The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 398

Ouyang Ting pouted: “How could Yash Nics and Ouyang Ting have such great abilities, and as usual, the Commission for Discipline Inspection usually conducts a secret investigation for a month or two, and has a lot of evidence before arresting people. . ”

.” so Yuan Haifei estimate Discipline has long been eyeing, but it was only arrested today, ”

Ye Zhiqiu nodded:” Fortunately, we only verbally told him to suppress Song Painting, did not play money or something to him, he was investigating We are not

going to get caught up in the fire.” Ouyang Ting said depressed: “I know a lot of people. I thought that by saying hello, Yuan Haifei would be able to get Yuan Haifei out.”

“What I didn’t expect was that those guys were all involved in the relationship. Unanimously saying that Yuan Haifei is in serious condition and no one dared to help. It is really weird.”

Ye Zhiqiu said nonchalantly: “Yuan Haifei didn’t go in because of us. Since he has a serious problem and is not easy to fish, then leave him alone.”

“We still Think about how to deal with Yash Nics and Song Pingting, how to seize the agency rights of liver cancer vaccine!”

Ouyang Ting nodded: “Yes, we have not made any progress, but Ningda Group’s vaccine will soon be approved by the National Medicines Agency. The number will go on sale soon.”

Ye Zhiqiu said: “The most important thing is that Lord Tang is impatient to wait. We must deal with Yash Nics and Song Pingting before Lord Tang runs out of patience.”

Ouyang Ting: “You have What pay attention?”

Ye Zhiqiu squinted and said, “Yash Nics is actually not very capable. Apart from being lucky and having a subordinate Dong Tianbao, the most important thing is that he came from the northern border. He may have been a soldier of Wang Daofang before. , There is Wang Daofang covering him.”

“However, my Wang Daofang will go to the north to participate in the act. It is estimated that he will not be able to return in a month or two.”

“I suggest that we simply take advantage of Yash Nics’s backing, and directly use thunder to kill him. It can be destroyed.”

Ouyang Ting hesitated: “Although Yash Nics’s backer is not there, he is very skilled. In addition, the Mannity underground circle has been completely taken over by Dong Tianbao. We are going to kill Yash Nics in Mannity, I am afraid it will not be so easy.”

Ye Zhiqiu said with a smile: “I also thought about this problem. I called Lord Tang just now and asked him to send someone to help. He has sent a terrifying killer to help us.”

Ouyang Ting was taken aback: “Even Wu Chi is not Yash Nics’s opponent, who did Lord Tang send over this time?”

Ye Zhiqiu said triumphantly: “Butcher!”

Ouyang Ting’s eyes suddenly widened and he became extremely excited, and said excitedly, “The butcher is a super ruthless killing machine. The strong, the monster that Tang raised in the crypt at home, the butcher!”

Ye Zhiqiu also said excitedly: “Yes, that’s the terrifying weird master, the butcher.”

Ouyang Ting was full of confidence and grinned: “There is a butcher. Going out, coupled with the family masters you and I brought, is enough to calm Yash Nics and Dong Tianbao’s gang.”

At 12 o’clock in the evening, Dong Tianbao took Shi Qing and more than a dozen of his men and left from a stroll in the clouds.

The group drove three black cars and returned to Dong Tianbao’s residence, the Sun City Community.

While waiting for the traffic lights at the intersection, dozens of small cars roared at the surrounding intersections, directly surrounding Dong Tianbao and their three cars.

Hundreds of men in suits and leather shoes got out of the car one after another and surrounded Dong Tianbao and the others.

Then, I saw a Bentley boarding, and two aristocratic middle-aged men coming down, it was Ouyang Ting and Ye Zhiqiu.

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