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Xu Jihu couldn’t help but said, ” But today is Qin’s birthday, is it appropriate to

touch Luo Zhiquan on this day?” Xu Hai said faintly, “You tell Gao Tianliang, do business. There are no

taboos .” Xu Jihu realized that his father had tolerated in front of Luo Zhiquan for so long during this period, and he was determined to touch Luo Zhiquan today.

He nodded and said: “Okay, I’ll go and notify Leader Gao immediately.”

Xu Hai waved his hand: “Go!”

Xu Jihu stepped back!

Xu Hai stood up, walked to the side, and turned on an old record player on the desktop.

He picked up a copy of “The Art of War”, sat down and continued reading.

From the old record player, there was a babble of singing: “I was watching the mountain scenery at the top of the city, and I heard the chaos outside the city…” At the

entrance of the Zijin Pavilion restaurant.

Dian Chu took the Eight Tiger Guards and a group of Tiger Ben fighters, standing at the door to maintain order, to ensure that today’s Qin Lao’s birthday goes smoothly and without any accidents.

The chief governor said that today is the birthday of the teacher, and the teacher must be happily spent without any difference.

Dian Chu didn’t dare to neglect, and he was more serious with his men than standing guard in a barracks.


There was a roar from the car engine on the street, which caused Dian Chu to frown, and also caused the passers-by to cast their surprised glances.

I saw a black motorcade roaring in the street, like a long black dragon.

A hundred black Audi A6!

The black convoy all stopped at the entrance of the Zijin Pavilion restaurant.

Immediately afterwards, the doors of the car opened banging, one by one, tall, sharp-eyed men in suits and leather shoes, wearing work badges, got out of the car with good training.

Dian Chu frowned and looked at these uninvited guests.

He found these uninvited guests, the shirts on their waists were slightly bulging, which was the outline of the pistol butt. These men in suits were all equipped with guns.

Several Tiger Guards looked at these mysterious visitors in surprise, and whispered: “Captain Dian, what’s the situation?”

Dian Chu looked at these well-trained men in suits, and whispered: “It seems to be a special investigation team for integrity. People, aren’t these guys investigating corruption, why did they come here?”

Dian Chu’s words just fell off!

A burly middle-aged man with an inch-headed Chinese face has already gotten out of the back seat of the first Audi.

After he got down, he stretched out his hand to tidy up his tie, straightened the work card he was wearing, and then walked towards the entrance of the restaurant with five hundred men.

Dian Chu was surprised again when he saw this person.

Because this person is the person in charge of the special investigation team for integrity, Gao Tianliang.

Gao Tianliang specializes in investigating corruption, and he sees officials at a higher level.

Dian Chu did not expect Gao Tianliang to personally lead the team here.

Soon, Dian Chu brought the Eight Tigers and a team of Tiger Ben fighters forward to stop Gao Tianliang and his party.

“Sorry, do

you have anything to do here?” “Today is Qin’s birthday. I hope you have something to say after Qin’s birthday banquet is over. Give me some face.”

Gao Tianliang looked at Dian Chu coldly. The voice said without a trace of emotion: “I’m sorry, you should know what my job is!”

“I am here today for work, no one has to give it any face.”

“Go away, we have to go in and grab it.” people!”

Dian Chu’s face fell upon hearing this, “Today is Old Qin’s birthday. Don’t find any unpleasantness. If you have anything, wait until the banquet is over.”

Gao Tianliang said coldly, “Excuse me, I have always had no taboos in handling cases. Who is there? I don’t have any privileges here. I’m here to arrest people. I don’t have the habit of waiting until the banquet is over.”

“A good dog doesn’t get in the way. You’d better get out of me now.”

Dian Chu furiously: “ I get a good talking to you, you do not feel that I may speak. ” ”

Since you no sense of shame to the face, then I do not need polite with you. ” ”

I understand you now, and today is an important day Qinlao, no one You can’t make trouble at his birthday party.”

“You better get out of here now.”

“When the birthday party is over, you will catch whoever you like.”

Gao Tianliang said coldly: “The order I got is now. Just arrest people, since you are obstructing me, don’t blame me!”

Huwei next to him saw something wrong, and saw that Dianchu and Gao Tianliang were about to do it.

Huwei immediately left quietly and ran in quickly to report to Yash Nics.