The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 462

Song Pingting, Song Zhongbin, and Ma Xiaoli all smiled and shook their heads.

They thought it was impossible for Yash Nics to get on a warship. It was very likely that Yash Nics took his daughter to board an ordinary ship and lied to her daughter that it was a warship.

The daughter was ignorant and was deceived by Yash Nics, who mistakenly thought it was a warship.

Song Pingting gave Yash Nics a blank look, then lowered his voice and said strangely: “How can you lie to a child!”

Yash Nics blinked, “I didn’t lie to Qing Qing. I was on a warship with her.”

Song Pingting simply said. I didn’t believe it, and said angrily: “Come on, your kind of tricks can coax the children. Don’t want to coax me, I’m not that stupid.”

Yash Nics’s family returned to Mannity City happily. .

But something happened to Tang Beidou, and some people were particularly angry.

That is the century-old wealthy family of Tianhai Provincial City, the Xiao family!

In the south, everyone knows that Tang Beidou is very beautiful and is known as the King of the South of the Yangtze River.

However, there is a saying in the circle of powerful and powerful people: The king of flowing water in the south of the Yangtze River, the Xiao family of iron strikes.

In other words, there are more people who dominated Jiangnan for a while, but only the Xiao family will always stand as the pinnacle of the powerful.

In fact, Jiangnan Wang Tang Beidou is only superficial, he is just the white glove of the Xiao family!

White gloves are the spokesperson.

In the 100-year-old Xiao family, there are people in every generation who hold important positions in the north.

In order to take into account the reputation, many money-gathering behaviors, and many ugly things, the Xiao family cannot do it personally, and must arrange for someone to handle these things.

People who are specifically responsible for helping to collect money, launder money, do ugly things, and help the owner manage the small vault are called white gloves.

Tang Beidou had a net worth of 200 billion yuan. In fact, most of his wealth belonged to the Xiao family, and Tang Beidou was just a manager.

Now the white gloves have lost all the money, and the white gloves have also fled abroad!

Xiao Zhan, the master of the Xiao family, was particularly angry.

Xiao Zhan let go: Tang Beidou’s 200 billion property, no one is allowed to move, all of them obediently returned to the Xiao family. Anyone or organization daring to use this money is waiting to bear the anger of the Xiao family!

On the second day after Yash Nics returned to Mannity, he received a call from Zun Tao Donglin in Jiangnan Province.

Tang Beidou donated 200 billion yuan and took his family away abroad in a desperate manner.

According to Yash Nics’s intention, the 200 billion will be donated to the Jiangnan Municipal Bureau to build Jiangnan Province and solve the problems of poor families and poor students in Jiangnan Province.

Therefore, when Yash Nics received a call from Tao Donglin, he thought Tao Donglin was here to thank him at first.

After all, this is the great achievement Yash Nics gave to Tao Donglin.

With 200 billion, why can’t Tao Donglin make any achievements in the past few years?

But what made Yash Nics feel wrong was that after Tao Donglin got on the phone, he froze, as if there was something hard to tell?

Yash Nics asked, “Old Tao, what’s the matter?”

Tao Donglin said guiltily: “Mr. Yash, I’m sorry, Old Tao!”

Yash Nics frowned slightly, ” What do you say?”

Tao Donglin bit his head and said something. He told Yash Nics that Tang Beidou was actually the white glove of the Xiao family, a century-old man in Jiangnan.

He specializes in collecting wealth and laundering money for the Xiao family, and manages the small vault for the Xiao family.

The two hundred billion actually belonged to Tang Beidou on the surface, but in fact most of the money belonged to the Xiao family.

There have been many generations of talents from the Xiao family, and each generation has held important positions in the north.

Now there are many children of the Xiao family who hold important positions in the military and political circles in the north. They are very powerful, and they are unmatched in the south of the Yangtze River.

The master of the Xiao family, Xiao Zhan, learned that the White Gloves had run away and donated 200 billion yuan to the Jiangnan Provincial Municipal Bureau. He was very angry.

Master Xiao let go that no individual or organization can use these property funds and demand that they be returned to the Xiao family immediately.

When Yash Nics heard this, his face sank: “You shouldn’t be really afraid of the Xiao family, and really send the funds to the Xiao family honestly?”

Tao Donglin said with shame: “The Xiao family is the first family in the south. , A century-old giant, and now there are many family members holding important positions in the north.”

“I will be transferred in half a year. I really don’t want to provoke the behemoth Xiao family before I leave.”

Tao Donglin’s voice became smaller and weaker in the end. Say: “So I have returned 50 billion funds to the Xiao family.”

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