The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 451

Tang Hai has a good heart. He was born in a wealthy family, and is a princess in the uppermost position on weekdays.

Her private life is also chaotic, and she has many male models and Xiao Xianrou.

She even threatened that there is no very good man, she would rather not marry.

Anyway, she is rich and powerful, and there are countless small dogs for her fun.

At this time, she heard that her father was going to arrange marriage events for her, and she was anxious: “Dad, didn’t I say that I didn’t meet a super good man. Wouldn’t I consider marrying?”

Tang Beidou said with a smile, “If The other party is the dragon among individuals, what about a super good man?”

Tang Hai opened his eyes wide and said, “Is there really a perfect man in the world? My ideal object, he must first be young and handsome, with outstanding temperament.”

Tang Beidou smiled and said: “This A man, he is about twenty-seven years old, and he is said to be handsome and unparalleled.”

Tang Haixin added, “In addition, my ideal object, he must have supreme power, have boundless wealth, and be indifferent. I don’t want the silk.”

Tang Beidou laughed and said, “This man, he is incomparable for money and wealth!”

Tang Hai was heartbroken and couldn’t bear to ask: “Dad, who is the perfect man you said? ”

Tang Beidou said astonishingly: “He is the God of War of China, the young marshal of the North.”

Young marshal!

Tang Haixin’s eyes suddenly burst into brilliance, her pretty face flushed as if she had been drinking, and her breathing became rapid.

How many women’s dream husbands, the young man in the north!

When Tang Beidou saw his daughter look like this, he knew that her daughter was tempted.

He smiled and said, “How about it, girl, do you have any opinion on this marriage?”

Tang Hai was delighted in his heart, but he said: “Dad, of course I am willing, but I don’t know if the young commander in the north is willing to do so, maybe there are women in the family.”

Tang Beidou shook his head and said, “You are at this level Don’t worry, it is said that the young marshal joined the army in his youth, and he is not too old now, and I have never heard of him being married. I have concluded that he must not have married yet.”

Tang Tianji was a little worried: “But the young marshal will be attracted to the younger sister?”

Tang Beidou laughed and said, “My daughters are very good in appearance and body, and

I am considered a wealthy family.” “I am participating in the Navy Festival this time and plan to donate 1 billion to General Liu Zhenping. There is only one purpose, and that is to ask him to be a matchmaker. Match my daughter to the young marshal.”

Tang Beidou said, “If the young marshal agrees to this marriage, I am willing to give him half of the family property as a wedding gift.”

Tang Tianji and Tang Haixin both revealed their words. Surprised expression!

All the companies and industries in the Tang family are worth more than 200 billion yuan.

Tang Beidou took out half as a wedding gift, which was equivalent to giving out 100 billion yuan to the young marshal. This was definitely a big deal.

I believe that even the Northern Marshals may not have rejected the double temptation of beauty and money.

Tang Hai said excitedly, “Thank you Dad, Dad, you are so kind to me.”

Tang Beidou said with a smile, “No thanks, you will be the marshal of the marshal at that time, so don’t forget to support the relatives of our Tang family.”

Tang Hai’s face flushed with excitement, and he repeatedly said that he would definitely not.

She had imagined that it was time for her to become a young marshal.

Yash Nics’s family came out of the hotel after breakfast.

At the entrance of the hotel, there are five eye-catching red flag cars parked.

Among the five Hongqi cars, Dianchu and Bahuwei sat respectively.

None of them wore military uniforms, they all wore black suits.

Song Pingting’s family looked at several Hongqi cars in astonishment, and questioned Yash Nics suspiciously.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Aren’t we going to participate in the navy festival, I called a few cars over, and everyone gets in.” The

Song Pingting family got in the car in a daze and followed Yash Nics’s orders.

Yash Nics did not sit with his family. He chose to sit in the front red flag sedan, which was driven by Dian Chu.

Five Hongqi sedans drove toward the naval base in a hurry.

Passersby were all looking at him, exclaiming whether it was the head of the team?

On the road, while Dian Chu smooth driving, while Ning looked straight ahead of the report said: “Young Marshal, one thing needs to report to you.”

I sat in the back seat of Ning, a light: “say! ‘

Code Chu said: “At this naval ceremony, Tang Beidou, as the most famous squire in the province, was also invited to attend the ceremony.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “He came well, and I am going to settle the ledger with him.”

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