The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 495

Yash Nics and the others just left the restaurant, and Cao Shuanghua, the general manager of the Sanhe Consortium in China, hurried over with a group of men.

Cao Shuanghua looked at the messy scene, and Mitsui Ken and others who looked particularly miserable, bowed in panic: “Master Mitsui, it’s too late to come down, Master, please forgive me!”


Mitsui Ken was at this moment. Being full of anger, when he saw Cao Shuanghua, he directly hooked his finger and motioned to the other party to come over.

Cao Shuanghua hurriedly approached with his head down, and carefully asked, “Master Mitsui, what do you want?”

Mitsui Ken roared, “I told you to go to death!” He

grabbed Cao Shuanghua’s hair and put Cao Shuanghua’s head. Press down, then fly up his knees, facing the door fiercely.


With his knees resting on Cao Shuanghua’s face door, Cao Shuanghua’s face was instantly covered with blood, and he let out a painful grunt.

Mitsui Kenyu pushed Cao Shuanghua to the ground with anger, raised his feet in leather shoes, and kicked Cao Shuanghua desperately.

He kicked and cursed: “Although you are the general manager of our Sanhe Consortium in the Huaxia area, you are just a dog raised by our Mitsui family.”

“I was actually being bullied in the Huaxia area where you are responsible, you say you Should you die, should you die?”

This guy Mitsui Ken is extremely cruel and cruel!

He is not only cruel to the enemy, but also to his subordinates, as well as to his own women.

At this time, assaulting Cao Shuanghua, he did not show any mercy.

Rao is Cao Shuanghua desperately curling his body to protect the vitals.

But he was injured badly by Ken Mitsui, and his rib was kicked and broken.

Ken Mitsui stopped after he was tired, and said bitterly: “If it wasn’t for your dog thing, in the China region for the past two years, I can still make some money for our Mitsui family. I will kill you today. No.”

Cao Shuanghua was beaten badly, with a broken rib, but he did not dare to complain.

He also struggled and knelt and licked: “Thank you Master, thank you Master for forgiving me!”

At this moment, a slender middle-aged elegant man in a white suit and gold wire glasses came in with a team of men. .

The man with gold silk glasses smiled and said, “Mr. Mitsui Ken, why are you so angry?”

Mitsui looked up and saw the gold-eyed man with a surprised expression: “Ha, Xiao Mingjun, since you returned to China after graduating from Waseda University We haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Xiao Ming smiled and gave a loving hug to Mitsui Ken. He laughed and said, “My parents, order me to accompany you personally. You must come to Jiangnan to inspect this period of time. Eat and drink and have fun, I’ll be here.”

Mitsui said with a smile: “You Xiao family are interested. I am here to see if our two families have a chance to cooperate.”

Xiao Ming nodded and took a look at the scene. , And then asked: “How did this happen here? Did something happen?”

Mitsui sweared through the story, then looked at Xiao Ming and said, “Xiao Mingjun, I have always heard that your family is very good in Jiangnan Province. , You can cover the sky with one hand. I was so bullied and humiliated in Jiangnan this time, you must find me a place.”

Xiao Ming nodded: “Don’t worry, I will help you kill Yash Nics, and then Song Pingting Send it to your bed, isn’t that interesting enough?”

Mitsui Jian’s eyebrows smiled: “Very well, if that’s the case, then our Mitsui family, and your Xiao family, will cooperate greatly!”

Xiao Ming and others laughed loudly. When she got up, Zhen Mingzhu, the female star next to her, could only smile stupidly.

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