The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 448

man with thick eyebrows and big eyes hesitated, wondering if he should confess?

At this moment, a mustache next to him kept winking at his big eyes.

Yash Nics’s face sank, pointing to the mustache, and instructed the soldier next to him: “Kill him!”

Immediately, Liu Feng raised his pistol and shot mustache on the spot with a bang.

The white and red thing splashed all over the ground.

The big eyes were so scared that they said repeatedly: “I said, I said everything…”

Yash Nics said coldly: “Unfortunately, I’m not interested in listening to you anymore. It’s dead!”

Liu Feng raised his hand and shot again. , With a bang, shot the big-eyed man also.

Yash Nics’s gaze fell on the third young man, and said coldly: “You are here to tell me who sent you?”

The young man kowtow again and again: “It’s Lord Tang, it’s Tang Beidou who sent the sky. Can come to kill you. We are in charge of following the sentry to see when Tian Can succeeds…”

Yash Nics turned around and smiled at Liu Zhenping: “As I imagined, it really wasn’t the northern nobles doing it with foreign enemies. It was sent by Tang Beidou.”

Liu Zhenping was furious: “Tang Beidou is so presumptuous, I’ll send someone to get him!”

Yash Nics waved his hand: “Brother Liu, don’t bother you to do it, I already have an opinion.”

After Liu Zhenping heard this, he gave up.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, Yash Nics returned to the Dongjiang Hotel where he was staying.

Yash Nics lived in a presidential suite with a living room, dining room, and three bedrooms.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli and his wife lived in one room, Tong Ke lived in one room, and the remaining master bedroom was naturally occupied by Yash Nics, Song Pingting and Song Qingqing.

When Yash Nics returned, Song Pingting was telling her daughter a story and coaxing her to sleep.

Seeing Yash Nics’s return, Song

Qingqing immediately shouted cheerfully: “Dad, you are back.” Yash Nics smiled and said, “Well, Qingqing, why are you still asleep?”

Song Qing giggled and said, “Dad, we tomorrow

Do you want to go to the beach to play?” “I was so excited when I thought of you taking me aboard Uncle Navy’s warship tomorrow, I didn’t want to sleep at all.”

Song Pingting frowned when she heard the words, she couldn’t help saying: “Qing Qing, Dad is joking with you, how can uncle navy’s warships be able to go up casually?”

Song Qingqing said plausibly, “No, dad never fooled Qingqing. He said that he brought Qing Qing’s navy uncle’s warships. The big ship will definitely take me up to play.” After

Song Qingqing finished speaking, he raised his little face and asked Yash Nics seriously, “Dad, don’t you say it?”

Yash Nics reached out and stroked his daughter’s little head and laughed. “Yes, Dad always does what he says. If he says to take you on the warship, he will definitely take you.”

Song Pingting was anxious when she heard the words, and she scolded Yash Nics in shame: “You guy, I do. I said that you can’t brag to a child, she will take your words seriously, why do you promise her this impossible thing?”

“At that time, she will be disappointed, and it will affect your image as a father in her heart.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “It’s okay. I promised Qingqing and I will definitely do it.”

Song Pingting couldn’t help rolling her eyes when she heard this, thinking that it was a navy ship, not a bus.

If you say you go up and visit, go up and visit, don’t be caught by others!

She didn’t want to talk about Yash Nics anymore!

In the early morning of the next day, Yash Nics’s family woke up one after another.

According to the itinerary, today is going to visit the naval base near the sea.

Before departure, the family came to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

The breakfast in the restaurant is a buffet breakfast, because the guests are given breakfast coupons, so there are a lot of people eating breakfast here.

Even Yash Nics’s family met a bunch of acquaintances!

These acquaintances are not others, but Song Pingting’s grandfather’s family.

Song Feifei was among them, and there was a tall man in the costume of a navy captain beside her.

Song Qingsong saw Song Zhongbin’s family and couldn’t help but sneer: “Heh, isn’t this the second one?”

Song Zhongbin weakly shouted, “Dad, it’s such a coincidence, are you traveling here too?”

Song Zhongxiong Immediately call up: “Tourism? We are not here to travel, we are here to participate in the service ceremony of the Type 055 destroyer at the Jiangnan Naval Base.”

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