The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 437

Yash Nics was followed by Dong Tianbao and Shi Qing.

It turned out that Yash Nics remembered that his coat was left with Su Meiniang, so he came over tonight to ask Su Meiniang to get his coat back.

After all, Song Pingting bought the clothes for him, so I have to ask Su Meiniang to come back.

Tang Tianquan looked at Yash Nics and narrowed his eyes: “Are you Yash Nics?”

Yash Nics did not answer, but looked around.

His eyes fell on the corpses of several security guards and Xiao Wei on the ground, his expression became more and more indifferent, and his eyes still showed faint anger.

His gaze fell on Tang Tianquan: “The Tang family is the one I’ve seen the most deadly, and your Tang family has not taken my warning seriously until now.”

Tang Tianquan sneered and said loudly: “Warning? You said. Let us retreat completely within a month, and still want my dad to kneel down and beg for mercy?”

“Haha, Yash Nics, you really take yourself seriously. I will let you know who is Jiangnan tonight.” The master of the province!”

Yash Nics looked at Tang Tianquan and his party, and chuckled, “It’s up to you?”

Tang Tianquan coldly snorted, ” It’s enough to kill you a hundred times with my subordinates, Guishou!”

Guishou heard the master point. Then, he immediately responded: “The subordinate is here!”

After saying that, he had already left the queue grinningly, staring at Yash Nics sullenly, and strode over.

Guishou Jiejie sneered: “Boy, you dare to attack me with a hidden weapon, I want to dig out your heart!”

After speaking, he suddenly accelerated, speeding up to the extreme, and rushing towards Yash Nics like a ghost. .

With his right hand like an eagle’s claw, he digged into Yash Nics’s heart fiercely.

Su Meiniang, Yang Susu and others couldn’t help but exclaimed on the spot, and many people even covered their eyes and couldn’t bear to look.

I was afraid to see Yash Nics, like Zhang Wei, being dug out and eaten by ghost hands.

Seeing Guishou’s right hand, he was about to touch Yash Nics’s chest.

Yash Nics raised his hand and clasped Guishou’s wrist.

The ghost hand’s right hand was only three centimeters away from Yash Nics’s chest, but he couldn’t advance any further, and Yash Nics was squeezed to death.

The ghost hand was startled and angry, staring at Yash Nics: “You!”

He was about to use his other hand to attack Yash Nics.

However, Yash Nics had already raised his foot at this time.

One knee hit the ghost hand’s scrawny chest fiercely.


Yash Nics’s flying knee hit the chest of the ghost hand, making a sound like hitting a wood.

However, the strong power of Yash Nics’s knees penetrated the skin and bones of the ghost hand straight into the chest of the ghost hand.

The incomparable strength, like a storm, shattered the internal organs in the chest of the ghost hand.

The ghost hand shuddered like an electric shock, hummed and then exited.

Everyone at the scene couldn’t help but keep their eyes wide open.

Even Su Meiniang and Yang Susu were surprised.

Tang Tianquan frowned and asked, “Ghost, are you okay?”

Guishou shook his head hard, and insisted on saying that I’m okay.

Then he stopped, just wow, and vomited a mouthful of blood.

In the blood, there are still fragments of the lung lobes!

After spitting out the blood mixed with visceral fragments, the vitality in the eyes of Ghost Hand quickly disappeared.

Finally, he fell to the ground slowly and died on the spot.

Tang Tianji and others were shocked and angry, looking at Yash Nics together.

Yash Nics’s face was calm. When he came in just now, he heard the insult to Song Pingting by the ghost hand, so he made the move just now and didn’t give the ghost hand a chance to survive.

Tang Tianquan’s eyes widened, his voice and expression were stern: “You dare to kill my powerful hero!”

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