The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 399

Shi Qing and others saw this, their expressions changed drastically, and they asked Dong Tianbao: “Brother Bao, they came here prepared and came at us, what should we do?”

Dong Tianbao has not spoken yet. Outside Ouyang Ting sneered and shouted: “Dong Tianbao, did you get out of the car yourself, or did my men smash your car and drag you out like a dog?”

Dong Tianbao calmly waited for Shi Qing. The subordinates shouted: “Get off!”

Soon, Dong Tianbao took Shi Qing’s more than a dozen subordinates and got out of three cars.

Dong Tianbao looked at hundreds of enemies surrounding him with murderous aura, his eyes fell on Ouyang Ting and Ye Zhiqiu.

He suppressed his anger and said, “You two dare to play yin with me. Believe it or not, if you moved me, my master will make you unable to get out of the sea alive?”

Ouyang Ting snorted coldly: ” Should you not use Yash Nics to scare me?” We, in the eyes of our Si Tingzhu, Yash Nics is a fart!”

Ye Zhiqiu also smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Dong Tianbao, we will send you and your young master and others all on the road. Your family will die. It must be complete.”

Dong Tianbao’s eyes flashed angrily, and he shouted: “Do it, kill the encirclement.”

Shi Qing and his subordinates all responded together: “Chong!”

Ouyang Ting sneered, waved his hands, and surrounded by hundreds of subordinates. , Moved immediately, and pounced on Dong Tianbao and his party like a pack of wolves.

The fierce battle unfolded on the long street in an instant.

Ouyang Ting and Ye Zhiqiu brought the group of subordinates, each is an elite, each is a master.

In the end, Dong Tianbao and his party were few and outnumbered, Shi Qing and others were knocked down one after another, dead and wounded.

Only Dong Tianbao is extraordinarily brave, like an angry tiger, roaring constantly, fists like lightning, legs like thunder, there are more than a dozen opponents in a row, and he is hit hard.

Just as Dong Tianbao showed great power, a man with a shaved head and a bloated figure like Maitreya Buddha walked out from the darkness with heavy steps.

He weighed more than three hundred jins, and the earth seemed to tremble every time he took a step.

He was so dirty that he looked like a butcher who killed cattle and pigs for a living.

He is the terrible weird man raised in the cellar of Tang Beidou, the killing machine that kills people without blinking, the butcher.

The butcher stopped a dozen meters away from the battlefield, and his nostrils sprayed out two white air like a monster.

He indifferently looked at Dong Tianbao who showed great power in the distance, and suddenly walked towards the Wuling Hongguang next to him, opened his arms, hugged the body, and then let out a low growl, unexpectedly lifting Wuling Hongguang abruptly.

“Drink!” The

butcher exhaled and shouted again. Wuling Hongguang lifted up and slammed directly at Dong Tianbao.

The two-thousand-jin van, like a huge cannonball, smashed at Dong Tianbao howling.

Dong Tianbao had just beaten two opponents into the air, but he didn’t expect a Wuling Hongguang to whistle and flew. He couldn’t dodge and was directly hit in the chest by Wuling Hongguang.


Dong Tianbao snorted. If he was hit by a speeding vehicle, he would fly upside down and fall heavily to the ground, with blood gushing out of his mouth.

He struggled to get up, but the huge butcher had already stepped up to him.

Dong Tianbao hadn’t struggled yet, the bare-footed butcher had already raised his left foot and stepped heavily on Dong Tianbao’s chest.

Stepping on Dong Tianbao’s chest and ribs creaked, blood gushing out of his mouth not far away.

The butcher’s eyes flashed with a cruel cold light, and he said with a hoarse grin: “Die to me!”

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