Huang Gan, it shows that he has no ability. He does some small moves now, thinking that he can win me?” At

this point, Xu Hai closed his book and said faintly: “Xiaohu, you and the person in charge of the special investigation team for the integrity of government Gao Tianliang greeted him and told him that he could start to do it.”

Xu Jihu opened his eyes wide: “Dad, do you choose to do it today?”

Xu Hai smiled and said, “I wanted him to jump for a few more days before doing it .

” But he didn’t expect him to play tricks, and others used Qin Heng and Yash Nics’s influence to increase his approval rate.”

“Since he is in such a hurry, then I will arrange him early.”