The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 453

Song Qingsong’s family immediately ran on Yash Nics’s family after hearing this.

“Yeah, it’s nothing to be able to enter the viewing area, as long as you have money. You Ningda Group must have donated a large amount of money to be eligible to come here, right?”

“That is, the qualifications to spend money to buy, what is there to show off? of? ” “

you have the ability to go home ceremony VIP area, there is not money to be able to go in. people can enter the VIP area, are extraordinary personalities, you and your family have the ability to go in? ” “

no ability to VIP District, don’t show off in front of us. Get away, get out of your eyes!”

Song Pingting and the others were ridiculed by Song Qingsong’s family, very embarrassed.

At this moment, a navy lieutenant came with a team of soldiers.

I saw the major came to Yash Nics, saluted, and then smiled meekly and politely: “Mr. Yash, hello, I am Lieutenant Commander Qin Chang who is in charge of receiving VIPs. Your family is distinguished. Please move to the VIP area. “


Song Pingting’s family looked at each other, each with a flattered expression, their family was able to go to the VIP area!

Song Qingsong’s family also changed drastically!

The shocked eyes of Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping were about to fall to the ground.

Song Feifei opened her shocked mouth, unable to close it for a long time. Looking at Song Pingting’s gaze, she was suddenly full of envy, jealousy and hatred.

Song Qingsong felt her blood pressure soaring, almost spitting blood.

Yash Nics looked at the ugly family of Song Qingsong, snorted, and then smiled and said to Song Pingting: “My wife, since we can go to the VIP area to observe the ceremony, let’s go to the VIP area.”

“Oh, good. it is good!”

Song Pingting’s nervous and excited speech was a bit uncomfortable, and she held hands with Yash Nics, and followed Major Qin to the VIP area with her family.

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli were equally excited and excited, and both of them thought triumphantly: Long face, son-in-law is really long face this time, do they dare to look down on people in the future?

Yash Nics’s family left with the envy and jealousy eyes of Song Qingsong’s family and went to the VIP viewing area.

There are only 1,000 places in the VIP viewing area.

And there are seats on site, so everyone can sit and watch the ceremony.

On the coffee table next to the chair, there is also a bottle of water and a telescope.

The telescope can allow VIPs to wait and see the heroic posture of the destroyer on the sea riding the wind and waves.

There are already many people in the VIP area, and their identities are not simple.

However, they are very approachable at this time, and they greet everyone around them politely and politely.

As everyone knows, the status of people who can enter the VIP table is not ordinary, and everyone has to be humble and polite.

Yash Nics looked around, but did not see Tang Beidou and his party.

It turned out that the Tang Beidou family had just been told that their family could board the Type 055 destroyer while they waited. With General Liu Zhenping, and a group of important leaders of the Jiangnan Military Region, they could directly witness the sacred moment of service of the Type 055 destroyer on the warship.

Tang Beidou used to hold the position of Jiangnan Provincial Respect, but he has long since abdicated, and now he is just a commoner.

But he was able to board the warship together with General Liu and other important military officers to participate in this naval gala.

This is simply the supreme honor!

However, Tang Beidou was proud that he believed that his pledge to donate one billion yuan played a role.

General Liu asked his family to board the warship, probably to introduce his family to the North Marshal, and to promote the marriage between his daughter and the North Marshal.

Tang Beidou thought that he had the opportunity to become the young marshal’s father-in-law, and he was really excited.

He hurriedly took his family and his men to make preparations, so as not to wait to see the young marshal on the warship, who would be rude because of lack of preparation, and that would be troublesome.

As soon as Tang Beidou and his entourage left the VIP area, Yash Nics’s family arrived.

Therefore, the two parties were not able to meet.

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