The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 389

Song Xian snorted coldly, and then began to narrate Song Pingting’s crimes.

The first crime is that Song Pingting became pregnant first without marriage, and married the tramp who had defiled her, which insulted the Song family.

The second crime is that Song Pingting is selfish, rebellious and unfilial, disrespectful to Song Qingsong and other elders, forgets his roots if he makes money, and is unwilling to make contributions to the family.

The third crime was that Song Pingting instigated Yash Nics to commit crimes and wounded Song Wen and Song Wu.

After Song Xian counted down Song Pingting’s three major crimes, he sneered and said: “As for your parents’ crimes, there is no way for them to teach their children. According to the family law, everyone should be beaten with five whips!”

Song Pingting said angrily: “My parents are weak, how can they afford five whips, you will kill them.”

Song Xian narrowed his eyes and said, “So I think you are your own family, and give you a chance. ”

If you are willing to donate half of the Ningda Group’s shares to the family to make up for the process committed by your family. Then I can open the Internet. Not only will you not punish your parents, but also for your crimes, how about?”

Song Pingting looked at Song Xian, grandpa and the others in shock, and said slowly: “I understand, it turns out that you are targeting me and my parents for the Ningda Group!”

Song Qingsong sank: “Presumptuous, what attitude do you dare to talk to Sanye like this?”

Song Xian sneered: “Song Pingting, you don’t want me to face you shamelessly. If you don’t agree, then I will execute to your parents first. Family law, and you can’t escape the torture of family law today.”

Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping urged Song Pingting with good intentions: “Niece, your parents are not in good health, so please quickly agree to Sanye’s terms. , Otherwise your parents will be beaten to death before your eyes.”

“You can’t be so selfish, don’t you want to watch your parents be beaten to death without being indifferent?”

” Yes , money is really so for you It’s important, isn’t your parents’ lives important?”

Song Pingting’s tears kept streaming out. She cried and said, “Don’t push me. This company is Yash Nics’s painstaking effort. I cannot give you the company. I beg you to let my parents go. I’m all right.”

Song Xian said coldly, “Haha, wait for your punishment and then care about it. Now execute the family law on your parents first. Come here, do it!” The

two men holding whips immediately grinned. He was about to raise his whip and whip Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli.

Song Pingting screamed, desperately trying to rush over, but was stopped by people and couldn’t get close.

Seeing that two men with whips in their hands raised the whips, they were about to pull them down at Song Zhongbin and his wife.

But at this moment, a murderous anger came from the gate: “Whoever dares to touch my parents, today is whose death date!”

Everyone at the scene was shocked and looked towards the gate.

Then I saw a man with a tall stature and a star-like star, coming in with a calm face. It was Yash Nics.

“Husband!” When

Song Pingting saw Yash Nics, she couldn’t help but mourn and plunged into Yash Nics’s arms.

Yash Nics stretched out her hand and gently stroked her hair, softly comforting: “It’s okay, I’ll be there under the sky!”

Song Pingting said, she didn’t know when it started, Yash Nics was already Become her backbone.

No matter what happens, as long as Yash Nics is there, she has an inexplicable sense of security.

Everyone at the scene looked at Yash Nics with different eyes.

Especially Song Wen and Song Wu, their eyes staring like bullseye, glaring at Yash Nics.

Song Xian squinted his eyes and said slowly: “You are Song Zhongbin’s son-in-law, Song Pingting’s husband, and wounded my two madman Yash Nics?”

“You came just right, I just want you to settle accounts.”

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