The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 425

Song Pingting opened her eyes wide and couldn’t laugh or cry. She found that her husband was far more arrogant than she thought.

Of course, she didn’t know that Yash Nics’s contact information was really unchangeable.

Song Pingting changed the conversation and said: “You shouldn’t have made Feifei and her boyfriend ugly just now. You have to be forgiving and forgiving, so you can see each other in the future.”

Yash Nics said calmly, “I just want it. Give them some face, but their words and deeds just now did not give us the slightest face. They don’t give me face, but they are rude to you, so you must embarrass them a little.”

Song Pingting felt warm when he heard the words. Warm.

Hongyeshan Hot Spring Club, indoor hot spring.

Lei Tianzhao, a strong figure, had just experienced a fierce battle with Song Feifei in the hot spring.

At this moment, Song Feifei was snuggling sweaty on Lei Tianzhao’s scarred chest, and said diligently: “Amaterasu, I have grown up so shameless as I am today. I was driven out of the teahouse in public, this one. You have to help me get face.”

Lei Tianzhao appeared to accompany Song Feifei back to his hometown this time, but was actually ordered to deal with Yash Nics.

He squinted a pair of angular eyes and said with a sneer: “Don’t worry, I also see that Yash Nics is very unpleasant, and I must teach him a little lesson.”

Song Feifei instantly became interested: “What lesson?”

Lei Tianzhao sneered. “Let them divorce, and the family will be broken.”

Song Feifei asked excitedly: “Okay, but seeing that they are in a good relationship, it is not easy to get them divorced, right?”

Lei Tianzhao looked at Song Feifei with a smile: ” Easy, but I want you to go out in person?”

Song Feifei was stunned: “Me?”

Lei Tianzhao’s eyes rolled around Song Feifei’s body, and smiled: “Yes, you are Yash Nics’s sister-in-law, and you are beautiful. As long as you seduce Yash Nics, Yash Nics will definitely not be able to withstand the temptation.”

Song Feifei heard He slapped Lei Tianzhao’s chest unacceptably, and tweeted: “Oh, you are so dead, let me hook up Yash Nics!”

“Are you ruining me, or do you want to dump me?”

Lei Tianzhao Putting his arms around Song Feifei, she smiled and said, “How could I dump you little fairy?”

“Didn’t I tell you, I have been a mercenary abroad for a few years, and my mind is as open as a foreigner.” of. ” ”

and you do not want to see Song Painting broken families do? ”

pops Song Feifei out to look Ning, Ning is the kind of glance feel good, but getting more and more the taste of men.

Song Feifei has been promiscuous since high school, her private life is chaotic, and her chastity is non-existent to her.

She suddenly felt that it was not bad to be able to spend the night with Yash Nics!

So she half-pushed, made a very reluctant look, and agreed to Lei Tianzhao’s request.

Lei Tianzhao squinted his eyes and said, “Tomorrow happens to be your birthday. You use this as an excuse to hold a small birthday party in the hotel.”

“Don’t invite the elders in your family to attend, but only invite friends. At that time, bring Yash Nics to Song Pingting. Please also come, you find an opportunity to seduce Yash Nics.”

Lei Tianzhao said here, proudly said: “If Yash Nics is hooked up by you, we will stoke it out afterwards, let Song Pingting know that Song Pingting must be with Yash Nics. Divorce.”

Song Feifei said excitedly: “Okay, I don’t see Song Pingting that slut is doing well!”

Lei Tianzhao and Song Feifei are looking forward to it, but they both have ghosts.

Song Feifei looked forward to something passionate about Yash Nics, a man with a great taste and charm.

She even more looked forward to the end of Song Pingting’s divorce and the broken family.

And Lei Tianzhao also sneered at the corner of his mouth.

The purpose of his coming this time was mainly to be ordered to deal with Yash Nics and to seize the Ningda Group’s liver cancer vaccine agency rights.

He knew that Yash Nics was a bit difficult to deal with, so he deliberately instigated Song Feifei to hook up with Yash Nics.

As long as Song Feifei succeeds in hooking up with Yash Nics, Song Pingting will divorce Yash Nics.

After the divorce, Yash Nics left in embarrassment and Song Pingting was left alone.

At that time, it was much simpler for him to deal with Song Pingting.

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